How Often To Bathe French Bulldog With Allergies

How Often To Bathe French Bulldog With Allergies 1

When given the go-ahead from your Vet, it is recommended to bathe them one to two times a week until either they have a marked improvement or you will need to go back to your Vet for more advice.

How Often To Bathe French Bulldog With Allergies: Allergies can also develop in dogs just like in humans. Nevertheless, several dog breeds are much more likely than other breeds to have certain forms of allergies.

Itching, scratching, and biting are all symptoms of skin issues in Frenchies. Allergic reactions are by far the most common skin condition in dogs.

Luckily there are many ways in which you can handle scratching and allergic reactions in your French Bulldog.

Here is a list of the main Allergies your dog could face.

Seasonal allergies Food
Fleas Chemical contact
Medication Fabric

Seasonal allergies

Many common allergens which impact people on a seasonal basis may also affect your Frenchie. These include pollen, leaves, mold, dirt, and weeds.

The most common cause of your French Bulldogs’ skin allergies is grass pollen. Besides dog shampoo for allergies, air purifiers may also help to minimize the occurrence of allergies.


Saliva from only one or two of these parasites or their bites can induce a skin allergy that causes bumpy marks to develop on your Frenchies’ bodies. These bumps can be extremely itchy.


Several forms of antibiotics and vaccines may also cause skin allergies in the way of hives. Such hives often vanish within a day. However, a dog’s allergy shampoo can aid when they don’t.


Intolerance to some foods is another likely trigger of your Frenchies’ skin allergic reaction. Commonly eaten foods that dogs are allergic to include beef, soy, wheat, and dairy products.

Chemical Contact

If your French Bulldog has been exposed to home cleaning products or other chemicals, their skin reaction was likely triggered by this exposure.

To prevent this, be mindful while using chemicals in areas where your Frenchie visits, sleeps and eats.

Often you can do certain things at home like bathing before a secondary infection develops or to avoid and relieve minor itching. You will have to contact the veterinarian in all other situations.

Below is the simplest way to deal with dog allergies; by bathing, we will also look out for issues when it comes to shampoos and other grooming products.

How Often To Bathe French Bulldog With Allergies 2
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How to Bath Your French Bulldog.

How often should I bath my Frenchie with Allergies

A Frenchie with no Allergies is recommended appropriate once every 10 to 14 days.

If you’re an active person and bring your French Bulldog outdoors regularly, you may want to bathe it more often, but it’s not necessary.

Remember, though, if your Frenchie has any skin condition or allergy, you must contact your veterinarian before you wash them with any of this advice.

Based on their condition, your Frenchie may be better off without bathing or the need for more frequent bathing, so always speak to your Vet first.

When given the go-ahead from your Vet, it is recommended to bathe them one to two times a week until either they have a marked improvement or you will need to go back to your Vet for more advice.

Washing the dog reduces dog allergen levels, but the dog needs to be washed twice a week.

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Some Simple Tips If Your Frenchie Is Not Use To Bathing

Introducing Them To Bath Time.

When you’re just starting to introduce your Frenchie to a bath for the first time, hopefully, they are still a pup because it’s so much simpler to bathe a nervous and anxious puppy than a 27-pound dog Irrespective of your French Bulldog pup or a mature dog the method of introduction is pretty similar.

You want your Frenchie to view bath time as an enjoyable time. Begin with just one or two inches of water, and then let your Frenchie sit in it for a little while. Please give them a couple of treats and praise them.

Gently pour some water across their back when he’s relaxed. Just take this stage slow, do not rush. Just let your French Bulldog get used to the new experience.

When your Frenchie gets used to the sensation, increase the water in the bath and wash more of his body. Keep this process up till they seem quite calm and comfortable.

What You Will Need To Wash Your Frenchie

Shampoo Shower or Bathtub
Lukewarm water Towel
Brush Alternatives Shampoo

Steps for Bathing Your Dog

  • Brush your French Bulldog: A dog with allergies needs you to brush them very gently. Using a rubber brush is not as harsh on their skin as a regular bristle type brush.
  • Use lukewarm water: Dog’s skin is different from ours, so hot water will harm dogs more quickly. Bathwater should not be warmer than what would be used for a human baby. Give you Frenchie a good rinse over with the water. Tip place some cotton wool buds into their ears to make sure no water gets into them.
  • Reassure your Frenchie: Talk soothing and calmly to your dog. Most Frenchies will soon learn that you don’t intend to terrorize them, though others will keep hiding under the dining room table whenever you get a towel.
  • Apply Shampoo: Apply the shampoo into a gentle lather then rub all over your dog’s body, taking care not to get shampoo in their eyes.
  • Rinse well: Any shampoo remaining in their coat can aggravate the skin of your Frenchie once it is dry. Make sure you really, really rinse them thoroughly.
  • Air-dry: Hairdryers that you use for yourself will be too hot for your dog. Unless you use not heat at all. Either air-dry or using a blow-dryer built for dogs; the cooler temperatures will not cause itching or dandruff.
  • Reward them: Follow up with lots of praise and petting, or playing. A lot of a wet Frenchies like to vent their post-bath time by playing the exuberant tug-of-war or getting a sudden attack of the zoomies.
How often should I bathe my french bulldog puppy?

