My French Bulldog Ate Weed – What To Do!

My French Bulldog Ate Weed - What To Do! 1

My French Bulldog Ate Weed: If you ask this question, this article will help you out. A veterinary report in Colorado stated that the frequency of marijuana intoxication in dogs had risen exponentially after legalizing the drug within certain states.

While it is commonly considered safe for humans, marijuana is harmful to dogs, including raw plant matter and butane hash oil, resin, cookies, brownies, and every other cannabis product containing large quantities of Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC). Luckily, with timely intervention, they are likely to recover fully. Learn what to do.

How Is Marijuana Toxic to Dogs?

As the legalization of marijuana has become more common across the country and is now available in various packaging and consumables. Of course, this means there are plenty of chances for your dog to end up consuming some weed.

That being said, each form of marijuana does have its risks for your French Bulldog. The compound in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is extremely concentrated in the flowers and small leaves at the top of the plant.

In addition to THC, most edible versions of weed contain other hazardous additives since they are often manufactured with chocolate, which can be fatal at sufficient doses, or butter, which can induce gastric intestinal upset.

Notice that not all cannabinoids present in weed are toxic to dogs. Cannabidiol ( CBD), for instance, is a cannabinoid known for so many of the beneficial effects that weed offers.

CBD does not contain any psychoactive properties, and sometimes people knowingly give CBD supplements to their dogs to treat conditions like arthritis and seizures. Even so, CBD oils and other cannabis-based health products contain very little or no THC.

Signs That Your Dog Has Eaten Weed

Some dogs may just become mildly unsteady or dizzy, but that doesn’t mean you should not be concerned. Three grams of THC – the reactive component in the weed – per two pounds of your French Bulldogs weight could be fatal.

It’s a lot of cannabis, to be honest, and certainly far beyond what your dog could realistically eat.
That being said, lower doses can indeed cause seizures or unconsciousness. Even so, in the circumstance that your French Bulldog starts to show such serious signs, you must get them to the vet hospital urgently.

In contrast, medicinal cannabis can provide much more THC and will take far less of it to be dangerous for dogs, which is why it’s so essential to keep this out of view.

Symptoms of Marijuana Toxicity

While most people encounter rather enjoyable effects from cannabis, dogs do get some negative reactions. Medical symptoms progress within minutes to hours after exposure and can last for hours to days.

They are primary symptoms affecting the nervous system. These symptoms included:

Low heart rateSensitivity to loud noises
IncoordinationDribbling urine
Dilation of the pupilsLow or high body temperature
Urine retentionIrregular heartbeat
VomitingWobbly, uncoordinated movements

Extreme Cases Can Cause:

Comatose state

Much of the time, these signs disappear quite quickly, but they can render your dog distressed. It’s best to contact your veterinarian to get advice on care. Until then, keep your Frenchie hydrated with a lot of water.

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Take Your French Bulldog To Your Vet If They Have Eaten Weed

When your dog appears to have seizures or becomes unconscious or unresponsive, rush them to the animal hospital urgently. These might be symptoms of overdose toxicity, and at this stage, your veterinarian is the only one to treat your Frenchie successfully.

Your veterinarian would eventually ask you whether your dog has eaten any drugs. If your dog is sick from weed that you may have illegal or legal in your house,  then tell the whole truth.

It is also necessary to notify them of the specific type of marijuana your Frenchie has consumed since various types have different toxicity.

It isn’t your vet’s responsibility to disclose to the officials that you are in possession of weed, but it’s their responsibility to save your dog. They can’t do this until you tell them what occurred.

My Dog Ate Weed - What To Do!

Testing Your French Bulldog For Weed Consumption

Your  French Bulldog would be quite disoriented and distressed. Until you get prepared to go to the veterinarian, leave them in a peaceful space to help minimize sensory stimuli.

When you arrive at the veterinarian, your Frenchie will be checked to see the degree of poisoning as well as the current condition of your dog’s body condition.

Dogs often consume the wrapping or container in which the weed has come, especially if it’s a treat like a cookie or brownies.

Your Frenchie’s Blood pressure will be tested, as the heartbeat and pressure can be significantly reduced and often need iv fluids to maintain sufficient blood pressure.

How much chocolate will kill a French bulldog?

Treatment For Dog Weed Consumption

In instances where weed consumption is rapidly established, your veterinarian will try to induce vomiting to avoid the array of symptoms. Still, in most cases, the opportunity has elapsed, and side effects should be managed first. Treat may be included:

Administration of fluidsCardiovascular support
HospitalizationRegulation of temperature
In some cases, anti-nausea medication

If the weed in a food item may also contain chocolate, the treatment is much more intense. Chocolate can induce increased heart rate, seizures, and even death. Different treatments can require antiarrhythmics, anticonvulsants, and iv fluids.

Prevention of Weed Toxicity

Ensure everybody in your household knows to keep any medications, drugs, and weed out of reach of your dog. It is the most critical step and the easiest way to ensure sure your dog remains safe.

Your dog can eat a discarded joint placed on a side table and become high or ill. So everyone residing in or even visiting your house needs to realize the hazards and threats and be ready to take care to keep your French Bulldog protected.

You may be able to recognize even slight differences in the behavior of your dog. That being said, if you reside with housemates and other individuals, they may not be quite as familiar with your Frenchie as you are.

Chat to them about the potential effects of cannabis on your dog. That way, they understand what to look for and report to your vet if they notice symptoms.

My French Bulldog Ate Weed

How To Look After Your Weed Intoxicated Dog.

Your vet may send you home with your Frenchie until the effects of THC are worn off. You’re going to do everything you can to support your dog to manage the symptoms till they are clean of the effects. This involves, first and foremost, keeping them relaxed and making sure they feel secure.

Some things you may want to try to involve:

Simply just brushing or petting them.
Keep noises to a minimum: A normal amount of ambient noise is good and possibly comforting, but don’t start blasting out rock music or watching a Marvel film with the surround system turned full up.
Stay with them in a dim room: Keep the curtains drawn to discourage them from being riled up at strangers walking past the house.
Providing physical contact: You might want to let them lie against you or over your lap if that helps them feel happier.
Gently rubbing: The tips of their ears.
Feeding them: Food can help decrease the effect of the weed, and feeding can also make them feel sleepy.

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