What Can I Cook For My French Bulldog? Learn Today!

What Can I Cook For My French Bulldog? Learn Today! 1

What Can I Cook For My French Bulldog?: Owners of french bulldogs know this breed is often fussy about food and prone to food allergies.

Why not make your own dog food instead of buying it at the store? In terms of eating, humans know that home-cooked food is more healthy than fast food. But is the same true for French Bulldogs? It is one thing to find the best dry dog food and another to find the best-wet dog food. There are even some good pre-packaged raw dog foods available.  

What if you prepare your French Bulldog meals from scratch at home? Would that make a significant difference? You can make your pup’s meals at home for many reasons and benefits, regardless of whether they need a very specific diet or are just quite picky eaters.

There are numerous advantages to making your dog’s food yourself, including knowing exactly what goes into it. There is also the option of premade dog food. This is a convenient way to ensure your Frenchie gets all the nutrients they need. Maybe one has too much salt while the other doesn’t have enough protein. Making your own dog food gives you complete control over the ingredients.

You will need to consider the extra time it will take to prepare your Frenchies meal since this will mean another member of the family to cook for. The cost of homemade dog food can also vary, especially if you want it to be organic and raw, so do your research to find out what you can afford.

Controlling What Your French Bulldog Eats.

Owners of French Bulldogs are often concerned about the ingredients in commercial dog foods. There have been several food recalls due to safety concerns, and some companies are vague about their products. As a result, many people are stopping buying store-bought foods. Most dogs are perfectly healthy and safe to eat pre-made dog food, but you can make your own dog food at home if you are concerned. You would choose each ingredient yourself and would know exactly what your Frenchie is eating. By preparing your food from scratch, you can ensure it is fresh and additive-free.  

What Can I Cook For My French Bulldog? Learn Today! 2
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French Bulldog With Food Allegens

It can be hard to find a dog food that is suitable for dogs with allergies, intolerances, or a sensitive stomach. There may be allergens in the manufacturing or packaging facility, even if they are not listed on the ingredients list. This can be risky for French Bulldogs with severe allergies. When you make your dog’s food at home, you can be sure that you’re avoiding any ingredients that could cause allergies and can give them meals you’re certain won’t make them ill. You should talk to your veterinarian about alternative ingredients to ensure that they are safe and ensure you are providing all the necessary nutrients in the right amounts. 

Fussy Frencnies

Commercial dog food just doesn’t appeal to some French Bulldogs, whether it’s due to taste or texture. You may feel like you’re wasting time and money trying to find something they’ll eat, and that can make you feel frustrated. Using dog-safe foods from your kitchens, such as bananas, carrots, cooked rice, and plain chicken, you can learn what your Frenchie likes to eat and plan meals around them.

Finding Time To Cook For Your Frenchie

There is no doubt that dog food that is already made is convenient. By simply opening a can or packet, one can prepare dinner in a matter of minutes. Compared to dried dog food or sealed wet food, homemade dog food requires considerable time and effort to prepare. It won’t be possible for you to fill a cupboard with a month’s worth of French Bulldog food like you can with commercial pet food – you’ll have to prepare your dog’s food every day or two.  

Determining Portions

You will find that commercial dog foods are either already portioned or come with directions on how much to feed your Frenchie each day. 

If you make your dog food or use ingredients you have at home, it may be more difficult to determine healthy portion sizes. Starting on a homemade diet can inadvertently lead to undernutrition or overnutrition of pets before owners determine the right amounts and portions of ingredients for optimal nutrition. 

It is best to work with a veterinarian or nutritionist on an initial meal plan to avoid this problem. Once you discover how to calculate nutritional information, introducing new healthy meals to your French Bulldog will become easier.

The Frenchie CookBook

The Frenchie Cookbook is a dedicated cookbook for our favorite little furbabies, the French Bulldog. It includes recipes for cooked meals, treats, raw food diet, sensitive stomach, dieting, and special occasions. User-friendly, chop-licking recipes like Frenchie Meat Loaf, The Naked Pot Luck Meal!, and Chicken with Rice Yogurt and Pumpkin, to name a few. Create balanced, nutritious meals for a healthier, happier Frenchie using your local grocery store ingredients. Includes many images of our favorite dog. PRINT VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE!

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