How Much Water Does A French Bulldog Need?

How Much Water Does A French Bulldog Need? 1

How Much Water Does A French Bulldog Need?: Is your French Bulldog drinking enough water? Do you worry that they drink too much water or not enough? If you feel this may be an emergency while reading this article, please contact your veterinarian immediately. In any case, if you are looking for some advice on general matters, then we have a few great guidelines for you.

Each pound of body weight should be equal to one ounce of water for adults. For an adult female Frenchie, the weight range is 16-24 pounds, and for an adult male, it is 20-28 pounds. Three cups of water would be the average daily intake. 

A dog’s water requirements tend to vary due to individual circumstances, so there are several ways of estimating this.

As a rule of thumb, dogs should drink about 1/8 of a cup of water for every pound of bodyweight they have. It is still important for you not to restrict your dog’s water intake because so many factors can affect how much your dog drinks.

In most cases, measuring out the exact water amounts your pet drinks is not necessary unless directed by a veterinarian. You should provide your Frenchie with plenty of fresh, clean water throughout the day in easy access for them.

Why Your French Bulldog Might Drink Less Water Sometimes?

The following are some common reasons why your French Bulldogs may be drinking less water than they normally do.

Your French Bulldog May Be Sick or in Pain
If your Frenchie is suffering from another underlying condition, such as arthritis, or is suffering from mobility problems, they may not drink enough water. Make sure you talk to your veterinarian about how you can help your dog drink more water.
Your French Bulldog Is Eating Wet Food or a Homemade Diet
Food that is canned or homemade will provide some moisture to dogs since these are approximately 65-80% water. Your dog might drink less when eating only dry kibble every day.
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What Happens if a French Bulldog Doesn’t Get Enough Water?

Due to the importance of water to many body functions, your dog can quickly dehydrate and become ill without an adequate supply of it.

When the kidneys, liver, and other organs are deprived of enough water, they eventually shut down. Suppose the condition persists for a long enough period. In that case, the kidneys, liver, and other organs will also begin to shut down. This will lead to death shortly after that.

Your dog will typically drink enough water to stay hydrated on its own, but there can sometimes be instances when the dog becomes dehydrated.

The following situations can increase a dog’s risk of dehydration:

Kidney diseaseDehydration is more likely to occur in pregnant or nursing dogs since their needs may be greater.
Metabolic disordersCancer
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How to Check Your French Bulldog for Dehydration?

Here are the steps you should take to determine whether your Frenchie is dehydrated:

Between the shoulder blades, gently pinch the skin.
Gently pull up the skin and release it.
Observe how the skin falls back into place.
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The skin should quickly return to its original position without any hesitation. Dehydration may result in the skin slowly returning or even staying up for a while before falling back to its normal position. Other symptoms of dogs who are dehydrated include:

Mouth and nose are dry
Dry, sticky, or pale gums
Eyeballs that are sunken and dry
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How to treat dehydration in French bulldogs?

Due to their tendency to hyperthermia, the French Bulldogs should drink plenty of water in hot weather. Therefore, keep a bottle of fresh water handy whenever you are spending a long time outdoors with your dog. The best option for hot weather is a water bottle with a collapsible bowl. Pet owners can carry them in their backpacks or attach them to their leashes. This means they can always provide fresh water to their pets.

You can help hydrate your pet if they appear dehydrated by providing more fresh cool water to break the cycle of dehydration further. Your French Bulldog will not be able to hydrate themselves from their regular meals, which will exacerbate the problem even more. Pedialyte or other electrolyte-enhanced fluid can be given to your Frenchie if they are not vomiting. Check with the veterinarian to find out the dosage recommendation for your French Bulldog.

What Should You Do If Your French Bulldog Drinks Too Much Water?

Be sure to tell your veterinarian if your French Bulldog seems to be drinking or urinating a lot more than usual. It’s important to understand that several different diseases cause this symptom. Your veterinarian can determine the appropriate course of action based on a thorough physical examination and blood or urine tests. You may need to separate your pet from other pets if asked to measure your pet’s water intake.

In addition to providing excessive water, tally up how much you add to the dog’s bowl and how much is left at the end of the day, plus any water included in meals, so you can estimate how much water your Frenchies drinks in total.

