Why Is My French Bulldog So Hyper?: Tips That Help!

Why Is My French Bulldog So Hyper?: In truth, your French Bulldog is probably not inclined to be hyper. It is more likely they are not getting the physical, emotional, and social needs they need regularly.

Frenchies that have trouble settling down and being calm could be influenced by many variables, such as breed motivation, shortage of the proper kind of stimulus, or even poor diet. Controlling your hyperactive Frenchie may feel like a full-time task, but there is hope.

Having said that, French Bulldogs as with all dogs really could have hyperactivity. However, it is significantly over-diagnosed.

Hyperactivity, commonly known as hyperkinesis, can be characterised as a French Bulldog that shows hectic behaviour, exceptionally small spans of concentration and is impulsive.

Individuals may also display obnoxious behaviour that wants attention. Like some people who are given Ritalin or such other drugs, Frenchies who are genuinely hyperkinetic appear to be able to benefit from these stimulants.

Is My Frenchie Just High Energy or Really is Hyper.


What makes a normal, high-energy Frenchie different from a Frenchie that truly is hyper? A French Bulldog with hyperkinesis exhibits unusually short spans of concentration and a greater degree of impulsive behaviour which makes it difficult for them to concentrate long on one activity.

A hyperactive Frenchie is especially prone to abrupt changes in the environment-overreacting to the appearance of an unfamiliar person or object and generally is unable to adapt to the new stimuli.

It is also likely that a hyperactive Frenchie will get into everything they see and can be quite destructive. They may even be emotionally fragile. When restrained, they may become nearly impossible to manage, and if angered, they can display unpredictable frustration-like behaviour.

Just High Energy

Conversely, a high-energy Frenchie can focus on games or treats very rapidly. And once focused, can stay on task for some time.  A  genuinely hyperactive French Bulldog cannot concentrate even if they wanted to.

Tips To Help A High Energy / Hyper French Bulldog


There is no mandatory dog fitness requirement. However, it is a reasonable bet that if your Frenchie is in perpetual motion and is reluctant even at the end of the day to settle, they will likely need some more physical activity than they are currently receiving.

Through playing simple activities with your Frenchie, like pull/tug and retrieving games, you can expend most of that surplus energy. A nice stroll, 30-60 mins in the morning and then a short stroll in the afternoon is perfect.

Only letting your Frenchie run around in the backyard when they need to go to the toilet probably isn’t the best type of activity they need. In actuality, when it’s over this kind of exercise often can leave them more excited.

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Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is a great way to wear out your French Bulldog that doesn’t involve an extensive workout in the backyard or park. It is extremely easy to overwork your Frenchies mind before they are begging for a break.

Anything as easy as motivating your Frenchie to think creatively and discover different things, or training them a cool new trick like rolling over would allow your Frenchie to concentrate and to were off that pent-up energy and frustration.

Activities that integrate nose tasks, such as “discover it,” also encourage you Frenchie to try new and challenging ways to use their senses, thus stimulating the mind. Try dog puzzle toys that usually have a teat in them. It will keep them occupied as they try to think about how they will get that lovely treat.

Ignore Your Frenchies Bad Manners

In other instances, your Frenchie may be hyper because you have taught them to be so. Acting excitable, jumping up, spinning, and behaving badly is the perfect way to attract your focus.

Whether your Frenchies behaviour is positive or negative, it means next to nothing to them, as long you are giving them the focus. That’s why it’s extremely important to reward your French Bulldog only when they are quiet and calm and ignore the acting out behaviour.

Spend time to interact constructively with your Frenchie when they calm, such as when they resting quietly in their bed or sitting calmly near you, which will encourage him to do that behaviour more frequently. Remember, rewarded behaviour is repeated!

Recognizing the correct actions of your dog with quiet encouragement and a gentle touch will help him realize that he gets positive affection from you when he settles down. These small changes will yield unexpectedly great results in your everyday interactions with your French Bulldog. 


While hyper behaviour frequently points to boredom, that isn’t always the situation.  Sometimes just a specific stimulation can trigger your Frenchie to leap up, spin around and act like an excited kid. The trigger for certain dogs could be cold air, or rain and even noises like thunder.

For many others,  a particular dog or individual passing outside the house. Your Frenchie gets stimulated by the excitement and does not know what to do when the hyper behaviour appears. Try to limit your Frenchie to the stimulus that triggers them.

Why Is My French Bulldog So Hyper?


Buying a large bag of inexpensive dog kibble is appealing, but what your French Bulldog consumes will have a significant effect on their behaviour.

Usually, cheap products are filled with additives that your Frenchie doesn’t need, such as fillers, waste products, colouring, sugars and fat. Just like eating fast food, our emotional states can change, giving your Frenchie a diet of poor quality will affect their behaviour.

Research has shown a connection between hyperactivity and certain dog kibble ingredients, so feeding your Frenchie a good quality food with natural, ingredients such as easily recognizable meats and marginal fillers and additives.

What If None Of This Works?

So is your Frenchie high-energy or one with hyperkinesis? Your vet may give a low dosage of an effective amphetamine after assessing your dog’s breathing, heart rate and reflex response.

Approximately an hour after the amphetamine is administered, many hyperkinetic dogs may display a significant decrease in the degree of agitation and movement, as well as a noticeable decrease in respiration and heart rate.  

A French Bulldog without hyperkinesis will have the opposite reaction, with increased excitement level, movement, heart rate, and breathing.

Several existing health problems can appear as hyperactivity, such as metabolic disease due to liver disease, hyperthyroidism and neurological disorders.   If you’re worried about the activity level of your Frenchie, or if you’ve observed a dramatic shift in their behaviour, chat to your vet.

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