Can French Bulldogs Eat Tomatoes? Must Learn This!

French Bulldog Eat Tomato

Yes, they can. However, there are some big exceptions and some things you need to know before you give your French Bulldog tomatoes. Tomatoes are part of the nightshade family, and they contain a number of chemicals highly toxic in high quantities. Dogs can be poisoned by eating unripened tomatoes, especially if they get into gardens with them.

It is generally safe for dogs to eat plain, ripe tomatoes that have no stems or leaves, but you must consult your veterinarian before giving your French Bulldog human food.

What Health benefits of Tomatoes for French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs can benefit greatly from the health benefits offered by tomatoes, which are rich in nutrients and fibre.

Some Of These Benefits Include
Better Immunity: The skin of tomatoes contains a phytochemical called lycopene, which produces their signature red color. In addition to ensuring that blood, muscle, nerve, and heart cells are protected from harmful free radicals, this plant nutrient also helps to protect them from harmful free radicals. This substance promotes healthy bones and prevents heart attack and stroke.
Improved Eyesight: Many vision-related problems occur as the result of a diet lacking vitamin A. Tomatoes are high in vitamins A and beta-carotene, two nutrients that help delay macular degeneration and lower eye-related problems. Beta-carotene is also a potent antioxidant that protects the skin and coat from oxidative damage.  
Cardiovascular Health: Moreover, tomatoes contain a lot of potassium, which can help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as stabilize neural function and regulate blood sugar levels. As well as being rich in iron, tomatoes contain a large amount of vitamin K that helps prevent blood clots and soluble fiber, which aids digestion and regular bowel movements.
Healthy Coat And Skin: Healthy coats and skin, a strong immune system, and strong bones and muscles are all advantages of vitamin C and vitamin A found in tomatoes.

When served in moderation, raw, mature, ripe tomatoes are safe for your French Bulldog to eat. And as it is actually an excellent source of beneficial vitamins and minerals, therefore some dog foods use tomato pomace as an ingredient.

How are Tomatoes Bad for French Bulldogs?

Unripe tomatoes contain a toxic substance called solanine, which is found in green tomato parts, including stems and vines. Their solanine content is usually small and won’t harm dogs. The problem arises when they are eaten in large quantities. 

Symptoms of Tomato Solanine Poisoning in Dogs?

Symptoms of tomato toxicity will appear more rapidly in your dog depending on how much tomato plant he consumes.  Generally, toxicity symptoms are observed only after large quantities of the tomato plant’s green parts are consumed. Nevertheless, if you have a small Frenchie or puppy, a small amount may be enough to cause toxicity.

Symptoms include:

Loss of appetiteWeakness
ConfusionBehavioral change

Immediately contact your veterinarian if you believe your French Bulldog has eaten any green parts of the tomato plant. The prognosis of a full recovery is excellent because tomato plant toxicity is considered mild. In the case of your Frenchie experiencing what is commonly seen as gastrointestinal upset, supportive therapies such as fluids will help your French Bulldog recover well.

Veterinary intervention is required if the symptoms are more severe or if your French bulldog acts abnormally. In most cases, your Frenchie will recover without long term effects once the toxin has made its way out of their system. 

You should not grow tomato plants around or in your home if your French Bulldog may get in contact with them. Your Frenchie should not be able to reach your plant if it is in a pot and off the ground. If you plan to grow this plant in your garden, make sure it is fenced in so your French Bulldog cannot chew on it or eat it.

How Should Your Serve Tomatoes To Your French Bulldog?

Make sure you choose ripe, red tomatoes that are free of stems, leaves, and vines if your vet tells you it is okay to serve tomatoes to your French Bulldog. Do not add salt to the food, as dogs are sensitive to salt. Serve them fresh. Ensure you know where the tomatoes come from, so you can keep your Frenchie safe from pesticides and herbicides.

Check the ingredient list of any tomato-based product your French Bulldog is served, such as sauce or soup. It’s always safer to use fresh tomatoes than you prepare yourself though.

Sensitive stomachs should be taken into account. Tomatoes could trigger your French Bulldog’s digestive issues if he or she has had stomach sensitivity in the past. Instead of tomatoes, consider other vegetables that are more dog-friendly and less acidic.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Tomatoes? Must Learn This! 1

Can French Bulldogs Eat Cooked Tomatoes?

Tomato sauces prepared from cooked tomatoes may be safe to eat, but be cautious that they haven’t been made with any other dangerous ingredients. Don’t give your Frenchie garlic or onion, which are common ingredients in sauces, or spicy foods, such as salt and pepper, which might upset his stomach.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Tomato Ketchup or Sauce?

Aside from being full of salt, sugar, and artificial flavors, tomato sauce, ketchup, soups, and juices don’t seem to be the healthiest for dogs. Sauce based on tomato probably won’t harm your dog if it is consumed in small amounts.
The majority of concerns would lie with the garlic and onion flavors added by manufacturers. Garlic and onions both belong to the Allium family of plants, which have a toxic effect on dogs.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Canned Tomatoes?

The sodium content of canned tomatoes is very high. This high amount of salt can lead to dehydration in large amounts. If you feed tomatoes, make sure they are ripe and fresh. You should watch out for signs of tomato poisoning in French Bulldogs, such as increased urination, excessive thirst, fever, and nausea.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Sun Dried Tomatoes?

You should not feed your French Bulldog sun-dried tomatoes that contain other ingredients (such as garlic and onions). Adding one or two finely chopped pieces to your Frenchies food or feeding them directly from the jar is okay if there is nothing harmful in the ingredients. Nevertheless, you should only feed your French Bulldog a little every other day. Two or three pieces should be sufficient unless your veterinarian recommends otherwise.


It’s important to give your French Bulldogs extra TLC when handling tomatoes. Following the suggested directions will allow your Frenchie to enjoy ripe tomatoes along with you. To share tomatoes with your French Bulldog or to discuss any other food you want to share with your pet, contact your veterinarian. Nutritional advice can be given to you by your Frenchies veterinarian.

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