My French Bulldog’s Nose Is Dry – What To Do

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My French Bulldog’s Nose Is Dry: If your French Bulldog has a wet, cold nose, it will usually mean they are in good health. Your Frenchie’s wet nose is one of the reasons dogs have such a fantastic sense of smell.

While a dry nose can sometimes signify something severe, most of the time it’s just a natural response to the environment or characteristic of your French Bulldog becoming older and is age-related.

Your French Bulldog’s nose is between 10,000 to 100,000 stronger than your sense of smell. Their wet nose allows them to drawn in microscopic particles to be studied by your Frenchie’s olfactory receptors.

Your Frenchie’s nose has a thin coating of mucus on their nose that retains and collects scents. When your French Bulldog licks their nose, this adds a sense of taste to their sensory feedback.

If your little Frenchie has a dry nose, should you be worried?

Reasons For Your Frenchie To Have a Dry Nose

Too close to a heat sourceSunburn
SleepingNot drinking enough water
Old AgeHyperkeratosis

Frenchie is too close to a heat source

Throughout the winter months, your French Bulldog will tend to sleep closer to vents and heating ducts. They will find a nice comfortable spot where the warm air can blow on their face.

That being said, getting up close to heaters can make your Frenchie’s nose dry. If they do this a lot, they may even end up with a cracked nose. 

Make sure you keep an eye on your Frenchie’s nose to make sure that it has gone back to its moist condition.

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Sunburn And Dry Nose In Dogs

Like yourself, your French Bulldog is also vulnerable to sunburn as well as other risks and conditions associated with exposure to sunlight.

Taking some safety precautions can reduce your Frenchies risk of developing severe sun-related health issues.

Symptoms of Sunburn

Side effects of sunburn are typically severe, occurring around 1 hour of exposure to the sun and peaking around four days. The most prominent indication is reddened skin, which can be uncomfortable.

In extreme cases, inflammation and blisters can be seen.

The most frequently affected areas are the nose, ears and the skin around the face. Other signs in some very serious cases can include fatigue, fainting and shock because of heat exhaustion.

Reddened areas of skin
Vocalization of pain in movement
My French Bulldog's Nose Is Dry

Treatment Sunburn Nose and Ears

If your Frenchie has experienced serious sunburn and heatstroke, supportive treatment with iv fluids could be necessary to stabilise them and avoid or remedy the dehydration.

Your vet can apply an ice pack to your Frenchie’s skin to reduce discomfort and to chill the skin to reduce additional skin damage.

In cases where your Frenchie’s nose is dry and even peeling, you will need a cortisone ointment to minimise inflammatory response.

To avoid infection, your vet can recommend antibacterial and antifungal agents such as silver sulfadiazine. Antimicrobial treatment may be required if a subsequent infection occurs.

Preventing Sunburn and Your Frenchie’s Nose Drying Out

To avoid sunburn to your Frenchie’s nose and other body parts, the following steps can be taken:

Application of an SPF 30, waterproof, dog-safe sunscreen to your Frenchies skin. Concentrating on areas of enhanced exposure such as their nose, areas of hair loss or scarring, and abdomen if your Frenchie likes lying on their back.
Try avoiding the sun when it is at its strongest during the day. If possible, keep your Frenchie indoors throughout midday or make sure that they have plenty of shade in their play area.
When sun exposure is inevitable, provide your French Bulldog with sun protection, for example, a dog shirt, hat or coat, especially if outdoor exercise is occurring over a long duration.

French Bulldog is Allergic And Dry Nose

Again like yourself,  your Frenchie may develop allergies to all kinds of items, from particular food types, dishes or toys, and including household cleaning products.

Another key cause of the dry nose in your Frenchie is plastic, such as plastic on food and plastic water bowls. Almost half of the dogs have some type of allergic response to plastics.

If you are dealing with your Frenchie having a dry nose and your dog is exposed to a plastic item then try to remove the plastics from your French Bulldogs living area.

Your Frenchie should be eating from stainless steel or ceramic dishes. This will help remove possible allergy issues and is simple to clean.


Owners have had concerned that their Frenchie’s nasal membrane and nose will be dry when they wake up from their nap. But having a dry nose after they wake up is very normal.

Your Frenchie will stop licking their nose while they sleep. This prevents the normal continuous flow of moisture onto the nose your Frenchie would normally be applying.

Within 10 minutes of your French Bulldog waking up, their nose should be completely back to its normal moist self.

Not Drinking Enough Water And Dry Nose In Dogs

When your Frenchie does not drink enough water, it will become dehydrated. This can be a real problem since their dry nose will crack.

Other parts of the body like the kidneys and other systems may be damaged, closed down, and causing your Frenchie to go into shock.

You must provide a fresh, clean water supply for your French Bulldog at all times. Chronic dry nose, or nose with scarring or lesions, should be taken to your veterinarian’s to be treated.

Old Age And Dry Nose In Dogs

Older dogs will most likely have a drier nose. This comes with age, like greying hair and facial wrinkles. It is nothing to stress about, but you could always put some dog-safe ointment on their nose to help maintain its moister.

My Frenchies Nose Is Dry

French Bulldogs are a Brachycephalic Breed

Dogs with short snouts, such as French Bulldogs and Pugs, also have trouble licking their nose. You will need to use a moisturiser to help keep it moist.

Hyperkeratosis And Dry Nose In Dogs

The skin on the exterior of your Frenchie’s nose produces specific protein keratin; occasionally the keratin will develop too fast, leaving your French Bulldogs nose dry and crusty.

If left unchecked, it can damage your Frenchie’s sense of smell and cause significant suffering. In much more serious situations, sores and significant crusty growth will develop on your French Bulldogs nose.

Almost all dogs could have nasal Hyperkeratosis at some stage in their life. Check for damaged or cracked, rough skin on your Frenchies nose.

Extreme cases could develop into a horny cracked growth; such growth would be hard to the touch and could grow up to half an inch out of your French Bulldogs nose.

If you think you’ve identified Hyperkeratosis on your Frenchies nose, you’ll want to know the root problem, since it is often a sign of a more severe health problem including:

GeneticCanine distemper
Zinc DeficiencyPemphigus Foliaceus

Can It Be Treated

Moisturizing your Frenchie’s dry skin can be an effective therapy, but for their nose, it is recommended to be using a natural moisturizer such as CBD-based shea butter for dogs.

Bear in mind that once this disease progresses, and it doesn’t seem to go away, it will mean you’re going to have to manage it for life.

Dry Nose Remedy’s

Whatever is causing your Frenchie’s dry nose, you can assist them by constantly using a dog-friendly moisturizer until their nose looks a lot better.

Olive oil

All you need is a small amount of olive oil, ensuring you rub it softly into your Frenchie’s nose until it has been completely absorbed.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is known to be among the best dog-friendly and organic moisturizers you can use. It can return moisture to the dry, damaged nose of your Frenchie. Just use coconut oil which is 100 % natural. Make sure to selected cold-pressed, organic and unprocessed.

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