French Bulldog Pug Mix: The Frug!

French Bulldog Pug Mix: The Frug! 1

French Bulldog Pug Mix: Despite their small stature, their personality more than compensates for this. If you would like to learn more about this mixture and determine whether it has the temperament and appearance you are looking for in your new dog, we can help. In addition, we’ll examine how the visually recognizable features of these dogs impact their overall health.

What is a French Bulldog pug mix called?

Known as the Frug, the combination of a French Bulldog and a Pug is seriously charming. It may sound grumpy from their name, but they are anything but that! This spunky little pup always has a smile on their faces and is filled with affection and love. Despite being extremely adaptable to family homes, their personality requires some preparation before introducing them to your home.

The way your Frug acts will be largely determined by which parent breed he takes after, but you should be aware of some breed characteristics that will appear in him. Due to their mellow dispositions and cuddly natures, and have become one of the most popular designer dog breeds.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the Frug, whether you’re here because you’ve heard about this new canine sensation or you need more information before making a decision.

Where Does the French Bulldog Pug Mix Originate From?

A better understanding of this mix can be obtained by learning about both the parent breeds. French Bulldogs originated in England, which is strange, to say the least. Lacemakers had a particular affinity for small Bulldogs in the 1800s. Many lacemakers moved to France during the Industrial Revolution, taking their dogs along with them.

Various other breeds, including Pugs, were crossed with smaller Bulldogs before acquiring their distinctive bat ears. Henceforth, they were known as Bouledogue Francais. This breed was discovered by Parisians rather quickly. As soon as they became popular, they were associated with city living and café culture. In America, the bat ears became a particular feature of the breed.

Pugs have ancient roots, dating back about 2,000 years. Pug, Pekingese, and Shih Tzu have long been favorite breeds of Chinese emperors who appreciated their distinctive appearances.

As a gift, Emperors used to give Pugs as gifts to their subjects. The Pug became the mascot for the royal House of Orange after Dutch traders returned from China with them in the 1500s. The Pug became popular in England after accompanying William and Mary of Orange.

French Bulldog Pug Cross (FRUG) Temperament

As both parents are friendly, The Frug is bound to be an attention-seeking canine. Despite being small, this breed has been known to cause destruction when left to their own devices, so they may be unsuitable for someone who cannot spend much time with them. As the life and soul of the party, they also hate being left out, so try to avoid leaving your Frug for extended periods so they will not become anxious, which might result in a behavioral issue.

However, this sociable nature comes with the most loyal attitude, so if you are looking for a pet to be your shadow, you have found it with the Frug. Even though they have Brachycephalic syndrome, they have a great set of lungs, meaning they will bark at intruders.

Compared to their parents, they are more energetic than your average Frenchie and more relaxed than their Pug counterparts. There’s going to be a lot of fun and games to be had, and they will love romping in the backyard. Most of the time, you’ll find them napping on the sofa when they are not playing or searching for mischief. As a result, you need to be prepared for your Frug to snore and snuffle as their flat face makes breathing more difficult for him than other dogs. They will rarely allow you to sleep silently when around.

Frugs (French Bulldog Pug Cross) Size And Appearance

In general, the Frug will inherit the perfectly blended face of his parents with the wrinkled hair of their parents and the long ears and large batlike ears of his parents, giving them a cute and cheeky look. They will look adorable with short curly tails and paws. You can expect them to melt everyone’s hearts with wide smiles and round eyes.

They are small in size, weigh between 14 and 28 pounds, and measure between 10 and 13 inches tall. They will be less compact than a Frenchy, though they will be much taller than a Pug.

Does Frugs (Frecnh Bulldog Pug Mix) have health problems?

Conditions such as allergies, respiratory problems, cataracts, and glaucoma should be watched out for. You can look into the health issues of the parent’s breeds of your Frug, and based on their common health issues, and you can take the necessary steps to protect your dog from those illnesses.

