Can French Bulldogs go on long walks?

Can French Bulldogs go on long walks? 1

French bulldogs are susceptible to bone problems, heart problems, and obesity. The most common question new Frenchie owners ask is how often they walk their dogs. To answer this question, let’s first look at this breed’s health condition.

How often should I walk my French Bulldog?: French Bulldog, also refers to as “Frenchie,” is a small, compact, and muscular breed. Frenchies are intelligent, adorable, and comfortable at home all day. They are loving and affectionate dogs.

Frenchie’s are small and perfect for apartment living with limited space. And will also do well in farmhouses due to their adaptability. You only need to be careful about ensuring they are in a well-air-conditioned area because of their heat intolerance.

Because of these reasons, it is essential to give them enough exercise daily. A regular walk is just as crucial for Frenchie’s as food and water. They may not be suitable for other exercise, dog sports, or running miles with their owners, but they still need physical activity in the form of a daily walk.

The good news is that walking your dog will make both yourself and your dog happier. Here is a study to read. I Walk My Dog Because It Makes Me Happy

As with other dogs, Frenchies need exercise, but their level of exercise needs moderate because their body structure does not allow them to perform strenuous activities. Their head and respiratory system are physical features that put them at risk for shortness of breath during exercise.

For this reason, you should never run when walking a Frenchie. The physical stress associated with running is going to be challenging for them. Be cautious of the weather whenever you walk your dog, as dogs are susceptible to extreme temperatures. Heart attacks and heat strokes are possible when the weather is hot.

Can French Bulldogs go on long walks? 2
Walking French Bulldogs
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Don’t forget, as a general rule. Every Frenchie needs a physical outlet to exhaust their extra energy. So walking your dog regularly is good for their physical health, improves their mental health, and reduces annoying behavior due to anxiety and boredom.

If your dog shows signs of exhaustion and fatigue, stop and let him rest and recover. Some French bulldogs can get tired faster than others, and that’s okay. Walking them twice a day as puppies instead of once a day is best.

They will benefit from a few short walks a day than one long walk. Doing so will give them the exercise and motivation they regularly need without getting tired.

They are one of the brachycephalic dog breeds. Brachycephalic dogs have shortened heads, short noses, and flat faces. Due to the anatomical shape of Frenchie’s head, they often have difficulty breathing and can quickly get heat during the hot summer months.

They may have breathing difficulties if they are stressed. Therefore it is essential not to force them to do much at once. This is another reason you need to divide their walk into two or three different sessions. When your Frenchie is ready to quit, let him stop.

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The best harness for walking your French Bulldog

When you walk your Frenchie, you need something safe and comfortable. If they tend to pull, you need the best harness for your dog, the type that helps them learn not to pull without pressing on their delicate throat. The following are some of the best hardness you can use when walking your Frenchie.

Ruff wears All Day Adventure Dog Harness:

This harness is known for its quality, and it features two hoops. It is designed to minimize pulling when walking your French bulldogs and helps with their training.

ThinkPad Reflective Dog Harness: 

This is one of the inexpensive harnesses for your French Bulldog. If you are on a budget, this would be a good start. But remember, a low-price harness comes with some limitations compared to the pricey ones.

Julius K9 Power Dog Harness:

Julius K9 harnesses are popular among dog walkers, dog owners, and dog trainers. This harness is suitable for larger dog breeds. But, there is a range that fits the smaller breeds. 

Tips for walking your French Bulldog

Use a dog harness instead of a dog collar:

You will always come across this advice for short-nosed breeds like French Bulldogs. This is because such a harness is better for their airways. It will help them avoid any breathing problems later in their lives.

Stick to early mornings and evening walk: during the summer, and due to short-nose and breathing difficulties, this routine can help them avoid overheating. Make sure you don’t take your French Bulldog out in the midday summer heat. Instead, you can enjoy an early morning and 7 pm stroll with your dog.

Use treats while walking your dog:

Using the Heel command, you should use a good quality treat to entice and keep your Frenchie nearby. You can give your dog the treat whenever he wants to go astray.

Do not use a retractable lead:

These leads are not suitable when trying to have control over your dog. This lead is dangerous for both humans and dogs. When walking your dog, your primary goal is to keep your dog as close as possible to your heels. So you do not need a lead that stretches ten or twenty meters. Using a strong leader is a good idea, particularly for strong and pulling French Bulldogs.

Anticipate their excitement:

 If you see another dog or person approaching your direction and you know that your dog will react violently with enthusiasm to the situation, try to distract his attention with a treat and get his focus before things get out of control. This requires that you put your eyes on your dog at all times to make sure you spot things before your dog does.

Lastly, you should always walk before your Frenchie to allow your dog to see you as the pack leader. Otherwise, if your dog controls you during the walk, he is the pack leader. You should be the first to be out the door and the first one to be in. Your Frenchie should always be at your side or behind you during the walk.

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