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French Bulldog Pizza

Is Pizza Bad For French bulldogs?: Around the world, pizza has long been a favourite food. Pizza was brought to America by Italian immigrants in the late 1800s and is now considered one of the most popular American dishes, served for dinner and as a part of many parties. What about French Bulldogs eating pizza? Is pizza actually bad for them?

When giving your dog pizza, the answer is NO – giving Frenchies pizza is not recommended. A slice of pizza would certainly be enjoyed by many dogs. Still, the nutritional value and side effects make it a poor food choice.

We will discuss what pizza is made of, whether French Bulldogs can ever eat pizza, whether the benefits outweigh any negative effects, and whether or not pizza is harmful to Frenchies.

Pizza and Your French Bulldog

Pizza Base:

Pizza bases are made by baking dough in the oven, which gives them a crisp texture. Yeast, flour, eggs, olive oil, salt and water go into making that dough.

The bodies of dogs are designed to eat meat, so they are carnivorous. The crusts on pizza are not designed for them to eat — regardless of how much they enjoy them!

In addition, eating a slice of pizza crust won’t cause any real harm either. There’s no problem with giving your French Bulldog a bite if they like the taste.

Nevertheless, moderation is the key, just as in humans’ diets. For example, pizza crusts are excessively calorie-dense. That means that if your French Bulldog eats too much, he will gain weight. Overweight Frenchies are susceptible to a range of health problems.

In addition, pizza crust is loaded with carbohydrates, which can cause your Frenchie to feel tired after eating it. In addition, the salt content may upset the stomach.

It’s also wise to keep in mind that French Bulldogs have a hard time controlling their impulses! Your pet will expect you to feed them your own food each time. That means even the smallest amount can become an issue.

Give your Frenchie no more than a small piece of pizza crust. Rather than letting them eat it all at once, it is better to resist allowing them to eat it all together.  

You can give your French Bulldog a healthy diet by teaching them to eat their own food and not yours. You will then enjoy many more happy years together as a result of maximising their health and wellbeing.

Pizza Sauce:

The toppings traditionally accompany pizza are tomato-based sauces containing garlic, onions, spices, sugar, and salt. French Bulldogs should not consume any of these ingredients. Specifically, Frenchies should not consume onions or garlic. Garlic and onions damage or destroy dogs’ red blood cells, causing them to be anemic (have a low number of red blood cells in their blood). Anemia can make your French Bulldog listless, tired, and unable to concentrate on anything.

Salt and sugar are only appropriate in small amounts, but these quantities can mount up quickly on an average pizza, often added to the sauce, base, and toppings. All of this is in addition to the fact that spices added to sauces, like chilli, can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Thiosulfate and N-propyl disulphide are toxin culprits. In addition to digestive problems, dogs can suffer vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Onions and garlic are often found in pizza sauces and on pizza. There is also bad news since the toxins are more concentrated in these than in any other vegetable.

Onions can be harmful to Frenchies in relatively small amounts. If you give your pup just 3.5 ounces of onion per 44 pounds of body weight, you may be putting him at risk for serious health problems. You can compare this to about one medium or large onion. French Bulldogs may actually die from onion poisoning.


Cheese is just as popular among dogs as it is with humans! Sadly, cheese does not always reciprocate affection.

Lactose intolerance affects some canines, just as it does some people. Even though cheese contains less lactose than whole milk, French Bulldogs with lactose intolerance can have a negative reaction. This can happen even when they ingest very tiny amounts of the food.

It is also possible for the cheese to be high in fat. It is still important that French Bulldog only eat small amounts of low-fat cheese, such as mozzarella. In addition, they are rich in beneficial nutrients, such as protein, calcium, essential fatty acids, and vitamin A.

Therefore, when you train your puppy, cheese can be a useful reward. Don’t overdo it with the quantity if you decide to do this. Make sure your pup doesn’t experience any unwanted side effects when they first eat it.

However, when it comes to pizza, you should stay away. You’ll almost certainly also find pizza sauce on cheese-topped pizzas. This isn’t healthy for your Frenchie, as we’ve seen.

Meat Processed:

Because dogs consume meat on a regular basis, surely it is not a problem for them to eat the meat on your pizza? Sadly, that’s usually not the case.

Most pizzas use heavily processed meat. Salt is often used to cure meats such as salami, pepperoni, and bacon, which tend to contain more fat. Both fats and salt can leave your Frenchie with digestive problems. If you give your French Bulldog too much at once, you can make them ill. And if you give your Frenchie too much over the course of time, you could cause them to gain weight, which can result in health problems.

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Can I Make A Homemade Pizza For My French Bulldog?

Various ingredients are used to make pizza. Are some pizzas safe for dogs to eat while others cannot? It is theoretically possible to make a dog-friendly pizza, but this is not very practical in practice.

Even if you were to make a dog-friendly pizza at home, topped with plainly cooked meat and veggies and a sugar-free, salt-free base, is that worth it? 

There is no way a Frenchie can consume a whole pizza without causing waste. Even plainly cooked meat or vegetables with no base, prepared and fed in reasonable portions, would be fine for your dog. A dog-friendly pizza may be possible, but it is unnecessary, and your French Bulldog probably won’t even notice.


It is not a wise idea to share pizza with your Frenchie. The majority of pizza contains ingredients that do not agree with dogs. From the base to the toppings, there are many ingredients in pizza that should not be eaten by dogs. When you give your French Bulldog a snack, it’s smart to pick healthier options.

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