Should I Let My French Bulldog Sleep With Me?

Should I Let My French Bulldog Sleep With Me?

When bringing home your French Bulldog, one of the needs you must meet for your new pet is a place for them to sleep. Naturally speaking, your French Bulldog, like many dogs, might appear to be happy sleeping in any place. One place that you may consider allowing your pet to cozy up for their nights is with you in your bed.

You may be wondering, “Should I let my French Bulldog sleep with me?” or “Is it okay to have my French Bulldog sleep with me?” In most cases, both of these questions answer “yes.”

However, some considerations should certainly be made before proceeding with and allowing your new French Bulldog to become your cuddle buddy in your bed.

Why do people want to have their French Bulldog sleep with them?

There are several reasons dog owners want to co-sleep with their French Bulldog or have them sleep in their bed with them. Especially in the case of younger puppies and dogs, it can provide a sense of closeness and comfort for owners to allow their dogs to share their beds with them. Allowing a dog to sleep in the same bed with its owner is one way to create a special bond between dog and dog owner.

For others, having their dog sleeping in the same bed with them may provide not only comfort but a measure of protection as well. Dogs of all breeds and sizes feel naturally protective of their masters and have much more acute senses of hearing and smell that can be the first line of defense or alert in times of danger.
Some dog owners feel that their pets may be most comfortable sharing sleeping space with their owners, which is an act of love and care for their dogs.

Whether for security, comfort, or out of sheer love, owners of the French Bulldog and many dogs alike hold many reasons to grant their pets the luxuries of sharing a human bed with them.

How does my French Bulldog feel about sleeping in my bed with me?

In recent surveys, it has been stated that at least fifty percent of dog owners co-sleep with their pets, and so it may be surmised that many dogs appreciate the company of their owners when it is time to rest their weary eyes and bodies for the night. If your French Bulldog or puppy finds comfort in sleeping beside you in your bed at night, you may take this as a compliment.

This comfort level with their human partners is often a reflection of a dog’s trust in their master. Sleeping with their human is one way that dogs themselves show their loyalty, trust, and comfort with their owner.
The softness of your bed, and the warmth of your body, are not unlikely to remind a dog of their time in the womb and the comfort and security that had been felt when near to their mothers. In this way, dogs are very much like humans in that they find comfort.

If your French Bulldog does not enjoy sleeping in your bed with you, this does not mean that your dog does not trust you or feel connected to you through a special bond. Some canines feel discomfort from the heat generated from sleeping with their human or any other particulars such as the texture or firmness of the bed. Though many dogs find it perfectly acceptable and even enjoyable to sleep with their human owners, others find comfort independently.

Most dogs feel happy and secure when sleeping in the same bed as their owners, so if you do feel so inclined to invite your French Bulldog to join you as you rest, your dog will most likely feel perfectly content to join you. If your French Bulldog does not wish to sleep in your bed with you, it would be better to consider they may have needs beyond what your soft bed will provide and not take offense.

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Benefits of having your French Bulldog sleeping in your bed with you:

Beyond further developing and deepening the bond you have with your French Bulldog or puppy, there are several well-researched and scientifically proven health benefits to having your French Bulldog sleep in your bed.

Increased Feelings of Security: It has been said that having a watchdog or companion at your side can make a dog owner feel more secure as they sleep. Studies have proven that most dog owners feel more secure and at ease when their dogs are sleeping in their beds with them.
Reduced Stress and Anxiety: When dog owners co-sleep in their bed with their dog or puppy, it has been scientifically observed that the chemical hormone oxytocin is released.

Oxytocin is the hormone most associated with feelings of warmth, affection, and love. The production of this hormone increases feelings of trust and reduces stress and anxiety.
Better Sleep: Naturally, reducing stress and anxiety will lead to better sleep. Studies have shown that sleeping with a pet or canine companion has been useful in reducing insomnia in patients who have insomnia.
For those who have PTSD, it has been shown that sleeping with their dogs in their beds has decreased the number of nightmares suffered during sleep.
Better Mental Health: Sleeping with your French Bulldog in your bed at night can help reduce feelings of loneliness and reduce depression in some.
The combined benefits of these feelings, and reduction in stress and anxiety, are excellent benefits produced from this simple gesture meant to increase feelings of connection and bond to your French Bulldog.
Physical Health benefits: If better sleep, better mental health, and natural feelings of warmth and joy weren’t enough, other physical health benefits might come from sleeping with your dog in your bed. Among these are better heart health and lowered blood pressure.
Increased Health for Dog and Dog Owner: While the many benefits of co-sleeping with your French Bulldog are largely focused on the dog owner’s health and development, many of these benefits apply to the dog as well. Dogs that enjoy sleeping in the same bed as their owners reap the benefits of a deep relationship, better sleep, and better physical health.

If you question whether or not there are any real benefits to allowing your French Bulldog to sleep with you, rest assured knowing that there has been scientific research and study on the matter proving that there are many.

Cons of having your French Bulldog sleeping in your bed with you.

While there are several benefits to having your French Bulldog share your bed when you sleep, some drawbacks should be considered in the course of these matters.

One of the physicians ‘ primary concerns is sleep disturbance when asked about any possible drawbacks of having your dog sleeping in the same bed with you at night.

Sleep deprivation has many negative impacts on the human body and mind, and most dog owners that allow their pets to share their bed do contend that their sleep is disturbed by their pets here and there.

Whether your dog tosses and turns or awakes in the middle of the night from some noise or other disturbance in your home, this can be disruptive to sustaining a healthy sleep cycle.

Another drawback to consider when thinking of sleeping in the same bed with your dog is that they can transmit illness and parasites to their owners in this manner.

Whether fleas or worms or viruses and bacteria, it is entirely possible for canines to spread such things to their owners when sharing a bed and lying nearby.

While these disadvantages have possibilities for you and the French Bulldog, ultimately, they are not very common problems. However, such possibilities must be discussed in discussing the benefits of sleeping with your French Bulldog.

What Alternatives to having your French Bulldog sleeping in your bed with you?

If considering and comparing the benefits versus disadvantages of having your French Bulldog sleeping in the same bed as you lead you to decide that this is not the best sleeping arrangement for you or your pet, there are alternative situations that may satisfy both yours your dog’s needs.

Should you still feel it appropriate to be close to your dog, though not in the same bed, you might consider having a dog bed in your room for your dog to rest near you comfortably if you have concerns about whether your dog will attempt to jump on your bed or be disruptive in the night if allowed to roam, then placing a crate in your room for your dog to sleep in maybe a better solution.

If you think that having your dog in your bedroom may be too disruptive for your sleep at all, it is perfectly reasonable to arrange for your French Bulldog to sleep outside your room in some other manner as well.

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If you find yourself asking, “Should I let my French Bulldog sleep with me?” it would be wise to consider a myriad of possible impacts, as well as all your options when weighing those impacts.

While it is perfectly okay for the most part and may even provide several benefits, allowing your French Bulldog to sleep in your bed with you is a very personal decision whose best outcome depends largely on your situation and your dog’s temperament.

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