Why do French bulldogs require artificial insemination? Must Learn This!

Why do French bulldogs require artificial insemination? Must Learn This! 1

One of the biggest concerns of people who own French bulldog is their reproductive abilities. In contrast to other dog breeds that can naturally mate independently, French bulldogs have a very difficult time doing so. As a result, the only option that they have is artificial insemination.

Due to their large heads and narrow hips. Some also claim that due to the characteristics of their large head, they have difficulties reproducing and giving birth. It is certainly true that these reasons make it difficult for French bulldogs to mate on their own, but that does not mean it is impossible.

When should you inseminate a French bulldog?

Female fresh bulldogs can breed safety when they are between 2-8 years of age. However, male French dogs must attain sexual maturity before they breed. Male French dogs usually start to produce sperm when they are around six months, but you have to wait until they reach 15 months old to breed successfully. But unlike other dog breeds that mate naturally, French dogs require artificial insemination.

Pregnancy in a French dog is very complicated, meaning you have to time the insemination perfectly. Unlike other dog breeds, where you can easily predict when they are ready for insemination, it is difficult to tell when a female French bulldog is ready for insemination. The only way to know whether she is ready is when your vet conducts certain tests to see if she is ready and whether the male seed will latch on.

You can also track the ovulation cycles of the female bulldog, which starts about five days into her cycles, one she has started spotting. If you are keen, you will notice a bit of blood and irritability, which indicates the beginning of her fertile period. At this point, you can take her to the vet for more tests to confirm whether she is ready for artificial insemination.

How much does it cost to artificially inseminate a French bulldog?

The average cost of inseminating a French bulldog is between $500 and $1000, depending on various factors. French bulldog also requires the C section to give birth. The entire cost of artificial insemination and C section, medical bill, and vet support are between $1000 and $3000.

The price of artificial insemination in French bulldogs is quite high compared to other dog breeds because the process involved is quite complex. The success rate will be incredibly low if the insemination is performed improperly. There are many things that the vet needs to check when determining whether it is the right time to inseminate the dog.

Another crucial factor that influences the cost is the procedure type. For instance, if you choose trans-vaginal insemination, the entire process will be much cheaper than trans-cervical insemination, which is more effective but more costly.

Your location will also determine how much you will pay to have your French bulldog artificial inseminated. Some locations have a higher cost compared to others.

Why do French bulldogs require artificial insemination? Must Learn This! 2
french bulldog artificial insemination cost

What is the success rate of artificial insemination in dogs?

The success rate of artificial insemination in dogs is between 59%-80%. The success rate depends on many factors, including the type of procedure used, dog breed, and timing. For instance, surgical insemination and trans-cervical insemination have a conception success rate of up to 100% if the estrus cycles are properly managed. On the other hand, trans-vaginal insemination has a fairly low success rate of about 59%.

Additionally, the quality of male seed used will also determine the success rate. For instance, the fresh seed has a higher success rate than the chilled seed. When you use chilled seed, the success rate drops to between 59%-80%. The person’s skill in administering the process will also determine the success rate.

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How many C sections can a French bulldog have?

According to experts, a French bulldog can have at most three C sections. Performing more than three C sections will put your French bulldog or risk of suffering from complications that may cause death. Therefore, if you want your French bulldog to have puppies, you should not let her have more than three puppies.

A female French bulldog can breed twice a year, but because of the C section and pregnancy taking a big toll on them, experts recommend that you wait for at least 18-24 months before breeding the female a second time.

Is breeding French bulldogs cruel?

Some experts believe that breeding French bulldogs is cruel. Many vets and dog experts say that about 60% of French bulldog owners are unaware of their dogs’ breathing problems because they think it is normal. French bulldogs are very complicated are require extra medical care and attention.

Some vets think breeding French bulldog is cruel because they are born to suffer. The most recent leading research revealed that between 50 and 70% of these dogs are affected by respiratory problems. In addition to the respiratory problem, French bulldogs cannot breed independently and deliver through the caesarian section, complicating the dog’s life. This dog breed faces many health issues that cannot be fixed, causing them to have miserable lives. As a result, some experts feel that breeding French bulldog is cruel. By purchasing a French bulldog, the buyer contributes to the cruel market of French bulldog breeding because they play a part in making the dog’s life miserable.

On the other hand, some people are of the contrary opinion. They think that breeding French bulldogs is not cruel. For them, they think that the problem is that most people don’t understand these dogs. They agree that taking care of a French bulldog is very expensive because of the unique needs and extra care. If given attention and love, the dog will live a healthy and happy life.

How long does the French bulldog pregnant for?

Like other dog breeds, the gestation period of French bulldogs is about 63 days from conception.

How long is a French bulldog in the heat for?

French bulldog’s heat cycles usually last for about three weeks. However, the female French bulldog is usually fertile only for a few days during this period. Perfect timing is therefore very important when inseminating to increase the success rate.

Can you artificially inseminate a French bulldog at home?

Yes, you can, but it is not recommended. Unlike other dog breeds, female French bulldogs have incredibly short fertile periods. It is also difficult to detect the period when they are fertile without conducting various tests. As a result, it is recommended that you take your French bulldog to the vet for artificial insemination. The vet will conduct various tests to determine whether it is the right time to inseminate the dog and use the best insemination technique to increase the dog’s chances of getting pregnant. If you want to inseminate your French bulldog at home artificially, then it should be under the guidance of a vet.

Will artificial insemination harm my French bulldog?

NO, it will not harm your French bulldogs. Artificial insemination is 100% safe if conducted by a qualified vet. Regardless of the vet’s procedure to inseminate your French bulldog, it will not harm or cause side effects to her.

Why do French bulldogs require artificial insemination? Must Learn This! 3
why do french bulldogs have to be artificially inseminated

How do I take care of my pregnant French bulldog?

How you take care of your French bulldog while she is pregnant matters a lot. Female French bulldogs require extra care and attention while pregnant because the entire process is usually very difficult and stress full for them. When your French bulldog is pregnant, some things to do include giving her a balanced and nutritious diet to enhance her health well-being.

The environment where the dog lives while pregnant also matters a lot. You need to ensure that the environment is as stable as possible. For example, don’t add new pets or change the dog’s routine. Also, ensure that the dogs stay in a clean and quiet room. It would help if you also took her to the vet regularly as recommended for checkups.


French bulldogs are among the most popular breeds in the United States and appear on television and social media because of their attractive look. However, unlike other dog breeds, French bulldogs are very expensive to keep, maintain and breed because of their unique needs:

  1. Unlike other dogs that can breed naturally, French bulldogs require artificial insemination to help reproduce.
  2. To deliver, they need a C-section, which is very expensive.
  3. They have a difficult time breathing because of the shape of their nose.

They are thus vulnerable to respiratory complications. If you decide to keep French bulldogs as a pet, you should be able and ready to cater to their unique needs financially and emotionally.

Are French Bulldogs good for first-time owners?

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