How do you stop a French bulldog from biting?-Must Learn This!

How do you stop a French bulldog from biting?-Must Learn This! 1

How do you stop a French bulldog from biting?: When your French Bulldog bites people or other animals, most of the time, it is due that them feeling intimidated or threatened.

This is a natural behavior sometimes found in domestic dogs. It’s why it’s essential for anyone who engages with a dog to consider what could cause these aggressive behaviors.

Both adults and children must know how to keep themselves safe around a French Bulldog known to bite, although it is important to keep in mind that the Frenchies owner is wholly accountable for their behavior.

Luckily, it is indeed possible to prevent your Frenchie from biting anyone if you take the appropriate action. Responsible management of your French Bulldog and is essential to keeping everybody protected.

Five Reasons Why French Bulldogs Will Bite.

When the French Bulldog is defending itself, its owner, or other family members, it might bite. There is no doubting that a female Frenchie will be extremely protective of her litter (puppies).Playing and then running away from your Frenchie can also trigger a bite. Your French Bulldog may believe it’s part of the game, or trying to get away may cause herding behavior or prey behavior in them.
Suddenly waking your French Bulldog or approaching from behind could even make it bite.Trauma and sickness are also common causes. If a Frenchie doesn’t feel well or is in discomfort, they may not want to be handled or touched.
A French Bulldog in a traumatic situation could attack somebody who comes towards it. This is similar to being assaulted or discarded by the roadside to your Frenchie. It also could be anything you consider as usual, including a loud noise of thunder.Your Frenchie may be protective of its perceived property, which is a common issue—being anything from a toy, meals, its territory, or maybe even yourself.

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The Warning Signs Before A Bite

Understanding what may cause your French Bulldog to bite will help you to prevent these scenarios. Certain action behaviors often accompany most dog bites. They could be used as a warning sign for yourself to take action needed to stop your Frenchies’ discomfort or anxiety.

Your Frenchies’ ears are generally folded back, the hair on their back may stand up, and you’d be likely to see the whites of their eyes.  Standoff action, such as freezing as a reaction to touching or a look accompanied by lowering of the body, may also be considered another warning from your Frenchie.

How To Stop Your French Bulldog Biting

As the owner of your Frenchie, you will be responsible for teaching your Frenchie and ensuring it is under constant control. You are accountable for the actions of your French Bulldog.   You must do everything you can to keep everyone else safe and keep your Frenchie from biting.

Have your Frenchie attend basic training and keep up your French Bulldogs’ training throughout their life to strengthen the skills they have learned.Frenchies should be exposed to various situations, such as other pets, sudden noises, machines, motorcycles, or anything else that could cause fear. You should begin training your French Bulldog as soon as possible and make the interaction pleasant.
Make sure your Frenchie is socialized.   Facilitate your French Bulldog to meet and communicate with different kinds of people, including kids, people with disabilities, and the elderly, in relaxed, supportive surroundings.Keep an eye on your Frenchie and know when things lead to aggression. When you can’t monitor the situation or the actions of your French Bulldog, you may have to remove your Frenchie before things get out of control.
French Bulldogs should never be punished physically, abusively, or forcefully. When it comes to training your Frenchie, let’s make sure we use positive reinforcement, praise, and treats rather than shock collars and loud noises. Regularly praising your Frenchie for good behavior is much more successful as the desire of your French Bulldog is to please you and do what it thinks you want.If your Frenchie has a nervous or threatening inclination, please alert others. Don’t encourage your Frenchie to interact with people and other pets unless the environment is tightly monitored. 
Maintain your French Bulldog on a leash or in a gated area. Understand your Frenchie well before letting it go of its lead in the designated areas. Make sure you can see your Frenchie at times.Having toys for your Frenchie while they are younger is a good idea in that when they do try nipping or bitting, you can redirect their attention to the toy and reward them for interacting with that instead.
How do you stop a French bulldog from biting?-Must Learn This! 2
How do you stop a French bulldog from biting?

My French Bulldog Bit Me Hard!

Your Frenchie biting hard is not only worrying but can be surprising and scary. You’re inclined to feel a spectrum of emotions, as well as any physical discomfort that the bite has induced.

Secure Your Frenchie

The first step is to secure your Frenchie to avoid more issues. Place them into their crate or lock them in a different bedroom, or restrain them with a leash.

Your Frenchie may still respond violently, be afraid, or be concerned due to the situation. They also could remain very worked up about the circumstances that made them bite. However, no matter the justification for the bite, restraining your Frenchie will ensure that your other people or animals remain secure.

Following the Dog Bite

After ensuring that your Frenchie is removed or locked away sensibly, you will need to examine the injury. If your skin is just grazed, you’re going to have to wash it with soap and warm water and cover it with a bandage.

However, if the injury is substantial, you presume that you’ll need sutures or have not recently had your tetanus shot. And your French Bulldog rabies vaccine is not current; you’ll have to go to a doctor’s office or emergency medical center and get professional hospital attention.

Your Frenchies mouth is not sterile or bacteria-free. Your doctor may also recommend medications to prevent the formation of an infectious disease.

Time For A Professional

Professional dog trainers can help you figure out what triggered your Frenchie to bite you. They can also help you overcome and adjust the behavior that induced your French Bulldog to bite.

Dog trainers’ help may not always be required, but some situations will be considered necessary.

Your Frenchie bites you hard enough to break the skin.
You have no idea why they bit you.
You French Bulldog has bitten you more than once.
You have become afraid of your Frenchie
You have young kids within your household
You have become worried that they could bite again.

My French Bulldog Bit Someone!

Much of what is mentioned above is also very relevant here, so we will not repeat the same information. But some extra things need to be addressed.

When Outside Your Home

When you’re in an awkward situation, it’s best to stay as rational as possible and support the person.

The first action you have to do is quickly maintain control of your French Bulldog. Suppose your Frenchie bites a person when you’re out strolling. After they are under control,  ensure that you provide the victim with your contact details and collect theirs. Any witnesses to the altercation should have their details collected also.

Inside Your House

If your Frenchie bites somebody in your home, relocate your French Bulldog to a crate or a bedroom. The individual may require medical assistance. Locate the closest emergency medical center or call 911. If your Frenchie does bite someone at your house, materials such as gauze and antibacterial skin cleansers may help provide first aid.

Potential Legal Issues

Staying calm is important. Be as helpful and supportive to the person that has been bitten, document the event as much as feasible. There is still a risk that the individual will file a civil action against you.  

General rule owners are responsible for the harm caused by their French Bulldog, even if someone trespassed on your property at the time of the bite.  Consult with your lawyer to find the right action plan for your situation.

As a responsible Frenchie owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your French Bulldog does not attack people. Ensure that your Frenchie is well trained (as mentioned above), that you maybe want to have warning signs if your Frenchie is allowed to run free on your property and has been known to bite. Again make that you know how to manage your French Bulldog should a bite happen.

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