Should You Clean French Bulldogs Ears? – Find Out How!

French Bulldog Clean Ears

Should You Clean French Bulldogs Ears? Yes! Did you realize that it is strongly advised that you check your French Bulldogs’ ears at least once a week as a key component of your Frenchies health care regimen?

In so doing, you can quickly spot any issues, such as infection or ear mites that may require ear cleaning. For most French Bulldogs, having their ears cleaned is only done now and again.

However, this may become a regular job for dogs with floppy ears, dogs that like to swim, or dogs with ongoing allergies.

Because French Bulldogs have large bat-shaped ears, their ear is subjected to many environmental allergens, plant material, grime, and dirt.

Considering that some French bulldogs have a greater propensity to suffer from allergic reactions due to the poor immune responses and brachycephalic features, you should pay heed to the cleaning of their ears and the cleanliness of their folds.

Should You Clean French Bulldogs Ears
Clean Ears! Photo by Spencer Imbrock french bulldog ear wax color

Can You Over Clean your French Bulldogs ears?

Yes. Although it is necessary to clean your Frenchies ears when required, over-cleaning can irritate the ear canal and cause infections. A few French Bulldogs with healthy, clean ears may never have to clean their ears.

Get Your French Bulldog Use To Ear Cleaning.

Remember that some Frenchies may allow you to clean their ears from the first try; others will have to be taught progressively. Patience is required to succeed, and it varies depending on the personality of your French Bulldog. It is also suggested that you ask your vet to demonstrate how to clean French bulldog ears first.

General Ear Cleaning Tips For French Bulldogs

If your Frenchies’ ears are red, swollen, and painful, seek advice from your veterinarian before cleaning. Your French Bulldog may have an ear infection or a broken eardrum.

It is recommended to choose an ear cleaning solution of good quality. Hydrogen peroxide or alcohol cleaners can cause inflammation in the ear canal, particularly if the channel is swollen or ulcerated.

A few ear cleaners possess antibacterial or anti-fungal ingredients that help avoid ear infections. Some filters are also stronger at trying to remove wax. Your Vet can help you determine which solution is right for your Frenchie.

What Tools Do I Need For Cleaning My French Bulldogs ears?

It would be best if you had a few items to clean your French Bulldogs ears effectively: a cotton ball or a gauze, some ear-cleaning solution, and a towel.

It would be best if you did not use cotton-tipped swabs or something with a pointed tip. Such items can push dirt and debris further into your Frenchies ears, causing infections, and may also cause damage to the inner structures of the ear.

There are many natural ear-cleaning remedies for dogs. Some homemade ear-cleaning products can contain dangerous or unpleasant components. Others don’t do a decent job. Nonetheless, veterinary-approved ear-cleaning products are still the best option.

Step-by-Step Guide for Ear Cleaning

1. Place your French Bulldog’s rear end between your legs as you sit on the ground.
2. The ear flap should be lifted vertically and held so that the ear canal can be seen as well as straightened.
3. Then gently but firmly hold the dog’s ear flap with one hand while holding the ear cleaning solution in the other.
4. Pour a little solution into the ears of your Frenchie. Ensure that the ear canal is filled with cleaner. There is nothing wrong if the cleaner spills out. Please do not place the tip of the bottle in your Frenchie’s ear. To minimize the risk of bacteria and yeast, wipe the tip of the container with a clean cotton ball drenched in alcohol if it has come in contact with your dog’s ears.
5. Your Frenchies ear flap should be held vertically with one hand while your other hand should gently massage the ear’s base under the ear entrance for about 30 seconds. While the liquid moves across the horizontal part of the ear canal, you will hear a squishing noise. It assists in removing the debris from the ear canal by loosening and breaking it up with the cleaning solution.
6. Keep wiping the debris from the inside of the ear flap and the upper ear canal with a cotton ball or soft cloth while holding the ear flap.
7. If your Frenchie shakes their head, please allow them to. This process allows the remaining cleaning solution and debris to exit the ear canal and reach the outer opening.
8. Holding the ear flap, removing any loose debris, and cleaning solution from the ear canal using a cotton ball or gauze.
9. If there is any debris or residual cleaning solution in the ear canal, you can remove it with a cotton ball or gauze – go only as deep as your finger can go.
10. It is not advisable to use a cotton tip applicator to remove the solution from the ear canal of your Frenchie. The ear canal will be damaged, and debris could be pushed further into the ear canal.
11. Now, provide your well-behaved Frenchie a treat.
12. Follow the same process with the other ear.
13. Please stop and seek the advice of your veterinarian if your French Bulldog appears to be in distress during the cleaning process.
14. Repeat the cleaning process as often as advised by your veterinarian.

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Infected Ear/Medication After Cleaning for French Bulldogs

1. After cleaning your Frenchies ears, you can use prescription medication right away. Further information about how often medicine should be given and how often drops should be administered can be obtained from your veterinarian.
2. Pull the ear flap straight up from the tip of the ear, revealing the ear canal and straightening out the ear canal.
3. Your veterinarian will tell you how many medication drops to give.
4. Keep the medicine bottle’s tip out of your Frenchie’s ear. If the tip of the container touches the ear of your French Bulldog, wash the tip-off with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball to prevent bacteria or yeast growth.
5. Keeping your ear flap vertical, gently rub under the ear entrance for about 30 seconds while keeping the base of your ear up vertically. In this way, the entire ear canal can be coated with medicine. As the medicine coats the horizontal part of the ear canal, you should hear a ‘squishing’ noise in the ear.
6. Affected parts of the ear flap should be treated with the medication prescribed if they are infected. With your finger, spread the medicine all over.
7. Continue this procedure with the other ear, if necessary.
8. To clean the ear flap, soak a cotton ball with an ear-cleansing solution and wipe off debris or medication.

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How Often Should I Clean My French Bulldogs Ears?

How much you have to clean the ears of your French Bulldog depends on its location, age, and wax production. Twice a month would be perfect for the average Frenchie since a certain amount of natural build-up is beneficial for ear protection. Make sure you’re careful around the eardrum. Dog ear canals are not as simple as people.

When To See Your Vet About Your French Bulldogs Ears.

If you notice any of the following with your French Bulldogs’ ears, consult your Vet before attempting to clean their ears.

Strong odor coming from the ear.Constant ear scratching or shaking of the head.
The ears look red/inflamed or any black/brown or yellow/green discharge.Swelling around the ear or its base.
Crying and whimpering due to discomfort.Loss of balance.
Hearing loss.Strange eye movements.
Or walking in circles or head leaning or tilting.

The ears are very sensitive. If you feel like your French Bulldog could have an issue, don’t hesitate to contact your local Vet. Getting your pet’s ears examined by a vet will enable them to ascertain whether the ear canal is undamaged or whether there is any foreign substance in the ear canal. Vets can also collect a sample for further testing.

Your Vet will identify the cause of the issue and have the appropriate medication and home care plan to manage the condition and keep your Frenchie in good shape.

The following link covers the type of ear infections your French Bulldog may have in more detail. (Otitis Externa in the Dog)

How Often To Bathe French Bulldog With Allergies

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