My French Bulldog Keeps Pooping in The House – Why?

My French Bulldog Keeps Pooping in The House

These are the most common reason you will find why your French Bulldog is pooping in the house. They included:

Medical ReasonsAging-Related
AnxietyLoud Noises
Poor DietInside for Too Long

Even the best-behaved French Bulldog will still do a poop in the house now and then. But  Frenchie may have an issue if it occurs more frequently than normal.

The other side of the coin is that your French Bulldog may need some more potty training. It may be sickness, aging, and emotional issues. But that’s if you know that your French Bulldog is fully home-trained.

Set a schedule to monitor your French Bulldog as often as you can. It may be that your French Bulldog is not quite trained as best they could be. If you have an older dog or a puppy, you’ll also need to train them to do their business outdoors.

The issue ought to go away eventually, as your new Frenchie gets used to the daily schedule.

If your adult Frenchie starts to poop indoors out of the blue, it’s time to consider alternative causes.

Medical Reasons for your French Bulldog pooping in the house.

Several diseases may produce an increase in bowel habits. Some intestinal disorders can cause a feeling of urgency, making it difficult for your French Bulldog to keep it in.

Intestinal worms are also a source of recurrent bowel movements, something which should be ruled out. Other disorders that may increase your Frenchies pooping habits are:

Cushing’s syndromeLiver diseases
Addison’s diseaseKidney failure
Intestinal wormsParasites
Bladder infectionKidney stone

Age-Related Reasons your French Bulldog is pooping in the house.

Canine cognitive dysfunction

You may have noticed that you French Bulldog poops more often in the house as they get older? Older Frenchies also have fecal incontinence or lack of bowel function. Here’s the reason:

A Few French Bulldog, as they age, experience a syndrome known as “canine cognitive dysfunction,” the canine equivalent of Alzheimer’s.

Affected Frenchies may have a tough time in various activities, and toilet training is just one of them. Your French Bulldog can forget how to get outside.

Muscular Atrophy

Your French Bulldog ages to develop muscular atrophy of the anus, contributing to an inability to hold in their poop. While muscle wasting can happen at any age, it is much more prevalent in elderly dogs.

Is Anxiety a reason French Bulldog is pooping in the house?

If your French Bulldog gets stressed when you exit the premises, they may have a fear of separation. Signs include scratches on doors and walls, destructive chewing, wailing or crying, and pooping inside the home.

Different dogs have different reasons for their panicked reaction. Some of them are just not used to being by themselves. Others can’t handle a regular change. Whatever the trigger, there are steps you may take to reduce the issue:

Ask your vet for prescription medications that calm your French Bulldog’s Anxiety.
Ask your vet about over-the-counter soothing aids.
Don’t make a huge deal about heading out of the house or returning home.
Confine your dog in a space with windows and toys to minimize destruction.
Leave your Frenchie with some of the recently worn clothes. Your scent can have a soothing effect on your French Bulldog.
my dog is potty trained but keeps pooping in the house
French Bulldog Pooping
how to stop dog pooping in house

Loud Noises Reasons your French Bulldog is pooping in the house.

When your Frenchie becomes frightened, they sometimes pee or poop inside the house.

From thunderstorms to booms and fireworks cracks, loud noises are frequent causes. Although you can’t stop the sounds outside, you can teach your French Bulldog to behave better when hearing loud sounds.

Make a safe, pleasant room for your Frenchie:
For dogs, a safe room is typically darkened and comparatively modest. It could be a wardrobe, a box, or even their crate. Encourage your French Bulldog to go there when the sound is intense. Offer treats or other incentives so that they equate space with pleasant things, not frightening sounds.
Provide distractions:
At the very first sign of loud sound anxiety, give your French Bulldog something pleasant to do. Play with a tennis ball, produce a new squeaky item, or learn commands with rewards. Don’t hope to get rid of all their problems in the first attempt. The goal should be to delay anxious conduct longer every time.

Are Poor Diet Reasons your French Bulldog is pooping in the house?

Feeding your French Bulldog cheap food from your store can lead to more frequent and larger bowel movements. For this purpose, although it is more costly, quality dog food is superior because more nutrients are consumed, so there is less waste. This means smaller poops and fewer poops.

Sudden dietary changes can also cause diarrhea and a sense of urgency, particularly if you turn to a low-grade food containing lots of additives and grains.

Being inside reasons your French Bulldog is pooping in the house.

When you’re at work throughout the day, and you’re late, it isn’t your Frenchies fault if the poop is in the house. It may be apparent, but it is worth noting. Your Frenchie should not be left unattended for too long, and if this is your situation, you’d best hire a pet sitter so that your French Bulldog can go out to the yard when needed.

When your French Bulldog is well house-trained, they will try to keep it in as long as they can, but they can not keep it anymore because you’ve been gone for so long. In such a situation, they are the last to be accused.

How to clean up your French Bulldog poop and smell for good.

Dogs have a basic inclination to relieve themselves where they’ve done it before, so if your French Bulldog can smell their poop, they will think that the area is an appropriate toilet area.

Spray the soiled region with white distilled vinegar.
If the area is carpeted, wear plastic gloves and apply the vinegar deeply into the carpet’s fibers.
Blot the remaining liquid with a paper towel.
Scatter a liberal helping of baking soda over the area, ensuring it covers the whole area. Again if the area is carpeted, use your fingers to work the soda in the carpet fibers.
Allow the baking soda to sit for at least 1 hour.
Vacuum the region to eliminate all signs of baking soda.
Follow with a retail dog stain and odor cleaner if required.

dog keeps pooping in house at night

Do French Bulldogs poop in the house when they are mad?

Sorry, your French Bulldog is not pooping out of spite or revenge. It is indeed part of the human condition to continue anthropomorphizing our animals.

Once we get back to see that our French Bulldog has pooped on the floor, the very first thing we note is that they look guilty. They appear like a naughty kid to the typical Frenchie owner.
Then run away when you approach, and you are even more confident that your Frenchie knows it’s been up to no good.

They react to your body language with all the above, which to them in dog language, is, in fact, afraid or subservient.

You’re walking towards them, and they’re off! They know that you’re mad. Dogs are not stupid. They’re not going to sit there even though they don’t know why you’re angry. The most plausible reason for their pooping is not on purpose but will be the reasons above. 

Should you punish your French Bulldog for pooping in the house?

Do not threaten your French Bulldog if they poop in the house. This is also true even though the Frenchie has been toilet trained. No French Bulldog is the same. Some are going to become house-trained a lot faster than others. If you face a situation where your Frenchie is continuously pooping in the house, you must teach your French Bulldog to follow the right directions.

Instead of disciplining your Frenchie for pooping indoors, think about what you can do to praise your French Bulldog for pooping outdoors. More dog owners need to realize that positive reinforcement is a key component of training dogs and that it works very well with toilet training your dog.

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