French Bulldog Crate Size – What You Need To Know

French Bulldog Crate Size - What You Need To Know 1

French Bulldog Crate Size: A crate can give your dog a safe and secure place.  It can be a useful training tool and calm their anxiety. How do you find the best crate for your French Bulldog? 

Dogs are naturally denning animals and enjoy small spaces. Providing your French Bulldog with the proper size crate will give them a peaceful, quiet place for them to call home. It can be helpful when training them and keeping them secure when you are away from home. 

Below we will look at everything you need to know to pick out the right crate for your French Bulldog

What size crate do French Bulldogs need?

Picking the best size crate for your French Bulldog is important. It needs to be comfortable for them but not too large. They should be able to turn around, stand and sit up without the need to duck under the top of the crate. The crate is too small if there is not enough room for their head. They should have room to lie down without hitting the walls.  

The crate should not be too large, either. There should not be an overabundance of space inside the crate. If the crate is too large, it can negatively affect any crate training. They could also use it as a bathroom. That would negatively impact its ability as a training tool. The crate should allow them to feel secure without having too much space. 

Measuring your French Bulldog for a Crate

To pick the proper size crate for your French Bulldog, you will need to measure the length and height of your dog.  Marking their height and length on a wall may be easier than fumbling with a tape measure while trying to get them to hold still. Using a treat can also help keep them in place long enough to make your marks. Use chalk or a similar marking device that can be cleaned off easily. 

When your dog is standing on all four paws next to your wall, mark his nose and the base of the tail to record the length. To capture the height, your dog will need to be in a seated position. Place a mark on the top of their ears to get the distance needed for the height of the cage. 

Once you have your marks, you can measure the distances with the tape measure. The length and height do not have to be accurate. You will need to add a few inches to the measurements to ensure your French Bulldog will have the room needed to move around inside the cage. 

French Bulldog Crate Size - What You Need To Know 2
french bulldog crate size

Crates for French Bulldog Puppies

If your French Bulldog is still a puppy, you have two options when picking out a crate, replacing the crate or a resizable crate. As your French Bulldog puppy matures and grows, the crate will become too small for them. If you can, you can replace the crate as they get larger as they mature. When they reach adulthood, you will not need to replace the crate again; it will be their permanent home. 

You can also use the option to buy an adult-size crate when they are still a puppy and use dividers to keep the size of the crate comfortable without being too large. As they grow, you can move the dividers to resize the crate to keep it comfortable for your dog.

Different Crate Options For Your Frenchie

Let’s look at a few different options available when purchasing a crate for your French Bulldog.

Metal Wire Crate: These are the most popular dog crates available. They are durable, lightweight, and can be folded for transport. They are also easy to set up and clean. Best of all, since they are the most popular, they are also the most affordable dog crates available.
Soft Crates: Soft dog crates and the best option for portability. They are perfect if you need to take your French Bulldog in your vehicle or on long trips. They are easy to clean and can be collapsed for storage. 
Wooden Crates: These crates are designed to look more like a piece of furniture than a traditional dog crate. End tables are the most common wooden crates, but they can be found as end tables as well as in other designs. They can come in different colors and styles and be picked to match your home’s decor.
Plastic Crates: Plastic crates are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. They are popular for travel, especially on long trips and aeroplane travel. There are airplane-approved plastic crates for use when checking your pet as cargo
Heavy Steel Crates: Mainly for home use, these crates are best suited for dogs that can be difficult to keep in a crate. These may be the best options if your dog is a chewer or tends to escape. Your French Bulldog shouldn’t need this type of cage. It is better suited for one of the other style cages. 
French Bulldog Crate Size - What You Need To Know 3
french bulldog crate size

How long can a Frenchie be in a crate? 

How long your Frenchy stays in a cage depends on age. Puppies can tend to hold their bladder for one hour for each month of their age. Five-month-old dogs can be in a cage for up to 5 hours without a bathroom break. Adult dogs can wait up to 7 hours. French Bulldogs can get separation anxiety. The less time they are in the cage, the better they are.

Benefits of Crating your French Bulldog

There are benefits to keeping your French Bulldog in a crate. It may seem uncomfortable and unpleasant initially, but it can be a helpful tool, especially when training your dog. Crating your Frenchy will give them secure personal space. Below are some of the most beneficial reasons to crate your French Bulldog.  

Safety when Crating your French Bulldog

No matter where you use the crate, it will be a place of safety for your dog. At home, when transporting them or on vacation, it will give them a safe and secure feeling. Crates can be used to keep your dog secure when you are not at home.  Keeping your dog in a crate when you cannot take them will keep them from getting into things they aren’t supposed to and ensure they are safe until you get home.  

Training tool for your Frenchie

Crate training can help potty train your puppy. All dogs do not want to pee or poop in the same area they sleep in. Crate training can help reinforce where your puppy should use the bathroom. After a while in the crate, they will need to use the bathroom. Taking directly to the area they use the bathroom will help your French Bulldog learn the proper place to go. 

A Place of Peace for your French Bulldog

Their crate should be a place of peace and relaxation for your Frenchy. After a busy day of activity, they will need a place to relax. Their crate should provide a quiet and peaceful place for them to relax. The crate should never be used as a form of punishment. 

