How Many Litters Can A French Bulldog Have? Must Learn This!

How many litters can a french bulldog have: What is the maximum number of times you can breed a French Bulldog? Breeders of French Bulldogs should not breed their dogs more than 3 times in their lifetime and no more than once every 18 months at the very least. It will be difficult for your Frenchie to recover physically if any more than that?

It is common for pregnant French Bulldogs to be unable to give birth naturally because their puppies have wide heads and shoulders that prevent them from passing through the birth canal easily. It is normal for French Bulldog puppies to be born by C-section at a veterinary clinic. The following information is very crucial if you intend to breed your French Bulldog.

What is so difficult about breeding French Bulldogs?

The traits and characteristics that make a French Bulldog so popular can also be the ones that cause problems with breeding them. Just by looking at a French Bulldog, it might not be immediately evident what can cause problems.

When fully grown, a female French Bulldog rarely weighs more than 28 pounds. Due to their broadheads and chests, these dogs are typically larger than their hindquarters, so their puppies usually don’t fit easily into their birth canals. This means in most cases they are subjected to c-sections (cesareans).

French Bulldog litters are typically born via veterinarian-assisted cesarean section in up to 80 per cent of cases. In spite of the risks associated with C-sections for dogs, especially for those with brachycephalic short muzzle shapes such as the French Bulldog, they are considered a safer way to deliver puppies as opposed to letting the French Bulldog deliver naturally.

Further, according to the Royal Veterinary College, French Bulldogs have a 16 percent higher risk of suffering difficult or dangerous births.

Having your Frenchie has too many C-sections is completely irresponsible if you intend to breed your dog. You run the following risks: 

A C-section is not always successful, and there is a risk to the puppies during the procedure.
Following a C-section, your French Bulldog can become stressed and perhaps even aggressive. An excessive number of procedures could worsen your dog’s mental state.
A negative reaction to anesthesia, blood clotting during surgery, hemorrhaging, or wound infection are all possible complications for your French Bulldog.

It is crucial that your French Bulldog is well cared for post-pregnancy, including at birth and while nursing. Being a mother and giving birth are emotionally and physically demanding times.

Aside from the scarring from the C-section, your female will need time to recover from giving birth to a litter. Additionally, she will have to re-grow parts of her uterus and strengthen her muscles.

Early in pregnancy, many females experience muscle wasting and even loss of fur. Frenchies should only be bred every 18 to 24 months, allowing them enough time to recover from their surgeries.

Can you breed a French Bulldog more than once a year?

How many litters can a french bulldog have in a year: Even though a healthy French Bulldog should be able to produce litter at every heat, it doesn’t mean it is safe. Because of this, the female Frenchie needs to recuperate after giving birth. She may have come into heat, but that does not mean her body is ready to carry a litter so soon.

French Bulldogs should only be bred every 18 months to 2 years, as I mentioned earlier. The longer we wait, the greater her chance of recovering, being healthy, and being happy without the constant stress of frequent C-sections.

What Is The Best Age to Start Breeding a French Bulldog

The age at which a female dog goes into heat varies depending on the breed size. You should not plan to breed your dog until at least her second or third heat. The third heat is a good time to begin breeding for a few reasons.

The health of a young dogs can be negatively affected by excessive breeding because they are still growing to their full adult size.
In addition to testing for different medical conditions, responsible breeders should also ensure that the dogs reach adulthood first.
The breeder may have to do more work to care for a female dog that is too young, which could result in behavior problems with the puppies if the mother does not give them proper attention.

How long are French bulldogs pregnant for?

Dogs typically gestate for around 63 days after conception, although this may vary by several days. Even though this seems an obvious answer, conception can be difficult to determine. Sperm and eggs can stay fertile in the female for up to 48 hours, so mating itself is not an actual measurement of gestation. As a result, it is nearly impossible to predict how long a pregnancy will last without veterinary assistance.

How Many Puppies Do French Bulldogs Have?

Three puppies on average

Typically, a French Bulldog litter consists of two to four puppies. All litter bigger than five are considered extremely rare, and most litters are delivered via section.

The largest known litter was seven puppies

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