Why Does My French Bulldog Chew Their Paws?

Why Does My French Bulldog Chew Their Paws? 1

Why does my French Bulldog bite their feet: The most common answer to “Why do French Bulldogs chew their paws? ” Is allergies! Other likely culprits to your Frenchie’s chewing can signify a food allergy. Especially when their new chewing or licking hobby corresponds with a seasonal change, this will give you a hint that an environmental allergen, like pollen, mold, or mildew, could trigger behavior.

Allergies And Biting Feet

When you find that your Frenchie is chewing or licking its paws constantly after a stroll outside, it could be an allergic reaction to something in your environment – grass, chemicals, or seeds. Understanding the main source of itchiness can be a very challenging procedure.

It might take extraordinary detective work to determine what your Frenchie is allergic to. So it’s better to get a blood test done by your vet so that you can address the source of the problem instead of just giving your French Bulldog an anti-histamine to mask the symptom.

When you expect a yeast infection, it is generally caused by a bad diet. The best cure for chewing and licking their paws is to adjust your Frenchies’ food and ask your vet for guidance.

Your Veterinarian may conduct allergy tests on your Frenchie, but it is far more common to pursue an elimination diet to decide what your dog is sensitive to.

It comprises feeding your French Bulldog a restricted diet of specific products to decide if their symptoms improve when the usual culprits are excluded.

Try to ensure you offer better quality food complete with nutrients and vitamins, which are important to the intestine and the skin.

Your French Bulldog may also be allergic to household cleaners that you use in your home. If you believe this may cause a reaction, switch products to see if your Frenchies’ symptoms improve.

Ensure that your house is free of dust and mold, which can also cause issues.

Grass/Weeds and PollenRinse water and food containers regularly. Don’t let your French Bulldog go into the back garden during the high pollen season and straight after you mowed the lawn. Wipe your Frenchies’ feet with a wet wipe after a stroll to avoid more irritation.
FoodIngredients that trigger food allergies include beef, chicken, pork, maize, wheat, and soy.  Your Frenchie could also be allergic to artificial ingredients in food.

Get a food allergy test done by your vet. Resist inexpensive processed foods and aim to feed your Frenchie with an all-natural diet.
Dust and Dust MitesVacuum often or restrict your Frenchie to areas that a devoid of carpet. Every week wash your french Bulldog’s bedding.
Insecticidal ShampooIf you think this is the trigger, stop using it.
Prescription DrugsPlease talk to your vet. They should be able to recommend a new brand.

Anxious And Biting Feet

If your Frenchie suffers from anxiety, they may also find comfort by chewing or licking themselves excessively. The causes of such anxiety may vary from separation anxiety to obsessive-compulsive disorders. Paw-licking or chewing is similar to human nail-biting in this way.

Try to figure out what is making your French Bulldog feel anxious.
It can be attributed to phobia (e.g., loud noises, strange people, other animals brought into their living areas, or even a change in schedule or separation).

Some aged-related problems can impact your Frenchie, which can develop into anxiety when they get older due to a decline in reasoning and cognition.

You may witness other signs such as heavy panting, urinating, defecating, becoming aggressive, barking, or crying.
Talk to a vet or behaviorist if you believe your Frenchie may be suffering from anxiety.

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Injury And Biting Feet

When your dog unexpectedly begins scratching and chewing its feet, it could be due to injury or other wounds. Injuries such as scratches and puncture wounds may contribute to your Frenchies chewing and licking their paws. On top of this, scrapes, burns, torn claws, and ingrown hair can cause chewing too.  

Spontaneous chewing may also be attributed to something stuck between their footpads—objects like stones and thorns. If your Frenchie licks and chews its paws mostly during the winter, the cause could be freeze-thaw salts or painful paws affected by ice balls.

Deicing Salts: these salts are used to melt the ice on the driveways, sidewalks, and roads, resulting in chemical burns on your French Bulldog’s paws.

Ensure to avoid places coated with deicing salts, or make sure you have some dog boots that they can wear when you’re out in the snow. Keep a container of warm water and a towel close to the door so you can wash their feet as they come inside.
Ice Balls: Ice balls develop between the toe pads of your Frenchie when the snow becomes trapped in the hair. This can escalate into splitting, bleeding, and tearing the hair out. Ensure the hair between your Frenchies pads is trimmed and short throughout winter.

