Are French Bulldogs good for first-time owners?

Are French Bulldogs good for first-time owners? 1

Are French Bulldogs good for first-time owners?: The French Bulldog is suitable for first-time owners because of their adaptability, easy grooming routine, and how trainable they are. French bulldogs are designer bred after years of careful breeding to show their unique features and characteristics.

French bulldogs are amazing pets. They don’t need much exercise and prefer spending time with their owners. Being very loving and clownish, and their bat ears, small snouts, and big round eyes will make you love them at first sight.

Frenchie’s are easy to train. Even around visitors and other animals, they behaved because of their intelligence. They also have specific characteristics and needs.

And this article will provide you with the essential tips that may be helpful to you as first-time owners.
You may be nervous about having a dog if you don’t have one before. This is normal because taking care of a new puppy is not a small responsibility.

They are great for novice owners because of their personalities. Even though they are adorable in their combination, this does not mean that Frenchie is free of behavioral problems or health consequences.

Frenchie’s have a flat-faced, short tail and dwarf physique. Like all dogs, they don’t sweat like people, so panting is their primary means of cooling down. And having narrows and partly obstructs airways, and a flat face makes panting tough for them.

Knowing the pros and cons of owning a French bulldog is essential before you get one. Due to this, they are easily tired and intolerant to heat. As a first-time owner, you need to be aware of the signs of heatstroke and know what to do in case of suspected heatstroke.

So, the following information will be useful to first-time owners; the information is based on real-life experience from Frenchie’s owners.

Please note that all the negatives and positives, pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages I mention here are based on personal experience with a French bulldog.

I hope this helps you realize what you need to know before bringing a Frenchie puppy home. I will first list the pros and good reasons for owning a French bulldog. These pros can outweigh the cons if you are ready.

Here is an interesting article on why people choose particular dog breeds, including the French Bulldog. Purchasing popular purebreds

Are French Bulldogs good for first-time owners? 2
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The pros of owning a French Bulldog:

French bulldogs are a loyal breed: Once you bring your Frenchie puppy home, he probably will not want to leave your side. Loyalty is a big part of their temperament.

It can also lead to separation anxiety if you don’t manage it well. Don’t expect him to be a good guard dog, but it will stand by you no matter what.

Frenchie’s are natural entertainers:

Frenchie’s and Children:

Likewise, French Bulldogs are an excellent option as a family pet because they love to play with kids. However, owners must be cautious about keeping them around smaller kids. Without meaning to be, they can tend to play quite rough.

Frenchie’s are excellent therapy dogs:

There is scientific proof that suggests that French bulldogs make excellent therapy dogs. They will cheer you up and make you feel better about yourself. They give unconditional love, love their human companionship, and are often taken to care homes, hospitals, and schools.

Useful for older adults:

this is another important pro of owning a French bulldog; they are an excellent choice for older adults. The reason is that they need less exercise than larger breeds, love being cuddled, and have been bred to offer more companionship than you can imagine. Frenchie’s are also small. So, the elderly and less mobile generation can be an excellent choice as a dog.

They are perfect for apartment living:

Due to their small size and lack of intense physical exercise, Frenchie makes excellent dogs for those living in flats or small apartment houses. If this sounds like you, Frenchie is a good choice for you.

Are French Bulldogs good for first-time owners? 3
are french bulldogs good for first time owners
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They are straightforward to train:

I recommend puppy training classes and socialization classes to keep things simple. It might be a little challenging at the puppy stage, but once it passes that stage, the training will become easier. Don’t forget that how well they do in training will depend on the effort and time.

Do Not Require A Lot of Exercises

Many people would prefer a dog that they will not have to exercise, and if that is you, a French bulldog might be a good option. This dog has a great deal of energy, but they’re intolerant to many exercises because of how their body is made up. French bulldogs are susceptible to weight gain and need some activity and play.

The cons of owning a French bulldog:

They suffer heatstroke:

Frenchie’s can’t handle the heat. After a few minutes of running in the sun, they will be exhausted to the point of lying down in the shade to recover, and it can take up to 30 minutes for them to recover. So if you live in a hot climate, it is advisable to walk your Frenchie during the early cooler morning or early evening. Scale for measuring Heat Stroke in Dogs: A novel severity scoring system for dogs with heatstroke

Health Problems:

The French are susceptible to brachycephalic airway syndrome, and many other health issues are known. These problems are mostly non-life-threatening, but they may be costly when medical bills start.

They love to dig holes:

You know the effect this will have on your garden or your backyard. So you need to Frenchie proof your garden and backyard. The reasons they like to dig vary, so take a look at the reasons behind the underlying digging problems.


The French Bulldog is lovable, but they may also be a little standoff to individuals they don’t know. They are often aggressive to other dogs, but you can control this if you start socializing your Frenchie when they are a puppy.
While they are young, you should introduce the puppy to all kinds of individuals and other dogs. Experts believe that this socialization is carried out when they turn 14 weeks.

It can be a bit destructive:

You must also understand that Frenchies can be a little destructive before getting one. Some reasons these dogs get destructive are that they are quickly bored and use chewing to discover new things in their world. The same way you would with your hands.

When choosing a Frenchie, you’ll have to be careful that you keep all of your possessions and valuables out of their reach. They are tiny, but they’re large enough to get on the tables to reach remotes, and they’ll discover clothes, socks, cell phones, and your kid’s toys.

The Important tips for first-time Frenchie’s owners

Take your dog for a regular checkup:

French bulldogs face some health problems, so it is essential to take them to a veterinarian for a complete checkup from time to time. You can also check the condition of your dog’s skin, ears, eyes, nose, and teeth for any abnormalities.

Please keep your dog’s coat shiny and beautiful by brushing it at least once a week with a rubber brush or grooming brush. This removes all the dead hair and prevents it from shedding onto the floor of your apartment.

The Frenchie’s Achilles heel is its sensitivity to high temperatures and humidity. Because they are a brachycephalic breed, they struggle to regulate their body temperature in hot weather. Therefore, when the outside temperature exceeds 77 °F, don’t allow your dog to stay outdoor for too long, especially if he is playing or running. Else, he may overheat and die.

And lastly, don’t forget that enrolling your French Bulldog in a puppy training school is very important. They need the discipline to become an adorable and responsible pets.

Attending a puppy training school can prevent future problems like barking, biting, running away, fear of children, and destroying items like furniture and shoes.


County of OriginFrance
RecommendedCouples, Singles, and Families
TemperamentLoving, Playful, Loyal, and Friendly
Lifespan11- 13 Years
Good For First Time OwnerGood
Good with KidsGood
Good with Other AnimalsModerate
Good with Strangers Moderate to Good
Good For ApartmentsGood
Cold WeatherGood
Hot WeatherPoor
are french bulldogs good for first-time owners

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