Allergy Shampoos

Your veterinarian might have suggested frequent bathing and shampoo treatment was essential to help keep these skin issues under control.

It is especially helpful for allergies that include food and environmental irritants and can cause dandruff, yeast, or bacterial infections.

Shampoo treatment for allergic skin disease eliminates allergens from the skin, hydrates it, and normalizes the number of bacteria and yeast present on the skin.

There are plenty of dog shampoos explicitly intended to treat skin allergies. Such shampoos serve several functionalities: to reduce symptoms that cause skin allergies or boost your dog’s allergen tolerance.

Because they are made utilizing organic ingredients like tea tree oil and aloe vera, these shampoos are gentle on the skin.

Aloe vera, in general, is very soothing, reduces irritation, and offers excellent relief for dry, flaky skin. As mentioned earlier, certain shampoos are also made with moisturizing ingredients that are perfect for treating such dry skin.

pH Balance

It is vital to note that you should use a dog-specific shampoo to ensure that the pH balance of Frenchies’ skin and coat is retained.

The best shampoo should have a neutral pH level of seven among dogs with skin allergies. Please read the ingredients to see the pH level stated. Please stay clear of brands that don’t show the pH of their dog shampoos.

Ingredients To Look For

Look for ingredients that will improve the health of your French Bulldogs skin. For starters, natural and organic ingredients. Below is a list of the most common.

Lemongrass ​Rosemary 
​Lavender  Chamomile
Eucalyptus Aloe Vera 

What To Avoid

No matter what your French Bulldogs need, you’re sure to find a shampoo that suits them. Please note that certain dog shampoos are not formulated in the same way.

Some include ingredients that may cause irritation or damage to the skin of your Frenchie.

As a consequence, you must always read the ingredients on the shampoo bottle. It may not be the best choice for your Frenchie if it has synthetic fragrances and coloring.

You should not use shampoo for made for Humans. Human skin is less sensitive than the skin of a dog. In either case, many human shampoos only clean away natural oils from a dog’s skin.

What Is A Medicated Shampoo

There are still a variety of reasons why your veterinarian would recommend a medicated shampoo for your dog.

Fungal infections, like yeast and ringworm, and bacterial infections, often require medicated dog shampoo throughout their treatment. Hair loss, crusty skin, and itchy skin are the main signs of diseases.

Your Frenchie may be quite stressed, so a dog treatment designed to reduce these symptoms may help make them more relaxed and able to heal.

Your veterinarian will certainly recommend an antibacterial or antifungal shampoo that can eliminate current skin infections and prevent new infections in dogs susceptible to infections.

Steps for Bathing Your French Bulldog with Medicated Shampoo

Besides the steps listed above for regular shampoo and anti-allergic, there are a few extra steps for Medicated Shampoo.

  • Medicated shampoo must be administered to a clean, wet coat, therefore begin by rinsing your Frenchie thoroughly with warm water.
  • If your French Bulldog is particularly dirty, bathe them with an over-the-counter shampoo to avoid dirt and debris. It’s recommended that you use anti-allergen shampoo.
  • Once your French Bulldog is cleaned, and wet begin working the medicated shampoo on the coat Begin with the regions most severely affected. Most likely, these areas are the paws the underarms, the groin. Once thoroughly applying the shampoo in these areas, you should start massaging the shampoo through the rest of your dog’s coat.
  • When the shampoo has been adequately applied on your Frenchies coat, set an alarm for 10 minutes. It’s time to rinse once the timer goes off. Ensure you absolutely wash all the shampoo from all areas of your dog’s body. This step will take a couple of minutes; it is essential not to leave too much shampoo on the body of your dog.
  • Generally, skin conditions will start to improve in the first few weeks. Your veterinarian will give you some idea of what to expect from your dog’s specific skin disorder.
How Often To Bathe French Bulldog With Allergies 3
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Controlling your dog’s allergies is an ongoing thing that will most likely span your dog’s entire adult life. Secondary skin, eyes, and ears infections can occur and need attention despite your attempts.

Dedicate yourself to providing your pet with consistent quality care. Work closely with your veterinarian. Deal with issues as they come along. Your dog is going to cherish your commitment.

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