Why Is My French Bulldog Losing So Much Hair – What To Do!

Why Is My French Bulldog Losing So Much Hair

Your French Bulldog losing hair may become a concern if it appears that their shedding is beyond what is normally expected of their particular breed.

The French Bulldog’s short, smooth coat does not shed as often as other dogs, although they are expected to shed their undercoat twice a year, seasonally during the spring and fall.

If your French Bulldog losing fur occurs outside of this period and produces bald spots or thin areas in its coat, this could be for several reasons ranging from:

ParasitesAn underlying health condition or disease

There are some home remedies available to treat your Frenchie’s hair loss, but it is imperative to determine the cause of your French Bulldog losing hair before moving forward with treatment.

Some hair loss cases can be severe and will require both medical diagnosis and treatment.

While a French Bulldog losing hair rapidly can be alarming, the best thing that a dog owner can do is be prepared to know what they are looking for to best treat their pet.

So Why is my French Bulldog losing so much hair?

The most common reason for hair loss in dogs is parasites and allergies. While stress and some other health issues may cause hair loss in dogs, these are typically issues that occur in older, larger breeds.

Hair loss due to Allergies

Your French Bulldog losing fur could be caused by an allergic reaction, the most common trigger for hair loss in dogs.

Like humans, dogs can be susceptible to several allergens, each producing its effect. Most dogs are allergic to flea bites, with the severity varying in each dog.

The constant licking or biting of affected areas can cause your French Bulldog’s skin to become inflamed and irritated, resulting in bald spots and patches.

Hair loss from allergies can also be caused by shampoo or other topical solutions; rashes and hair loss that occur from such a reaction usually show up within hours of exposure.
Food allergies or environmental allergies may also cause your French Bulldog to develop unhealthy, itchy, or irritated skin, resulting in a shorter or thinner coat. Your Frenchie can develop an allergy to a food or environmental condition over time, so such an allergy may be difficult to discern as it occurs.
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Hair loss due to Parasites

Parasites are another potential culprit for your French Bulldog losing hair in large or unnatural quantities.

Beyond fleas, lice, ticks, and mites are other external parasites that can cause hair loss as they irritate your Frenchie and cause biting, itching, or scratching.

Ringworm is a particularly contagious external parasite that causes hair loss in your dog and can spread to humans.

Despite its name, a ringworm is not a worm but a fungus that lives in the outermost layer of your dog’s skin and hair follicles. The infection presents itself in a ring or circle patch of hair loss.
A French Bulldog losing fur can also be attributed to internal parasites, as an infection of this manner often causes malnutrition in dogs. The primary internal parasites dog owners should be aware of are roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and giardia.

These parasites disrupt your dog’s digestive or intestinal tracts, depriving your dog of valuable nutrition necessary to keep its skin and fur coat healthy.
french bulldog bald spots on back

Hair loss due to Other Health Conditions

Uncommon conditions that may result in your French Bulldog losing fur may be from stress or other underlying health issues.

Hyperadrenocorticism, also known as “Cushing’s Disease,” is a condition wherein a dog may produce excess cortisol in its body, resulting in hair loss.

Dogs that experience hypothyroidism may also be prone to losing fur and having bald spots. These are more serious conditions that require medical attention and diagnosis.

Stress is another possible contributing factor to your French Bulldog losing hair.

Travel, environmental changes, or any other significant life change or alteration may cause such stress in your French Bulldog that it begins to shed or lose fur at a concerning pace.

What are symptoms of hair loss in my French Bulldog?

Some of the most common symptoms of significant hair loss in your French Bulldog will likely be connected to your dog’s skin.

Pay attention if you begin to notice patches of redness or inflammation on your dog’s skin in areas where hair loss occurs.

A dog presenting serious hair loss may also have itchy skin that appears scaly or even discolored. Dandruff may also be present in a dog’s coat experiencing abnormal hair loss.

You may notice that your French Bulldog losing fur is shedding more than usual, and the fur may even appear dry or brittle.

Dry or brittle fur is especially common in a dog suffering from ringworm which causes the fur to fall out as the fungus spreads.

If your French Bulldog is experiencing a more severe case of hair loss, the texture and volume of its coat will most likely see these changes.

If your French Bulldog is losing hair or fur, behaviors to watch out for may be increased itching or biting of the skin.

A dog going through the discomfort of a condition that is causing hair loss may also begin to groom more frequently, to the point of causing damage to the coat and skin in some cases.

French Bulldog Hair Loss
french bulldog puppy hair loss

What can I do at home to help my French Bulldog

Certain steps that a dog owner can take to help their French Bulldog if they see hair loss occurring will be determined by the extent of hair loss, its severity, and verifying the cause of hair loss.

For a French Bulldog experiencing hair loss due to increased dryness and itchiness, several topical solutions are available to dog owners that are easy and cheap to perform.

Bathing your Frenchie is one way to wash away potential allergens and clean your dog’s skin. An oatmeal bath made with plain, sugar-free oatmeal is a popular way to soothe your dog’s dry skin and help wash away irritants or allergens.

Other topical solutions to soothe and clean your Frenchie’s fur and skin include introducing coconut oil, baking soda pastes, aloe vera, or even tea baths.
Suppose you believe your French Bulldog losing hair results from an external parasite. In that case, a common, natural solution is to spray your dog’s coat with apple cider vinegar or white vinegar mixed with water.

Fleas and other external parasites such as lice, ticks, and mites may find this mixture to be toxic or unpleasant; however, dog owners must be careful not to use this mixture on any open cuts, wounds, or sores that may be present on irritated skin as this will hurt your dog.

Mixing apple cider vinegar into your dog’s water may also be a good treatment or preventative measure. This remedy aims to make your dog skinless appetizing parasites such as fleas, ticks, mites, or lice.
Another internal dietary measure dog owners can take is to introduce plain yogurt into their dog’s diet to promote good gut health.

What can my vet do?

There may inevitably be a case with your French Bulldog losing fur that you will have to take your Frenchie in to see a veterinarian, both to determine the cause of your dog’s hair loss as well as to provide treatment.

A veterinarian will need to evaluate your Frenchie to determine its symptoms and proceed with treatment.

Suppose your French Bulldog losing hair is being caused by an allergen or external parasite. In that case, a veterinarian can provide medicine or topical solutions to treat the allergy reaction or rid your dog of the allergenic parasite.

The resolution to assisting your Frenchie in dealing with an internal parasite causing hair loss will be similar.

After examining your Frenchie and determining that your dog has an internal parasite, an experienced veterinarian can offer medicinal treatment with clear follow-up instruction and direction to get rid of these parasites.

Should your Frenchie be experiencing hair loss due to a rare condition such as Cushing’s Disease or hypothyroidism, a veterinarian can prescribe medicines to treat such conditions.

Surgery is also another option to resolve health issues related to these conditions.

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In conclusion

Across many species, hair loss can often be an indicator of poor or declining health. If you notice that your French Bulldog is experiencing abnormal hair loss, the best course of action is to be aware of the many potential causes.

Looking into the best solutions based on your Frenchie’s symptoms will help you feel less alarmed as you look to ease your dog’s discomfort.

Whether your Frenchie is losing hair due to parasites, both external or internal, or is suffering from some other condition, you have the power to help them.

In some cases, it may be necessary to involve a veterinarian, although there are ample resources to comfort your pet naturally and at home, depending on your dog’s circumstances.

However, you choose to help your Frenchie with unusual shedding or hair loss, which will vary depending on several factors. The most important factor will be that your Frenchie is in the care of an invested and loving dog owner.

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