Dermatitis And Paw Chewing

Dry skin in dogs can be caused by over-bathing or grooming. If you find flakes of skin throughout your Frenchies’ coat, their skin could be red, bumpy, and itchy. Then your French Bulldog will lick, chew and rub themselves to relieve the discomfort. Overwashing can strip the skin and hair of natural oils, just as it does in people if they wash their hair daily.

Check the labeling on the shampoos you use on your Frenchie – harmful additives or soaps will dry their skin. Consult a professional dog groomer or your vet if you are worried about your Frenchies’ skin or coat.

Dry skin also is common in French Bulldogs living in cold and dry environments. Ask your vet to suggest a natural dog balm or oil reduce skin irritation if that’s the scenario.

If you’re concerned that oils would leave a mess around the house, then supplying them with vitamins and oil supplements is also one of the best treatments for dry skin.

Why does my French bulldog chew his paws
French Bulldog Itchy Paws

Ticks and Fleas And Paw Chewing

Your Frenchie may be sensitive to Ticks and fleas; the discomfort caused by the embedded flea or tick can encourage the French Bulldog to chew and lick itself. The secretion of fleas or ticks triggers an immune reaction that results in an intense “itch” feeling.

Your Frenchie is chewing the site, hoping to eliminate the parasite and hoping to relieve the itch. If you catch them scratching or chewing more frequently than normal, put flea and tick repellent on your Frenchie.

Symptoms Of Dog Chewing Paws

One thing to keep in mind, just because you don’t see our Frenchie chewing or licking their paws does not mean they are not. Your French Bulldog that chews its paws once they’re bored or anxious may not have the urge to do so when you’re present.

Frenchies that have been in trouble in the past for chewing their paws may leave the room to chew. They choose to chew when you’re not around to prevent a repeat.

You must watch closely for the indicators that your Frenchie is chewing its paws. It is particularly true if your French Bulldog is susceptible to stress or boredom or has a pattern of paw chewing. Things to be aware of are :

Paws with red-tinged furSmelly paws
Swollen pawsSkin inflammation
Warm dog pawsOpen wounds
Patches of hair missing

When your Frenchie shows some of these signs, you should bring them to the Veterinarian as early as possible. Look for signs of limping, which can signify a potential health condition.

Why Does My French Bulldog Chew Their Paws? 2
French Bulldog Yeast Infection Paws

When To Worry About Paw Chewing

If your French Bulldog occasionally chews or bites its paws and stops, you have nothing to worry about. Or if you can immediately address the cause and stop them chewing, things should be ok.

If your Frenchie doesn’t stop chewing their paws or has an infection, you might have an issue. The same holds if their chewing causes sores. Again take your Frenchie to the vet as early as possible.

You should intervene before things get more complex. For one, irrespective of the primary cause of your Frenchies chewing their paws raw, subsequent yeast or bacterial infections can increase the issue.

How do I get my French bulldog to stop biting his paws?

How to stop french bulldog licking paws: Frequent trimming and management of your Frenchies’ nails can avoid chewing a broken or split nail. Cutting the long hair inside your French Bulldogs foot pads will help minimize the risk of items attaching to it.

You might even try to persuade your Frenchie to wear shoes on gravel, dirt, or other obstacles which might hurt their paws.

Ensure your French Bulldog is up to date on parasite treatment and ensure they don’t get parasites in the first instance. Besides inducing biting and chewing, numerous parasites have serious diseases.

These could leave your Frenchie ill and even life-threatening. In most cases, your French Bulldog’s preventive medicine should safeguard them from fleas, ticks, and mites reasonably.

If your Frenchies’ excessive chewing is induced by emotional distress, ensure you interact with them regularly.

french bulldog biting feet
How To Get Bulldog To Stop Licking Paws

What can I put on my French bulldogs paws?

Whether your Frenchie has allergies or is dealing with dry skin, use a steam humidifier or moisturizer in your house. The steam adds extra moisture to the hot air and protects the nasal cavity of your Frenchie from blocking up with secretions. Clean your Frenchies’ paws whenever they come in from outside if the allergy is due to something your French Bulldog walks on.
Please give them a 5 min soak created with cool water and an oatmeal shampoo developed for dogs. The water helps to wash allergens, and the cool water temperature relieves skin irritation.Feed your Frenchie a high-quality fish oil supplement rich in omega-3 fats. Fish oil helps strengthen your dog’s immune response and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

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