Is Chicken Good For My French Bulldog – Find Out

Is Chicken Good For My French Bulldog - Find Out

Is Chicken Good For My French Bulldog: Yes, your French Bulldog can eat chicken. Besides, it’s rich in protein, and cooked chicken could even be replacement or added to your Frenchies daily meal.

What About Raw Chicken

Many reports recommend avoiding raw chicken because of the possibility of salmonella or bacterial infections. However, there is a trend towards raw food, including raw chicken, which is on the increase in many circles.

Your Vet is going to be the first to warn you that even though your Frenchie can eat anything to live in the wild does not imply that they should be at home. This is especially valid for dogs from a certain age. As young dogs can have difficulties

Word of Warning

Your French Bulldog may be allergic to chicken, and in fact, chicken is among the top ten allergens-inducing foods.
Make sure to separate the cooked chicken from the bone. Cooked chicken bones shatter readily, which may trigger choking or intestinal rupture.

If you would like to know more about what your French Bulldog can eat, please read this article:

What is the best food for French bulldogs?

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