Although avoiding dehydration is important, too much fluid can also cause problems. Some owners do not realize that excessive water in a dog’s system can lead to several scary symptoms and even death despite veterinary warnings. A variety of conditions can lead to water intoxication, including poisoning, hyperhydration, and toxicity. The problem can appear suddenly and have a fatal outcome, no matter what it’s called.

A condition called hyponatremia occurs first when sodium levels outside cells become low. An excessive amount of water causes the body to shut down. A low blood sodium level causes the body to increase fluid intake inside the cells to rebalance itself. The brain enclosed in the bone cannot accommodate the swelling cells in other organs, such as the liver.

Symptoms of Water Intoxication in Dogs

Lethargy Dilated pupils
Pale gumsBloating
VomitingLoss of coordination
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A French Bulldog with increased brain pressure and dying brain cells may have difficulty breathing, develop seizures, or fall into a coma.

How to Treat Water Intoxication in French Bulldogs

To counteract the effects of water intoxication, sodium must be carefully replenished. Electrolytes are commonly administered as part of the treatment. Veterinarians may use drugs like Mannitol to decrease brain pressure and diuretics like Lasix, which help reduce fluid retention.

French Bulldogs may experience a stumbling gait in mild cases. Still, they can return to normal once their internal equilibrium is stabilized. If the brain damage is severe, the dog can die or be euthanized since it is permanently damaged. Immediately take your Frenchie to the vet or emergency clinic if you suspect he has water intoxication.

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How Long Can A French Bulldog Go Without Water?

French Bulldogs can typically live without water for two to three days. However, it is an important point to note that just because they might survive, it does not make it right for them to live without food or water. Whenever a Frenchie is dehydrated, it impacts all the functions in its body. The vital organs of these dogs will fail without ample fresh, clean water, potentially leading to death.

If your dog hasn’t been drinking water for more than two days, you must seek medical attention immediately. The vet will likely treat and hydrate your pet, as well as diagnose and treat the underlying cause.

Do French Bulldogs Drink More Water As They Get Older?

The physical and behavioral characteristics of your French Bulldog may change as he ages. Some French Bulldogs may display subtle changes at first, such as getting older and drinking more water. Most Frenchie owners don’t measure their dogs’ water intake every day, so it may not become apparent there is a problem until the senior dog makes repeated trips to the water bowl.

Many different conditions are associated with increased water intake. Most French Bulldogs with chronic kidney disease have diabetes mellitus and Cushing’s syndrome in addition to kidney failure. When dogs are dehydrated, they may also drink more water. However, dogs of any age may suffer from this condition.

Do French Bulldogs Need Water At Night?

No, as long as your French Bulldog has access to ample water throughout the day, keeping them hydrated, then not having access to water at night will not be an issue.

Do French Bulldogs Drink Less Water On Wet Food?

Yes, you may notice that your French Bulldog is drinking less water if they only eat canned or wet food. This is because those foods contain a lot of water. If your French Bulldog is fed only kibble, make sure they drink enough water in his water bowl.

Should French Bulldogs Drink Water After A Walk?

Yes, Whenever you go out walking, running, or hiking with your Frenchie, don’t forget to bring tons of water. Make sure your French Bulldog gets plenty of water breaks, perhaps every mile or when you see them panting heavily. Give your French Bulldog just enough water to satisfy their thirst. Be cautious not to allow them to drink too many fluids at once, as this can upset their stomach or make them feel bloated.

How Often Should You Clean Your French Bulldogs Water Bowl?

A soapy scrub is recommended twice a week for food and water bowls. Because food and saliva contact these bowls, bacteria can grow there easily. There should be no nooks and crannies where bacteria can hide and live within bowls that are smooth and easy to clean.

You should ask your veterinarian for help if you are worried about your Frenchie not getting enough water or drinking too much. You can’t ignore the importance of maintaining proper hydration for your French Bulldog.


Keeping your French Bulldog healthy requires access to safe, clean water. You, as the owner, have the role of ensuring that the Frenchie has access to what they need. It is as simple as getting fresh drinking water into their water bowl every day. You can ask your vet how much water your French Bulldog should drink every day to find out exactly how much to give him. You should never restrict your Frenchies’ access to water since you never know when they will get thirsty.

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