Can My French Bulldog Eat Oranges – Must Learn This!

French Bulldog Orange

Yes, French Bulldogs can eat the fleshy part of oranges.

While dogs may not like the taste of oranges due to their acidity, oranges are full of vitamin C and potassium, and fiber. Because commercial dog food is nutritionally balanced, your Frenchie shouldn’t require supplementation of any of these nutrients, but if they beg for it, you can give it to them in small amounts.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Oranges Safely?

All breeds, sizes, and ages of dogs can safely consume oranges. However, some dogs with health problems should avoid them.

For example, French Bulldogs with diabetes and obesity should not be fed oranges. It is not inherently bad for dogs to consume the natural sugar found in oranges if they do not have diabetes, but too much sugar can cause excess calories if they are fed in large amounts.

Some Frenchies may have stomach upset due to oranges’ natural sugar and acidity. It is advisable only to give your French Bulldog a small piece of orange the first time to prevent this. Giving oranges to dogs with sensitive gastrointestinal systems (GI) is not recommended.

Make sure that your Frenchies daily calorie intake is not exceeded by the treats he eats, so adjust meal portions accordingly.

Why Are Oranges Good For French Bulldogs?

In addition to being safe to feed your Frenchie, oranges have a few health benefits:

Great Source of Dietary Fiber: Your French Bulldog will benefit from oranges’ dietary fiber, which helps keep their stomachs full and helps improve their digestion. Additionally, the fiber helps keep the natural sugars from getting into their systems too quickly.
Full of Vitamin C: French Bulldogs naturally produce vitamin C on their own, so adding it to their diet isn’t necessary. However, it’s a good idea to add a supplement to their diet to ensure they get enough vitamin C. Some dogs may not be able to create sufficient vitamin C due to liver disease or metabolic conditions.
Potassium: The normal functioning of your dog’s kidneys depends on this mineral. Additionally, it contributes to the efficient functioning of hearts, muscles, and digestive systems.
Manganese: Ensures that bones and cartilage are healthy. Through the metabolism of carbs and protein also supports your dog’s energy levels by producing fatty acids. In addition to fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and eggs, manganese is found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Can Oranges Be Bad For French Bulldogs?

There aren’t any ill effects from feeding your French Bulldog oranges. However, you should avoid overdoing it to avoid some unpleasant side effects.

A Frenchie’s digestion can become upset if they consume too much fiber, which oranges provide in abundance. Ideally, start with a small piece of orange and pay attention to how much you feed your dog. If your French Bulldog has a sensitive stomach or has had digestive problems in the past, start with a smaller piece.

The second reason is that oranges contain natural sugars. But oranges may not be the best treat for a French Bulldog if he or she has diabetes, as even small amounts of sugar can cause an adverse reaction. However, as long as your Frenchie is healthy, this should not be a problem.

Fruit is generally not a good choice for dogs, so avoid giving them too much. Moderation and proper serving size are key. A wedge or two of oranges in a single sitting is enough to give your French Bulldog and watch for any adverse reactions. It is generally recommended that small dogs eat only one-third of an orange, while larger dogs may be able to consume a whole orange if it is divided into smaller portions. To be certain, check with your veterinarian about the amount of orange you can give your particular Frenchie.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Mandarins, Clementines, and Tangerines?

Oranges, mandarins, clementines, and tangerines all follow oranges’ same rules and guidelines. Mandarins are orange-shaped citrus fruits that are flat on both ends and have a sweeter taste than typical navel oranges. The tangerines and clementines are both hybrids of the mandarin. French Bulldogs can all be eaten as long as they are peeled, have the seeds removed, and are limited in their intake.

Oranges tend to be sourer than clementines and tangerines, so if your dog is diabetic and shouldn’t consume foods that spike their blood sugar, use caution with these fruits. A smaller dog should not receive more than half the fruit or a whole fruit for a larger pet.

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Can My French Bulldog Drink Orange Juice?

Possibly. Though it isn’t recommended. Despite being high in natural sugar, orange juice is highly acidic. Orange juice is acidic, and over time, this acid can wear down tooth enamel. French Bulldog should generally avoid sugar.

You need only give your Frenchie water to keep him hydrated.

You don’t have to worry if your French Bulldog drank some orange juice. Your dog may have a tummy ache for a few hours after she ingests orange juice in large quantities. 

The fresh orange juice has less sugar than some commercially available drinks, and if giving you, Frenchie should be used over the commercially available.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Orange Peels?

Orange peels can be difficult for French Bulldogs to digest despite not being toxic. Orange slices without seeds or rind are the only type of orange slices your Frenchie should eat, not orange peel.


Your Frenchie should be able to get all the vitamins it needs with a well-balanced diet approved by your veterinarian. The addition of citrus fruit to your French Bulldog’s diet isn’t needed, but a slice here or there won’t hurt.

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