Can I Leave My French Bulldog Home Alone? Must Learn This!

Is Benadryl safe for French bulldogs?

Yes, you can. But there is some training needed so that you are comfortable leaving your French Bulldog alone. Moreover, they must feel comfortable about it just as much as you do. Having your French Bulldog with you all the time isn’t always possible, no matter how much you would like it to be. In many situations, you have to leave your Frenchie at home alone, such as when you leave for work, social functions, or even dining out.

How can you make your French Bulldog feel safe and happy when you are not around? If you leave your Frenchie home alone for an extended period of time, how long is too long? When doing so, what should you be aware of? These are just some of the answers we hope you get from this article.

How Long Is Too Long When Leaving Your French Bulldog At Home Alone?

It would be best if you tried to keep your dog from being left alone at home for long periods. Regardless of the normal routine, dogs can become distressed if they are left home alone for a long period of time. As a general rule, you can leave your dog at home alone for the following duration; depending on his age:

French Bulldogs AgeTime AloneExplanation
French Bulldog PuppiesTwo hours is the limit a day.Having to stay home alone is unfamiliar to them. Peeing more and getting separation anxiety are common symptoms.
Adult French BulldogsIs capable of being left alone, approximately 4 to 6 hours each day.They are accustomed to being left at home alone. If you’re not at home, they will sleep. (hopefully)
Senior DogYou can leave them alone between 2 and 6 hours.Depending on the situation. Is your elderly French Bulldog suffering from health problems? Is it necessary for them to urinate more often, for example?

You should never leave your dog alone for more than eight hours if you don’t know how they will react. They will experience stress, anxiety, and barking problems. It is difficult to know how your dog is doing when you leave.

Determine the Location To Leave Your French Bulldog At Home.

Decide The Location For our dog.

Inside being cratedInside roaming free

Factors To Take Into Consideration

The size of their bladder and their controlDuration of your absence
There is a yard availableSituations weather-wise
Destructive practices, whether or not there are any

A crate can provide both security and comfort for a French Bulldog. Your Frenchie must have access to water and a comfortable bed in their crate when left alone at home. French Bulldogs tend to sleep most of the time when you are not around, making it more suitable for less active pets. If you have to leave your French Bulldog alone for an extended period of time, make sure you make it up to them when you return. Your home is also protected from doggie damage if you use crates. Keeping them comfortable may require bladder training.

You are protecting your French Bulldog from the elements and potential predators and reducing their chances of escaping by keeping them indoors and confined to a single room. Meanwhile, it will be necessary for your French Bulldog to have a good bladder control litter box to prevent accidents all over the room or house. Frenchies who aren’t destructive are best suited to this type of environment.

Dogs are happiest when left home alone in the backyard, where they can roam freely, go to the toilet without fear, and get plenty of fresh air. The downside is bad weather, fleas, ticks and predators, in addition to the possibility of escaping. Make sure they have shelter and water and that the yard is secure. The best situation for your French Bulldog will depend on what you think is best for them.

Teaching Alone Time

You can start by confining your French Bulldog in the confinement area with a chew toy or another constructive activity, then quietly walk out of the room. Praise and treat them immediately upon your return. Each time, increase the length of your absence slowly. At first, even one to two minutes might seem too long for your Frenchie, but over the next three or four days, you can build up too much longer periods.

Check on your French Bulldog periodically as the time increases. You can reward them with a treat and some low-key praise if they are quiet and calm before leaving. Keep an eye on them without making too much noise. It is important that your Frenchie does not miss you when you leave the room.

Crying during confinement indicates you have either begun training before your French Bulldog has learned to associate their environment with good things or that you have left them alone too long. Make sure you don’t let them out when they whine. Otherwise, you will teach them that whining opens doors and earns your attention. Reduce the time they spend in confinement to what they can handle, and then gradually increase it.

It can be disastrous to leave your French Bulldog alone in their area with nothing to do. You should instead provide them with constructive activities whenever they are in their containment area. They will learn to be happy on their own by doing this. A food stuffed chew toy is the perfect activity to keep a young Frenchie interested in chewing and being distracted. It is perfectly fine to use toys like Kongs since the food inside the toy reinforces the chewing behavior. It won’t be long before your French Bulldog is chewing on toys rather than the side of the door.

Radios and TVs are also great ways to provide companionship for French Bulldog left alone. This can obfuscate distressing noises such as honking cars or garbage trucks.

Allow your dog to spend more time alone each day. You could be in another room, outside when they’re at home, or vice versa, or more likely go somewhere else altogether. You should assess how long you can leave them alone before they need to go toilet by taking note of toilet habits.

Limit the Number of Issues Areas They Can Access

You may not realize how upset your dog will be if you accidentally allow it to run all over the house since he may begin going from room to room looking for you. Dogs often feel more comfortable in a small space. When you leave, crates and single rooms can keep your French Bulldog safe while you are gone. Make sure to place the crate in a familiar, comfortable place where the dog will not be exposed to the sun, and will also be warm. Only crate your French Bulldog if he or she is used to it. Make sure you remove all items that you do not want to be broken or chewed on if they get a little out of control.

Protect Your Most Your Frenchie Family Member 

You need a system in place so that your French Bulldog is safe when you are not at home. Keep any dangerous items out of reach of your Frenchie and carefully dog-proof your home. In case of an emergency or if you cannot reach home immediately, you should have a backup plan. For example, you may need to place dog pads or have someone drop in if you’re delayed.

Doggie Daycare

If you do not like the idea of crating your French Bulldog for long hours or leaving them alone at home while you work all day, then maybe doggie daycare is an idea. It offers several benefits to make life easier for yourself and a safe and stimulating environment for you, Frenchie.

Relieve separation anxiety

It is possible for a pet to become bored or suffer from separation anxiety when you leave them for hours at a time. Consequently, you may find chewed up shoes or pillows when you come home from work. Separation anxiety can be relieved, and boredom is cancelled out by dog daycare. You’ll never have to worry about your expensive heels getting shredded when there are plenty of human helpers and doggie pals to keep your fur baby entertained.


A dog’s behavior is greatly influenced by consistent socialization from puppyhood and into adulthood. When they meet new people and pets, they become more comfortable, which reduces stress, aggression, and skittish behavior.

Your French Bulldog is safe

We must admit; sometimes our naughty angels are prone to jumping over the fence or escaping from their crates. While you are at work, what can you do to keep your dog safe? In addition to using security technology, the individuals watching/playing with the dogs are trained professionals, so you can rest assured that your French Bulldog is in good hands.

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