My French Bulldog Is Not Drinking – What To Do

My French Bulldog Is Not Drinking - What To Do 1

My French Bulldog Is Not Drinking: Dehydration is a problematic situation for both people and dogs. This is because water is such a crucial element for a multitude of the body’s main processes, namely digestion, circulation, and waste removal from the body.

As a Frenchie owner, very few things are more unsettling than when your French Bulldog refuses to drink water. Especially if it has been over a day or two. The three main factors seem to be Anxiety, Illness, or aging.

How Much Water Should My Dog Be Drinking

Dog WeightAmount Of Water Needed
11 lb / 5 kg300 ml
22 lb / 10 kg600 ml
33 lb / 15 kg900 ml
44 lb / 20 kg1,200 ml
55 lb / 25 kg1,500 ml
66 lb / 30kg1,800 ml
77 lb / 35 kg2,100 ml
88 lb / 40 kg2,400 ml
99 lb / 45 kg2,700 ml
110 lb / 50 kg3,000 ml

Dog Dehydration

Dehydration in French Bulldogs is quite common but is a life-threatening condition. It is the consequence of not drinking sufficient water and electrolytes. It needs urgent veterinary treatment.

When left unchecked, dehydration may lead to severe organ failure and death.

If you’re concerned that your Frenchie might be dehydrated, call your veterinarian as soon as you can.

The signs of dehydration in you Frenchie:

LethargySunken eyes
WeaknessDry gums
Your Dog Collapse’sLoss of skin elasticity

Having your Frenchie drink a lot of water is typically inadequate to account for the significant amount of fluid they are missing if they suffer from the above internal issues.

You must seek veterinary attention if your Frenchie displays any variations in their urination or drinking habits.

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Dehydration Treatment

When your vet believes that your French Bulldog is dehydrated, they will conduct a full set of tests. This aims to determine the seriousness of dehydration and determine the potential source of dehydration.

The cause can be apparent, like an upset stomach or heat exhaustion.

However, you might only sense that your Frenchie is just not acting normal in certain situations. Your veterinarian would probably prescribe certain examinations, such as blood and urine samples, x-rays, and ultrasound scanning.

The most successful way to address dehydration is to put your Frenchie on an IV drip. This would restore any fluids that have already been lost and will avoid further dehydration. Another method of rehydrating your Frenchie is administering fluid underneath the skin to create a fluid lump. 

This fluid would then be consumed over a couple of hours. Even so, it’s much less effective in resolving dehydration than an IV drip and is only appropriate for mild forms.

Oral rehydration methods may also be used, but these are only helpful if your French Bulldog can still drink and hold the liquid down. Depending on your Frenchies symptoms, antibiotics, anti-sickness drugs, and pain medication may also be needed.

You must discuss the appropriate course of action for your French Bulldog with your veterinarian.

My French Bulldog Is Not Drinking - What To Do
french bulldog water bowl

Anxiety Can Cause Your Dog To Not Drink

Like people, dogs feel anxiety. It’s a completely natural reaction, even though it’s uncomfortable. Dog anxiety can affect many breeds and can impact each dog differently.

While it is something that all dogs feel from period to period, if high anxiety levels are left untreated, the dog may form an anxiety disorder. 

Separation anxiety is the most common form of anxiety and affects about 15 percent of all dogs.

A French Bulldog experiencing separation anxiety will not seek solace when left by themselves or separated from their family members.

This anxiety also manifests in unhealthy habits, not drinking or eating, urinating and pooping in the home, damaging belongings and plants, and barking.

We could not find a video of a Frenchie not Drinking, but this is funny 🙂 french bulldog puppy not drinking water

The signs of Anxiety in you Frenchie

So how do you tell me if your Frenchie has anxiety? There are a variety of significant signs to watch out for:

Not Drinking or EatingAggression
Urinating or defecatingDrooling
Destructive behaviorDepression
Excessive barkingRestlessness

Dog Anxiety Treatment

The easiest way to handle your Frenchies’ anxiety is to chat with your vet. Your vet will help you determine the type of anxiety your Frenchie is suffering from and the potential causes and stimuli.

Your veterinarian may also rule out any health issues that could worsen the symptoms of your French Bulldog.

Your vet will come up with a course of treatment. Since extreme anxiety often is triggered by several causes, the ideal way to treat it is typically through a mixture of training, prevention measures, and, in some instances, medication.


There’s a whole variety of training techniques that you can use to combat your dog’s anxiety. Counter-conditioning is one way.

The aim of reconditioning is to adjust the reaction that your Frenchie has in situations that causes its anxiety, typically by replacing anxiety or aggression with more positive actions, such as lying down or concentrating on yourself.

Anxiety Medications

If your Frenchie develops a severe anxiety condition, your vet can prescribe drugs. SSRIs and antidepressants are usually administered for anxious dogs, particularly fluoxetine or clomipramine.

Disease and Illness Can Cause Your Dog To Not Drink

Some health issues may cause your Frenchies thirst to vary significantly. In some situations, diabetes and kidney disease conditions can cause a dog’s water appetite to decrease entirely.

Infection with the bladder or urinary tract may also cause a reduction in thirst. But if you don’t think your Frenchie can drink its water due to disease. Then you should contact your vet immediately.

Aging Can Cause Your Dog To Not Drink

An elderly Frenchie can also stop drinking water simply because it takes far too much energy to get to the water source. And also that the awareness of thirst might be declining along with their appetite.

Older French Bulldogs needless activity and are not as thirsty as younger dogs could be. Even so, older dogs have to maintain sufficient hydration, so if drinking seems to be a problem, changing to wet food can help.

As always, consult your veterinarian before adjusting your Frenchies food.

How To Encourage Your Frenchie To Drink

My French Bulldog Is Not Drinking

Your French Bulldog should be drinking daily. If it doesn’t occur, there are a few things you can do to encourage your Frenchie to drink water:

Clean water bowl: It’s worth making sure your Frenchie’s water bowl is clean. It’s easy to do, but it could encourage them to start drinking again.
Position: Even adjusting the location of the water bowl will often work.
Wet food: Another idea is to blend wet dog food with water. And if your Frenchie doesn’t drink from the bowl, it will happily drink water whenever it’s mixed with food.
Type water bowl: Try and avoid metallic water bowls as your Frenchie could be afraid of the sound. If necessary, use a heavy glass bowl.
Contact vet: If your French Bulldog still will not drink water or they are struggling from illness. Then you must notify your veterinarian as quickly as practicable.

In case of illness, proper hydration is vital to the healing process, and it is also vital that your Frenchie receives professional support.

Do French Bulldogs Have Health Problems

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