Travel Crates for your French Bulldog

When traveling in the car, on a plane, or staying in a strange place away from home, a crate will give your French Bulldog the same safety and security they have at home. It can help keep them relaxed and calm while heading to and home from their destination. It will allow them to have the same comforts on vacation they have at home as well. 

Our Recommendations

MidWest Homes for Pets Ovation Single Door Dog Crate, 31.25-Inch
Metal Wire Crate:

Ovation single-door crates are designed with an innovative, up-and-away door and all the other features you are likely to find on a high-end crate. Unlike a swing-out, hinged door, the Ovation Door can slide up and out of the way when not in use, thus eliminating the need for additional space. With its channel-track door frame, the crate is exceptionally strong and secure, and the low threshold of the door allows your pet to enter comfortably without having to climb any obstacles.
  • Ovation single door folding metal dog crate w/ "Up & Away" garage door, dog crate is 31.5L x 19.5W x 21.5H inches (outer dims.)
  • Convenient, super secure garage style door on dog crate lifts up & stows on top of the crate saving valuable space inside your home
  • Ovation folding metal dog crate includes free divider panel, leak-proof plastic pan, a strong carrying handle, rubber feet to protect floors and a 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Strong metal steel channel track on front of dog crate secures door in place when lowered. To open, simply lift the handle & lay door on top of dog crate & out of the way
  • Metal dog crate folds flat for convenient storage, travel & portability. Strong, sturdy metal crate design creates a safe place for your pet while you're away

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PET LIFE ‘Capacious’ Dual-Sided Expandable
Soft Crates:

In addition to being heavy-duty and strong, this high capacity expandable wire folding lightweight, collapsible crate is designed with heavy-duty Baballisticylon and mesh construction. It has two bottom mesh expandable sides that retract when not in use. It expands and collapses on both sides. It’s lightweight and can be used indoors or out.

This backpack has a spacious frontal mesh entrance that rolls up and Velcros in place. It has a mesh back window that lets in extra sunlight. Added durability with dual-reinforced stitching. An inner plush cushion covers the whole surface area and is reversible.
  • The capacious crate almost triples in floor space by simply zipping opened the expandable sides
  • Features an included Inner foamed and polyfill cushion that is built-into each side, and a built-in pouch for added belongings
  • Folds and collapses in seconds, making it easy to travel and setup almost anywhere
  • Great for both Indoor and outdoor usages and perfect for multiple pets or larger animals
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors

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Casual Home Wooden Medium Pet Crate
Wooden Crates:

You can rest assured that your French Bulldog will have a cozy, private spot to sleep and relax when you use the solid wood pet crate end table. If you are away from home for a short period of time, you can rest assured that the gate door will remain locked. There are a variety of finishes and colors that allow you to incorporate it with the rest of your home décor.
  • Solid wood construction for pet-safe durability and longevity | Made in Thailand
  • Lockable gate for your peace of mind
  • Interior: 17"W x 24.5"D x 21"H
  • Not Chew Proof

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Petmate Vari Dog Kennel
Plastic Crates:

You can keep your French Bulldog safe and comfortable when traveling with the Petmate Vari Kennel, a secure and comfortable travel kennel. Your Frenchie will benefit from fresh air and increased visibility thanks to the 360-degree ventilation openings. Designed with a raised interior and tie-down holes, the kennel stands up to travel rigors while providing French Bulldog comfort. In addition to its durable plastic shell and the metal screws used to secure it, the kennel offers heavy-duty protection. It is easy to assemble this kennel with no tools at all, thanks to the stainless steel screws and plastic fasteners. Cleaning and wiping down the plastic material is easy. In addition to being easy to open with one hand, the latch provides a secure lock for the door, ensuring that it is securely locked.
  • Sturdy Plastic Dog Crate: Securely and safely protect your pet and your home with this large dog crate that features an easy-open latch to secure the sturdy wire door, and durable fold-down handle making carrying this dog travel crate a breeze
  • Suitable for Pets 70-90 lbs: Pet Kennel exterior dimensions - 40" L x 27" W x 30" H; Interior dimensions - 36.2" L x 24.7" W x 28.8" H. Product weight – 31 lbs. If in doubt, buy a size up. No tools required for assembly
  • Airline Friendly Dog Carrier: This pet carrier meets most airline cargo specifications. This travel dog crate also has ventilation on 4 sides. Includes built in storage for additional pet identification
  • Easy to Keep Clean: Sturdy plastic shell on this dog carrier is easy to clean, with stay-dry moat that surrounds the interior to pulls fluids away from your pet in case of wet accidents, making it a great puppy carrier or kennel trainer for housebreaking
  • For Pets and Pet Parents: Petmate provides everyday essentials for pet parents, dogs, cats and other pets such as: litter box accessories, pet toys, cat cages, dog cages, gravity water/food bowls, dog cages, pet beds, puppy crates, cat carriers and more!

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Finding the proper size crate is necessary to keep your French Bulldog safe and secure at home and on the road. If their crate is too small, they can feel cramped and not have the space they need to move. Too large of a crate, and it can be an invitation for them to use it as a bathroom if they are left too long. 


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