How do I get my French bulldog to stop barking? Training Tips.

How do I get my French bulldog to stop barking? Training Tips. 1

Do French Bulldogs Bark a lot? Training Tips: This question comes up quite a lot. Do French Bulldogs bark? Being especially relevant when you intend to have a French Bulldog companion within an apartment or close to neighbors. We explore the question below. And how getting advice on how to train your Frenchie not to bark will have a favorable outcome for both of you. A good read is The prevention of undesirable behaviors in dogs.

The simple answer is: absolutely. Most dogs instinctively and most French Bulldogs bark at least periodically.

How often do French Bulldogs Bark?

It varies on each dog and its personality. Nevertheless, as part of the bulldog breed, the French Bulldog is less likely to bark than other small breeds. Not all Frenchies who don’t bark are silent, though – they’re famous for their capacity to make all kinds of funny noises, such as snuffles, gruffly, growl, and talking sounds.

Their bark is not usually described as the constant yapping you get with other smaller dogs. Though they do have a high-pitched bark compared to a typical bulldog, however, in contrast, they have a much deeper sound than many smaller dogs.
do french bulldogs bark a lot
Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie

What makes a Frenchie bark?

Feedback from French Bulldog owners mentioned that their Frenchies started barking at people who came to their doors and at people or animals that could be seen outside through windows or fencing. These two circumstances are just healthy dog behaviors.

Dogs bark to warn the rest of the pack that somebody’s around here. Depending on the dog, this could be a friendly, enthusiastic way, irritating, or frightening way.

The act of barking also is quite rewarding to a lot of dogs. It is enjoyable to do it for no reason, or they know it will get some sort of attention.

The Frenchie is not especially bark dog, but, like all dogs, they can learn to bark to relieve stress, pressure, or boredom. Dogs will also bark if they are bored. For example, left at home all day with no distractions to play with.

How to stop my French bulldog from barking?

This all comes down to what is causing your Frenchie to bark. You may appreciate that your Frenchie barks when someone is at the door or when a stranger is on your premises.

Under such situations, an appropriate reaction is typically to recognize the circumstance, tell your Frenchie that it is okay to bark a few times, and then say’ quiet’ or’ stop.’ When they calm down, could you give them a treat?

Unnecessary barking triggered by frustration or boredom, and barking out the window at nearby people and animals, need some kind of intervention.

You may have to invest in a dog walker, spend some time training your pet, or purchase some stimulating mental toys. You might also have to close your blinds occasionally.

Below is a list of six methods to help your dog stop barking. Although all of them can be very good, you’re not supposed to expect fantastic results immediately. The more your dog has practiced barking, the longer it will take for him to change his ways.

Most of these techniques allow you to understand why your Frenchie barks. Try to keep this in mind while training.

Don’t shout at your Frenchie to be quiet. This just sounds like you’re barking with them from their point of view.
Keep the training sessions a fun and positive experience for you and your Frenchie.
Being consistent is the key, so you don’t confuse your Frenchie. Everybody in your household should apply training methods whenever your dog barks inappropriately the same way you are training them. You can’t let your French Bulldog get away with some unwanted barking just because you’re not there.
do french bulldogs bark a lot

Remove the motivation

Your Frenchie will get some attention if they bark. Else, they wouldn’t have done it. Work out what they are trying to get out of barking and eliminate it. Don’t give your dog the chance to keep barking.

When your French Bulldog barks at people or animals moving past one of your windows, control their behavior by shutting the curtains and placing your Frenchie in another location.
When they bark at the people on the street when they are in the yard, take them to the house. Do not leave your Frenchie unattended all day and night outdoors.
do french bulldogs bark at strangers

Ignoring the barking

Try to ignore the barking of your Frenchie for as long as necessary for them to stop. This indicates you don’t owe them any attention at all while they’re barking.

Do not even speak to your Frenchie, don’t touch them, do not look at them. If you give them attention while they are barking, they will see this as a reward. Once they actually stop, even if it is to take a breath, praise them immediately and give them a treat.

To really be effective with this approach, you will have to wait as long as necessary for your Frenchie to stop barking. If they bark for an hour and you eventually get so irritated that you scream at them to be silent, they will probably bark for an hour and a half the next time.

Your Frenchie knows that if they bark long enough, you’re going to give them attention.

Desensitize the stimulus of your French Bulldog

Progressively get your Frenchie used to anything which causes them to bark. Give them a lot of positive reinforcement. Begin with the trigger at a distance. It has to be far enough away that your French Bulldog will not bark whenever they see the trigger.

You need your Frenchie to know that the presence of a stimulus leads to better stuff like treats. Move the stimulus a little closer and closer while feeding your Frenchie treats if they are not reacting. If the stimulation then moves out of sight, stop giving them treats.

The Quite Command

Using this method, the first step is teaching the dog to bark when you request it. You can teach your Frenchie the word “speak” by having them bark two or three times and then reward them with a tasty treat after they’ve finished barking.

Praising them and rewarding them with a treat when they stop barking so they can smell the treat. Repeat until you hear them bark every time you say the word “speak.”

When your Frenchie can bark on order, introduce them to the “quiet” command. In a quiet environment without any, Introduce the “quiet” command once your Frenchie barks upon command. Ask them to talk in a quiet environment without any disturbances. Whenever they begin barking, say “quiet” and hold a treat up to their nose as a reward. They should be praised for their quiet behavior and treated accordingly.

A good book to read on dog training is Understanding and Training Your Dog Or Puppy.

Tire Out Your Frenchie

Be sure your Frenchie has enough physical and mental stimulation daily. A tired French Bulldog is a beautiful Frenchie 🙂 and one which is less prone to bark from boredom or annoyance. Depending on your Frenchies, age, and fitness, your dog can require a few long walks and a good game of catching the ball and interacting with some toys.

How do I get my French bulldog to stop barking? Training Tips. 2
do french bulldogs bark a lot
Photo by For Chen

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