What are French bulldog’s personalities like?

What are French bulldog's personalities like? 1

French Bulldog Personality Plus 

Typically, the Frenchie is one of the most vibrant dogs around. Their open playfulness, bat-shaped ears, and loving relationship with people make them great pets.

Frenchies are influenced by their surroundings and genetic makeup like all living things. Although we can make sweeping statements and identify many behavior characteristics across all French Bulldogs, you will find that each dog will be very different.  

The reality has always been that their personality varies depending on their parents’ temperament and personality. Also, their upbringing, breeding, and the amount of training they got in adolescence.

The cognitive years of a French Bulldog are incredibly significant because it is the very foundation that, in maturity, will form their temperament and personalities. 

They are often sought after due to their compact size, allowing them to live in most dwelling environments and require little exercise. They are not overly fond of barking, so they comfortably fit in apartment-style living. 

Here is a study of the temperament of different dogs, including the Frenchie Bulldog, for further reading: A preliminary study on the use of the Socially Acceptable Behavior

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French Bulldogs Are Lively

When young, you will have to expect them to be extremely lively and excel at getting into mischief. Eventually, this excitement will fade away, but remember that they can be quite a challenge as puppies. They do like playing tough, meaning there might not be one toy left intact after a Frenchie visit. 

The Frenchie is a very intelligent breed and is classed as one of the smarts of the bulldog terrier breeds. People and owners are quite surprised at how smart their Frenchie is and how they can quickly adapt to their living conditions.

In these circumstances, the FenchBulldog personality will show through, as either calm and collective taking the world in from his position on the couch or having grand adventures doing zoomies throughout the kitchen.  

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Published on May 9, 2018

What we are getting at here is that, as a young puppy, your Frenchie will excel at finding or getting into trouble. That’s why investing in proper, consistent training from a young age is essential.   

What are French bulldog's personalities like? 2
Lively French Bulldog Pup
Photo by speckfechta

French Bulldog Love People

When your Frenchie matures, they will tone down a lot on their excitement and craziness. But they will never lose their great love of socializing with people. They will be waiting for any opportunity to jump on your lap and snuggle in.

They get on well with other dogs and just adore cuddles, though males may argue with other male dogs.  

As they become adult dogs, they will always still have the mischievous little personality that people love from them. They will want you to make them the center of their attention, and when it’s not happening, they make sure to let you know. 

To conclude, the little character, the French Bulldogs, is one of the most amazing personalities out there for a small dog.

Often they are entertaining, caring, and insanely cute, and they will transform into the well-mannered, charismatic adult dog you are looking for.  

But sometimes, they can become introverted, hostile, and bark when not trained well or not brought up well, but these rules can be applied to most dogs in these circumstances. 

What are French bulldog's personalities like? 3
Photo by Mia knight french bulldog temperament affectionate

French Bulldog Temperament 

The temperament of French Bulldogs is closely connected to their personality in that their experiences largely govern it in adolescence. It also considers how they were raised and their parents’ backgrounds. 

French Bulldogs are comparatively obedient, which means their easier dogs to train. Though they have a limited attention span, they can learn quickly if they are calm and not distracted. 

You will find the French Bulldog is not an aggressive dog. They are always actively seeking recognition, but not in an unhealthful or neurotic manner. The Frenchie will show a considerable amount of unconditional love and are exceptionally well suited to be with children. 

However, the Frenchie eagerness for attention and affection to the extent that they can sometimes become nervous or distressed if they have been left unattended at home for too long.  

They may be big in personality, but that doesn’t render them immune to becoming strongly dependent on the presence of their owners.  

So if you are always away from home or traveling, maybe a French Bulldog may not suit your lifestyle and would be unfair to the dog itself. 

Do French Bulldogs have behavior problems?

The Frenchie tends to become destructive if left by themselves without proper training or left up to their own devices for hours on end. As with all Bull Terriers, they have a tendency to go 100% at play and can be quite rough for their size.

The same is for the Frenchie. They love tug of war games and love toys that they can give a good roughing up. 

One of the issues with French Bulldogs’ temperament is that they can be quite pig-headed and stubborn. As they mature into an adult dog, this stubborn steak can really show itself.

If not jumped on quickly, this may get to the point where they do not follow your commands or the rules they have been taught. If you get on top of this early, it will rarely happen. 

Ultimately, French Bulldogs are very well-tempered, friendly dogs whose worst temperamental defect is that they might have a stubborn streak. Often they are personable by nature, and they are not aggressive. With the right owner and lifestyle, anxiety is not an issue. 

What are French bulldog's personalities like? 4
female french bulldog personality
Photo by Marcin Skalij

Are French Bulldogs good pets?

Small but very sturdy— not just a dainty lapdog  
Has large soulful eyes 
It is usually polite to all, including other animals.
Absolutely loves playing games, tug-of-war, and hunting balls 
It does not need a lot of exercises 
Doesn’t bark a lot.  
And gets on well with children.
french bulldog behavior problems

In conclusion, not only is this one of the cutest and most charming breeds of dogs out there but also how close they are to their owners. The more you put into them, the more you will get back from this lovable ball of a dog. 🙂

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