How much should I pay for a French bulldog? All The Facts.

French Bulldog Kennel Cough

French Bulldog Price? You have your heart set on adopting one of these beautiful little dogs. You jump on the internet and have a look around casually to get an idea of how much your new little French Bulldog will cost you. Moments later, you’re recovering from the shock. Why so much?

Due to the growing demand and popularity of the French Bulldogs, their pups now command a premium and can cost somewhere between $1,500 and $8,000 if purchased from a licensed breeder.

Another reason is the French bulldogs are usually incapable of breeding normally and need to be artificially inseminated for reproduction. This method is typically lengthy and challenging, with different expenses incurred. Besides, they don’t have a big litter. Generally, they will only have three puppies at a time.

The whole breeding method includes several blood tests, fertility treatments, and therefore more cost adding to the overall price of the puppies. Also, the majority of deliveries tend to be C-sections due to the pups’ size. All these variables contribute to the price increases of the Frenchie.

You will find licensed French Bulldog pups for purchase at the American Kennel Club marketplace and the Kennel club UK within the United Kingdom.

The next alternative would be for you to rescue a Frenchie from a local animal shelter.

French Bulldog Growing Up From 8 Weeks to 8 Months
Isa & Hugo French Bulldog

Papers Or Not?

Professional breeders will have American Kennel Club-listed dogs, and others will say “pet only.” AKC documents are an additional cost that the breeder incurs to register the French Bulldogs.

This enables you to participate in the AKC contest and guarantees that the parents are registered. But the pup that comes with AKC documents is not a 100% quality measure. It shows that the breeder is at least going through a process.

Coat Color And Price

Another aspect that affects the price of the French Bulldog is the coat colors. Breeders that go outside the standards promote colors like:

MerlePure Black

These dogs do not have any extra cost for the breeders. But due to the rareness of the coat color, they are again charged a premium for them.

Breeders Costs Influencing Price

Genetic Testing $130 – $800
Progesterone Testing $160
Coat Color Testing $150
AKC (American Kennel Club) registration $50
Reproductive physicals $700
Stud Service $1,000 – $5,000
Ultrasound $50
C-section delivery $600-$3,800
X-rays $85
New puppy supplies and food $1,000 – $3,000
Whelping equipment $1,000 – $2,000
Microchip $45

Extra Cost To Take Into Consideration For French Bulldog Price.

Neutering/Spaying $60 to $120
Microchip $20 to $45
Dog Training School $119


Some advantages of neutering/spaying include decreased unwanted pet population, less male aggression, better behavior, and health advantages for both males and female dogs.

Average fees for this service can range from $60 to $120 in some vet clinics and amenities.


Usually, a Microchip is placed between the dog’s shoulder blades to track your dog’s location via a fast and straightforward veterinarian procedure. Your Frenchie will generally feel little pain during the operation–it’s comparable to having a shot or vaccine.

It can be detected with a scanner, and it will assist you in finding your missing loved one much quicker. Some breeders will choose to chip their pups before selling so that the price may be represented the entire bill. Microchips cost about $20 to $45 each.

Dog Training School

You love your little new Frenchie, but they’re not listening to you after you give the command the first time (or the second… or the third), or they’re struggling to walk calmly on a leash or to get nervous when other animals are about.

Dog training is an excellent choice for all these circumstances. A basic 6-week training class could be as little as $119. Group training for difficult dogs ranges from $200-$300 for 5-6 weeks.

Photo by Chris Benson

Recurring French Bulldog Costs

Dog Food $47 to $80
Clothing $15 to $50
Vaccinations $75 and $100 and $15 and $20
Veterinarian Expenses $80 to $165
Most Prevalent Issues Hip Dysplasia – $1,500 – $6,000 
Entropion – $300 – $1,500 
IVDD – $2,500 – $7,000 
French Bulldog Insurance Costs 8 weeks old – $59.31 per month
​4-years old – $82.57 per month
10-years old – $146.55 per month

Dog Food

A sad feature that French Bulldogs possess is their susceptibility to obesity. Bones and other leftovers that are high in fats should be prevented in preference of high-quality dog food. French Bulldogs also are susceptible to allergies, and this includes their food.

It is vital to create a schedule with the puppy concerning its feeding timetable. A 26-pound bag may cost somewhere between $47 to $80 and is expected to last at least two months. You should attempt to feed it simultaneously every day with the same quantity of meals.


French Bulldogs have a beautiful short single coat of hair. Hot weather or winter can, therefore, be harmful to their health. You may choose a few different clothing items for your Frenchie to prevent potential pneumonia.

Many hoodies, jackets, shirts, and coats are available to keep your Frenchie warm and toasty. They may cost anywhere from $15 to $50.

Photo by Samuel Sng


Vaccinations might well, in reality, be essential to the French Bulldog more than any other breed. 

The justification is their weak immune system and various possible physical disorders that may cause complications.

DHPP is a 5-way vaccination program accountable for the prevention of:

DistemperAdenovirus (hepatitis)
 Parainfluenza Parvovirus

It has an average price of between $75 and $100.

This will generally be performed in batches across 16 weeks. Rabies vaccines expenses are between $15 and $20. Some dogs will have to be vaccinated numerous times in 1-3 years; variables that affect the occurrence involve location and the particular risk of your dog.

Veterinarian Expenses

Becoming the lucky recipient of a lovely French Bulldog puppy implies becoming accountable for ensuring its well-being. Your Frenchie will eventually become ill throughout their lives, requiring medical assistance.

Professional veterinary services may be visited annually or as required and may cost $80 to $165.

The most prevalent issues for French Bulldogs as well as the price of dealing with them are: 

Hip Dysplasia – $1,500 – $6,000 
Entropion – $300 – $1,500 
IVDD – $2,500 – $7,000 

However, do not let this data dissuade you.

French Bulldog Insurance Costs

French bulldogs are more prone to genetic health than mixed breed dogs as a pure breed. If you’ve just picked up a young French Bulldog pup or a complete-grown adult, every chapter of your French Bulldog’s life creates new health risks.

You and your French Bulldog need to decide on the right pet insurance company from the outset. If you choose the incorrect plan and create a claim, you might discover that your French Bulldog’s condition is not covered.
So you are obligated to pay the rest of the bill, and that condition would also be excluded from moving to a fresh insurance provider.

Each insurance provider will have its pricing. But this is a guide.

Eight weeks old – $59.31 per month
4-years old – $82.57 per month
10-years old – $146.55 per month

Take into consideration that pet insurers would not cover pre-existing conditions for French Bulldogs in most instances. In either event, inherited health problems may not qualify for reimbursement.
You need to know the limitations of pet insurance before purchasing a policy.

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