Although they are cute, brachycephalic dogs usually suffer from a wide range of health problems. They include the following:

Dental issuesBreathing problems
Obstructed airwaysOverheating
Sensitivity of anesthesiaNarrow nostrils
mix of french bulldog and pug

A dwarfism or mobility issue is a potential issue, but it is rarely seen—other issues concerning their French Bulldog heritage.

EyesHip dysplasia
Patellar luxationCardiac
Juvenile cataractsAutoimmune thyroiditis
french bulldog pug mix

The French Bulldog and Frugs alike have similar problems. Consequently, both breeds are brachycephalic. You may hear French Bulldog and Frugs make noise while breathing, and sometimes they snore and snuffle. At first glance, it appears that they are just having breathing difficulties. In reality, though, there are difficulties for them in obtaining enough oxygen. As a result, their airways are rather compromised. As a result, they tend to overheat quite easily. Make sure that their eyes are checked daily, as pugs can have problems with their eyes. They are also susceptible to skin problems.

However, please remember that getting any health problems from your dog’s parents is not guaranteed. Furthermore, in the long run, it is extremely difficult to predict the health of individual dogs. Hence, the best way to deal with health concerns associated with adorable Frug is to know about it beforehand. 

french bulldog pug mix
french bulldog pug mix

How much exercise does a FRUG (French Bulldog Pug Cross) need?

Frug does not need more than 20 to 40 minutes of daily exercise. A few short walks can suffice. However, Frugs are exuberant animals who love to play when prompted to do so. They enjoy going for walks, running inside, or playing in the dog park but prefer to lounge around at home, watching their humans. 
Aside from chew toys and balls, this breed likes to play with squeaky toys. Due to this, Frugs prefer mild to cool climates. Owners should monitor their Frugs temperatures if it’s particularly hot outside.

How much do FRUG ( French Bulldog Pug mix ) puppies cost?

Frug puppies can cost up to $2500 and start at $1200 for the French Bulldog Pug mix. Designer dog breeds like this are some of the most popular and exorbitantly priced around.

The Frug breed dogs do not have their own pedigree papers, but they will likely come with health guarantees that have been performed following ethical breeding practices. Having your pup’s parents thoroughly checked will help you know that there are no known health problems in your pup.

When buying a puppy from a reputable breeder, you’ll often get the chance to visit the puppy’s home, see how it’s cared for, and meet its parents and siblings. This may not always be possible, so you can inquire or request it.

Does a FRUG (French Bulldog Pug mix) shed?

Despite rarely shedding fur, French Pugs mix is not hypoallergenic. They need only be brushed once a week to maintain the glossy and healthy appearance of their short, fine coats. Allergy-prone owners may not want to choose French Bulldog and Pug hybrids.

Is Training A FRUG (French Bulldog Pug mix) Easy?

Due to its genetics, the training process can be difficult for a Frug. Usually, they show a strong tendency to be stubborn. In any case, if you begin training your puppy early, everything will be just fine. Use positive techniques and lots of treats and praise to encourage real obedience. When you train your dog at an early age or as soon as possible, the results will be better, and you will have more success in establishing yourself as a pack leader.

You can learn to train these small and smart dogs as watchdogs around your house, so they will alert you if anything seems suspicious.

Ensure that he is involved in many interesting and fun activities that will boost his energy. This dog should spend 40 minutes per day playing with interesting things.

The Frug is also passionate about amusing and charming its owner, so you can take advantage of that desire to teach your small canine friend an interesting trick, like walking backward. It is possible to give him commands like ‘stay’ and ask them to come near you in response to this. Treats and extra love are only appropriate when they respond correctly to your command. When training, consistency and calmness are crucial.


Because flat-faced dogs such as French Bulldogs and Pugs have inherent health difficulties, any mixed breed puppy could also suffer from these difficulties. This should be taken into consideration. The designer dog adores children and big families and attention from the owner. French bulldog and Pug mixes are an excellent option if you’re indecisive about which breed to get. 

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