French Bulldog x Poodle: Everything You Need to Know

French Bulldog x Poodle: Everything You Need to Know 1

French Bulldog x PoodleHaving traits similar to the French Bulldog and Poodle, the French Boodle combines intelligence and charm with poise and humor. People-pleasers, this breed does not like being left alone and enjoys being around humans. French Boodles is an excellent choice for families with small children because they will keep them occupied for hours on end, no matter what they’re up to.

Ideally, French Boodles should be athletic and lean with a compact body. They have a charming appearance, dark brown eyes, and bat-like ears on some pups. French Boodles have various fur colors, including fawn, black, and white, to mention a few.

What Does French Bulldog Cross Poodle (French Boodle) Look Like?

It is difficult to predict what each French Boodle puppy will look like as it grows because the breed has not yet established a uniform appearance. These babies typically weigh between seven and eleven kilograms and measure between 30 and 38 centimeters. The Poodle may have a longer muzzle and a snub-nose, similar to the Frenchie, or a brachycephalic appearance, similar to the Frenchie.

Many French Bulldog Poodle mixes will have the characteristic ‘bat ears’ associated with the Frenchie, but others will have ears that hang close to their faces. A glimpse into the busy minds of these pups can be seen in their dark, round and expressive eyes. They tend to have relatively compact bodies with noticeable muscle tissue. Their chests are barrel-shaped, and their limbs are quite straight. Unlike their Frenchie parents, they usually have a very slender, medium-length tail, like a Poodle.

This breed can have a short, smooth, or slightly scruffy coat. Their coats will require minimum maintenance, should shed little (if any), and require minimal grooming. Fawn, brindle, black, brown, and white fur are just a few of the many possible colors. Some have solid colors, but most will have coats that have two or more colors.

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What Is The Personality And Temperament Of The French Bulldog Poodle Cross (Boodle)?

French Boodles is a friendly and boisterous dog who enjoys socializing with others. Often bold and confident, these pups enjoy having guests over. They are not afraid to show off and play around when visitors come. Playing with children inside and outside the home particularly appeals to them, and they never get bored of being around children.

Boodles who suffer separation anxiety may develop destructive behaviors and become depressed. Others can become overly dependent on their loved ones, and if left alone, they may find it difficult to adjust. Therefore, it is not recommended that French Boodles be taken on by families that will be out for most of the day.

Although the French Boodle has a keen sense of when someone new is entering the house, they tend to be too friendly to warn them away and are more likely to make friends with the newcomers! In light of this, I would not recommend this as a guard dog. It makes sense to supervise a French Boodle when around children since they are quite small, even though they make great companions for children.

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French Bulldog Poodle Mix (French Boodle) Common Health Issues

Like the Poodle and the French Bulldog, the French Boodle can suffer from genetic issues. However, the French Bulldog Poodle mix has less likelihood of developing any of these disorders due to being a crossbreed and having more genetic diversity than its purebred relatives. Following are a few of the things you should look out for as a Poodle Bulldog mix owner:

Brachycephalic SyndromeHip Dysplasia
Patellar LuxationUrolithiasis
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French Bulldog Poodle Mix (French Boodle) Activity Requirements

It is no stranger to French Boodle pet owners to know that these dogs like pleasing their humans. Although they are a low-maintenance breed, doodles are a very high-energy breed as far as exercise is concerned. Most of the physical activity they need is during playtime. A few short walks can do the rest, serving as potty breaks during the day. If your dog has a flatter face, it should engage in less strenuous exercise.

Does French Boodles shed?

About 10% of the American population is allergic to dogs, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. As such, the question of whether any dog breed is hypoallergenic is a valid one. French Boodles are not allergy-friendly. 

It is common for pets to shed their hair, including breeds such as French Boodles. Also, all dogs’ saliva contains allergens, and all dogs shed their hair. If you or one of your loved ones suffers from severe allergies, a French Boodle is unsafe in your home.

Is French Boodles Hypoallergenic?

The parent they inherit that trait from determines whether a French Bulldog-Poodle mix sheds. A Poodle is hypoallergenic and not prone to shedding, while French Bulldogs shed considerably. A French Boodle puppy that doesn’t shed or is hypoallergenic will not be possible.

French Bulldog and Poodle crosses can result in less shedding French Boodle puppies, but if your dog sheds, you should be prepared to vacuum them and clean up after them as soon as possible.

Feeding A French Bulldog Poodle mix?

French Bulldog Poodle mixes don’t need any specially formulated commercial food regarding their diet. Food allergies are not a problem for them either. Choose a food appropriate for the size and activity level of your French Bulldog Poodle mix. It might be a good idea to ask your vet for a recommendation, or you might consider choosing a brand that’s AAFCO-approved.

Your French Bulldog-Poodle mix might benefit from meals prepared by you. You should ensure to include a variety of vegetables and a sufficient amount of protein. Fiber is also important for your mix of French Bulldogs and Poodles.

Training the French Bulldog Poodle mix (French Boodle)?

Despite being highly intelligent, this French Bulldog Poodle mix can sometimes be stubborn. Therefore, you’ll need to engage the curiosity of the French Bulldog Poodle mix during the training process.

Your Boodle should be motivated to train by making it fun for them. Use rewards and positive reinforcement to motivate. French Bulldogs and Poodle mixes must never be scolded, discouraging them from participating in training.

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