Why Is My French Bulldog shedding? – What To Do!

Why Is My French Bulldog shedding? - What To Do! 1

Why Is My French Bulldog shedding? – What To Do! Shedding is an entirely natural condition for dogs wherein their old or impaired fur has been discarded. Different dog species will also shed more or less than most. However, the French Bulldog is known for shedding a lot rather.

Many dogs often shed to maintain their core temperature throughout the year, developing a light coat during the warm parts of the year and a heavier coat throughout the colder months.

If you already have dogs living in your house, you’re probably somewhat acquainted with the shedding concept. Shedding happens when a dog sheds fur which is dead or damaged to make way for new, healthier development.

Depending on its breed, pregnancy status, and general health, the degree to which a dog sheds can vary greatly. Some dogs regularly shed during the year; some shed seasonally throughout the summer. Some do not seem to shed much at all, but it is worth noting that all dogs experience a natural shedding period that can not be avoided.

Excessive shedding or shedding that in some way makes the skin look distressed or unhealthy indicates an underlying medical condition that needs veterinary treatment.

The French Bulldog Coat

French Bulldogs also shed, just not as much as other dogs. They have a glossy, long, smooth coat that will shed once or twice a year. With French Bulldogs, it is common to shed when they need a lighter coat during the summer months. Since some Frenchies have a relatively thin coat all year round, you might expect your dog’s fur everywhere.

Luckily, Frenchies have no undercoat, so they don’t shed much. On the other hand, this is precisely why they suffer from winter hyperthermia. The weather also plays a significant role in the shedding of your French Bulldog. Dogs, like most species, get a heavy coat in the winter months and lose excess fur in the summer months.

Why Is My French Bulldog shedding? - What To Do! 2
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Dealing with French Bulldogs Shedding

Start to groom your Frenchie early, so they’re used to brushing. Look for any scabs, skin patches, bald spots, rough or signs of infections when grooming.

French bulldogs have some health issues with their skin. This is because the Frenchie is susceptible to skin issues. One problem they may be suffering from is facial fold dermatitis.

Dermatitis is skin inflammation. Dermatitis may occur in dogs with redness, scratching, crusts, hot spots, sores, seborrhea, and inflammation contributing to the risk of infection.

For all of these skin problems, it is recommended to take your French Bulldog to the vet to be checked.

How to Look After Your Shedding French Bulldog


Coping with French Bulldog shedding does not need to be a hassle. You’re going to have to spend time cleaning and washing your Frenchie Additionally, and we’re making a couple of suggestions for quality coat supplements and tools.

Regardless of whether it is hypoallergenic, every dog with fur needs a good brush. As mentioned, French Bulldogs have a thin, short coat, which eliminates the threat of matting, though you should use the appropriate equipment for the Frenchie’s coat.

There’s no need to use heavy-duty tools with French Bulldogs, as they don’t have heavy double coats. The Furminator has proven successful for people. Using it is quick, easy, and inexpensive for French Bulldogs.

Because of the thin coat of your French Bulldog, your veterinarian recommends brushing it once a week. Therefore, you shouldn’t brush over the same area too often when brushing.

Try not to scratch or hurt your Frenchie skin with this brush. Frequent brushing can irritate their skin. However, you might want to consider brushing twice a week for the shedding season.

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Taking regular baths is an additional method for controlling shedding in French Bulldogs. At least once every three months, bath your Frenchie.  Frenchies may shed more or less depending on how dirty they get.

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Frenchies, who often play outdoors, might need more baths than the others. This can, nevertheless, be a delicate balance. You do not want to give your Frenchie so many washes simultaneously. This is because the dog’s coat includes natural oils which protect the fur.

French Bulldogs will lose their natural oils if they are bathed too often, dry their skin, and leave their coats without luster. If your veterinarian recommends it, you may need to bathe your dog more frequently.

Shampoos for Shedding French Bulldogs

Never give your Frenchie human shampoo. A dog’s skin is very delicate in comparison to a human’s. Dogs have only 3-5 layers of skin, unlike humans with 10-15 layers.

Consider all other chemical compounds, which can often be too harsh for your dog. Get a dog shampoo that is meant for your four-legged friend. Your Frenchie will very likely be happier with this, and it’s not expensive.

Fatty Acids For French Bulldog Coats

Omega-6 can be a good supplement for your French Bulldog coat is beginning to lack shine, which is sometimes a predictor of the well-being of the coat. However, before you go and buy your dog’s vitamins and minerals, it might not be necessary: pet stores sell omega-6 supplements; however, sunflower or sunflower oil works fine.

You can find omega-6 oil in corn, evening primrose, and borage oil. Additionally, fat from poultry and pork is also considered to be healthy. If you want to add supplements to your dog’s diet, make sure to consult your veterinarian first.

Why Is My French Bulldog shedding? - What To Do! 3
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