Why Do Frenchies Farts Smell So Bad? And What You Can Do.

Why does my French bulldog smell bad?

Its sad fact is that your Frenchie farts so much because they have delicate stomachs, and they really don’t digest food efficiently.

Why Do Frenchies Farts Smell So Bad? And What You Can Do: If you are the French Bulldog owner, you might have realized that your Frenchie is farting lots and lots. Farts – smelly ones – are sure to be a French Bulldog thing, but over-farting is not exclusive to the breed. Certain dog breeds, such as Boxers, Bulldogs, and Pugs, are famous for their gassy ways.

Here is the scientific breakdown of why Frenchies suffer from this issue: the effects of different protein sources on fermentation metabolites and the nutrient digestibility of brachycephalic dogs. Published online by Cambridge University Press: 29 August 2017. The formation of their skull often impacts their consumption of food. Its small nose and the flat face of the Frenchie make it much more complicated for them to eat at the right speed.

Many French Bulldogs then tend to eat too quickly, leading to accumulated air in their bowels.

What Makes The French Bulldog stink?

Quick Overview

Food Issues Fart
Eat ScrapsFart
Eating To Fast Fart
Rotten Food Fart
Some Disease’sFart

What Foods are causing your French bulldog to smell?

Farting in Frenchies is usually triggered by either a change in their regular diet or they could have consumed something different, which upsets their stomach. Manufactured and commercial types of food have increased carbohydrates that are bad for the French Bulldogs.

French Bulldogs can develop food allergies. Carbohydrates comprise starches and sugar that cause severe gas, like fermented foods, including broccoli and beans. They do not absorb high fibre foods or wheat very well and, as a consequence, generate gas. Large List below.

If you get inexpensive food for your dog, try to ensure it’s from a trustworthy supplier. Poor quality kibble or moist food may not go very well with your Frenchie’s digestive tract and will release copious quantities of gas. In addition, their lactose intolerance to dairy could have caused not only farts but also diarrhea.

Stink Table

Beans Really Nasty Gas
Soy Really Nasty Gas
Dairy Really Nasty Gas
Broccoli, peas, and other green vegetables Really Nasty Gas
Cauliflower Really Nasty Gas
Corn & starch Really Nasty Gas
Cheap dog food Really Nasty Gas

Scraps can make your French Bulldog smell.

Never feed scraps to your Frenchie. Carbohydrates, starches, sugars, and other ingredients in human food can be irritable to a dog’s stomach. Once you feed your French Bulldog scraps, those elements will likely convert the farts choking stink clouds.

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Should I be worried about my Frenchie farting?

Farting is not usually a cause for concern when you own a French Bulldog. Due to their sensitive stomachs, French Bulldogs have difficulty digesting food. They are particularly sensitive because of the anatomy of their stomachs. Like the Pug and Boxer, the Frenchie swallows air when taking in food due to its flat face. Additionally, they eat rapidly, which leads to them swallowing air. That air eventually causes them to fart excessively.

When a French Bulldog takes part in regular exercise and has a healthy protein diet, constant farting may indicate a serious medical condition. If your Frenchie is experiencing non-stop gas, you should ask your vet about:

Fat Dog, Slack dog!

You should give preference to walking your Frenchie. When dogs exercise and keep a continuous weight, they stay healthy. However, once they become fat or obese, it will contribute to excessive gas.

Eating To Fast can cause your French Bulldog to smell

When you’re eating or drinking too quickly, you’re taking a bunch of additional air that has to come somewhere. Of course, it will come out as farts, and this will happen to your Frenchie when they’re wolfing down their food. This is where a slow feeder bowl comes in handy—explained below.

why do bulldogs fart so much

Rotten Food will cause your French Bulldog to stink

Stinky, nasty food? Yes, of course, they are definitely going to like that. Dogs can be walking trash cans when it comes to this. There is no pickiness here. Some dogs eat poop, after all. Therefore it undoubtedly doesn’t come as a surprise that your dog could get extremely gassy after eating something spoiled.

Disease can be a cause of your French Bulldog smelling

Diseases can cause your dog to be gaseous, including inflammatory bowel disease, tumors, parasites, enteritis, irritable bowel syndrome, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

Each of these has additional side effects that would make you aware of a severe issue, so once again, if your dog is unexpectedly gaseous and does not seem to be food-related, it’s good to bring them to the vet for a check-up.

French Bulldog Kennel Cough x
French Bulldog Kennel Cough

So, Why does my French Bulldogs Farts Stink?

Do you expect farts to smell nice? Sometimes the farts of your Frenchie may be unusually smelly. Why is that? Foods that ferment in the above list are proven to cause extra-stick farts. Thus it is best to prevent eating them at all costs.

How To Stop Your French Bulldog From Farting

Well, you can’t stop your Frenchie from farting. It’s part of the breeds, unfortunately. But you can reduce it and even decrease the smell by doing some of the following.

Top-quality dog food – You could either purchase well-balanced, organic dog food or cook it yourself.

Dog foods rich in fibre — Fiber helps maintain your dog’s digestive system and keep it in excellent shape. You can give your dog apples, brown rice, carrots, and green beans.

Yogurt – Thankfully, many lactose-intolerant dogs can endure yogurt. This item helps to decrease the amount of gas owing to its live cultures, which aid digestion.

Furthermore, if you have a farty Frenchie that might have overeaten and doesn’t seem to have anything wrong with them.
Offer them some charcoal treats and get their digestive tract back in order.

Slow Feeding Bowl – If your Frenchie inhales food at an alarming pace, a slow feeder is a vital resource. Slow feeding dog bowls are incredibly efficient for dogs that eat quickly and for all dogs!

As with humans, slowing it down and chewing food considerably improves digestion, leading to much less bloat, less gas, reduced regurgitation, and generally better intestinal health.

Changing Your French Bulldogs Diet

What are your plans for your Frenchie’s diet? You can gradually eliminate the old food from their meals until only their new food is present. It is important to do this gradually because dogs’ gastrointestinal tracts are sensitive and need time to adapt.

Before deciding whether a new food or diet works, give it a few weeks. This will allow for a reasonable adjustment period. The old diet should be resumed if the problem gets worse. If the problem worsens or persists, consult your veterinarian.

Be Mindfull When Serving Human Food

Yes, French bulldogs can eat human food as well. However, it is important to be careful about what you let your dog eat. There are some table foods that Frenchies should not eat, while there are those that could be harmful.

Moreover, as we have previously discussed, it would help if you did not feed your Frenchie table scraps. Rather, make sure your French Bulldog eats natural foods or buy them at a store. Your Frenchies can be given human foods like lean meat, bananas, apples, pears, blueberries, cantaloupes, and vegetables like eggplant, cabbage, and carrots.

For your French Bulldog’s (and yours) sake, ensure that it is fed foods that are easily digested so that it has no flatulence or stinky farts.

Medications for stop your French Bulldog Farting

Several medications can assist you if you think the issue is big enough to warrant it. Carminative is among the most common gas-relieving drugs that can be provided to a dog. Here are some other possible medicines, although you must consult your vet before giving any of these medicines to your Frenchie.

Zinc acetateYucca schidigera
Dry activated charcoalBismuth subsalicylate
SimethiconePancreatic enzyme supplements


In the end, you are not going to entirely stop your little French Bulldog from gassing out the room. But hopefully, after reading this article, you have some ideas and strategies that can help reduce that amount the less the potency. Soon you can have visitors come over without all the strange looks and blaming the dog 🙂

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