How Old Before I Can Stud My French Bulldog? Must Learn This!

French Bulldog Stud

It is recommended that male French Bulldogs are not bred until they are at least one and a half to two years old. French Bulldogs need to undergo many health checks, with some not done until they are at least two years old, so being a reputable breeder only breeds your dog when breeding age.

Frenchie owners often consider whether or not they should spay their dog or breed him so they can have puppies. Many owners do this professionally, but others want another French Bulldog similar to the one they already have.

Breeding a male dog may sound easy, but certain responsibilities and duties are involved. The perfect time for mating depends on the female, but the success of the mating depends primarily on the male dog’s fertility and health.

When Do Male French Bulldogs Reach Sexual Maturity?

There is evidence to suggest that small breeds mature faster than large ones. The male French Bulldog becomes fertile around six months of age. By the time they reach full sexual maturity, they can be 12 to 15 months old. If your male French Bulldog is in good health, they may still be sexually active and fertile as they age.

When Is The Best Age To Breed Your Male French BullDog?

In order to mate, male and female Frenchies must be medically checked. How old does a male french bulldog have to be to breed? As mentioned above, over the age of two is the best time to breed your French Bulldog. This age is seen as the optimal one for mating, even though some breeds are mature at a younger age.

To produce healthy puppies, the parents must be in good health.
Certain diseases and health problems in French Bulldogs don’t manifest symptoms until the age of two. Your vet can perform a health check to determine if your French Bulldog will be a good candidate for mating after this age.

If your French Bulldog is older than eight years old, it is not recommended to breed. But as long as your Frenchie is healthy overall, it should be able to keep on going at this age. Should this not be the case, the oldest age for breeding would be only five years.

French Bulldog Health Tests Preparation

Your veterinarian requires a complete physical exam before your French Bulldog can be accepted as a stud. Before mating, it is necessary to rule out health problems such as hip dysplasia and joint issues. Your French Bulldog should also have their ears and eyes checked and a blood test and urinalysis.

Be sure your Frenchie does not have any diseases or other disorders. It is also possible that a genetic test is required. In the case of dogs that are not fully purebred, a genetic test ensures that the offspring will not inherit diseases. In this way, you can ensure that your French Bulldogs’ ancestry was not influenced by inbreeding.

  • “The French Bulldog is a highly popular dog breed but is linked with many serious health issues. A holistic view of breed health in French Bulldogs would assist efforts to appreciate the overall health strengths and weaknesses in the French Bulldog and to take appropriate steps to mitigate these.”
  • Link: NCBI – French Bulldog Health Issues
  • “French Bulldog (FB) has significantly gained in popularity over the last few years, and seems to be frequently affected by various neurological conditions. The purpose of this retrospective study was to report the prevalences of neurological diseases in a large population of FB, presented with neurological signs between 2002 and 2016, and for which a definitive diagnosis was established.”
  • Link: BMC Veterinary Research – Neurological Disorders in French Bulldogs

How Do I Know That My Male French Bulldog Is Fertile?

In addition to a general examination, veterinarians can administer specialized fertility tests to assess if your male Frenchie is fertile. There are other things you can do in addition to having your dog tested to find out if it is fertile.

Make sure he has reached puberty. If he is too young, he won’t have reached sexual maturity and will not be able to breed.
Check his general health. A few health issues may affect his fertility.
how to stud my french bulldog

Among these are issues of:

Genetic defects that result in infertility or genetic defects in the puppies.The movement might interfere with a successful mating session.
The reproductive organs are damaged.An infection or disease that can lead to infertility.
French Bulldog Stud
french bulldog mating age

How Many Times Can You Breed Your French Bulldog?

A male French Bulldog can produce multiple litters during his life. In some cases, male dogs have mated as many as five times in a single day. However, different methods must be used to ensure high-quality and consistent impregnation. Others choose to breed their studs almost every week, while some breed only a handful of times each year.

Giving the dog time between sperm harvests is important if sperm is regularly collected. For this reason, sperm collection should only take place every few days so that consistently quality sperm can be retained. Despite that, a male dog can produce good quality sperm every day if not bred on a regular basis. If you have a smaller dog, it is possible to collect your pet every day for up to five days. However, the dog will soon run out of sperm, so this cannot be done for a long period.

It is important to keep a few things in mind before allowing a male pet to mate. If you aren’t interested in breeding dogs to sell pups, it may be more prudent to have your dog neutered rather than allow it to mate.

Your dog will not only be protected from prostate cancer and other testicular diseases when he is neutered, but he will also behave less aggressively and be more affectionate, as well as be at lower risk of aggression from other dogs. Having a healthier dog greatly increases its chances of living a longer and happier life.

Thus, always consider the benefits of allowing your dog to mate and whether or not it is better to neuter the dog to reduce the likelihood of unnecessary mating and the risk of health issues.

Prime Time Best Breeding Time For French Bulldogs?

As mentioned before. Breeding is possible throughout the lifespan of male French Bulldogs. An aging stud’s career should not be ended because of his age alone. If a Frenchie has a healthy genetic makeup, he should be able to pass it on. Senior male French Bulldogs, especially older ones, are prone to prostate problems, so their veterinarian should regularly examine them after a certain age. The treatment of infections and the restoration of declining fertility can often be accomplished. Pain medication can also be used to treat mobility issues such as arthritis pain.

With aging, French Bulldogs are more susceptible to infection and illness.  It is possible for an infection to be symptomless. Sexually transmitted diseases in French Bulldogs, such as brucellosis, should be tested for before mating. Although it has no symptoms, it still has devastating effects on a litter of puppies. Miscarriages, abortions, and stillbirths can all occur as a result of this disorder. In most cases, it is not curable; therefore, preventative measures must be taken during the Frenchies’ breeding years to prevent exposure to the disease. In the prime of a French Bulldog’s life, good veterinary care is essential for the best results for the mated pair and their litter.

Be careful with your young stud French Bulldog.

An unhappy experience during the early stages of his career can destroy his motivation for breeding for life. You should take all measures to ensure he doesn’t experience trauma during mating.

Having a bossy older Female dog around as a puppy may make him think that he is too low in the pecking order to “dominate” them for mating.Mate him with more experienced and cooperative female French Bulldogs in the first season or two.
The Female dog should go to your French Bulldog’s home, not the other way around.Before presenting your boy to the Female Dog, be certain she is fully in estrus.
So he won’t be frightened of male seed collection if it becomes necessary; he should grow up being used to touching all the parts of his body.Be extra cautious not to injure your pet’s testicles or private parts since seemingly minor events such as squeezing through the cat flap or jumping over the fence can cause injuries.

French Bulldog Breeding Paperwork

After completing all health tests, it is time to complete all the paperwork. It’s mainly about how the French Bulldog looks and how he behaves. As a result, you want to ensure that your dog adheres to the breed’s standards.

A dog must possess the most prominent features of its breed to mate. Depending on the breed, some of these characteristics may be physical, while others may be behavioral. Contact a breeder club to check if your French Bulldog complies with breed standards.

Registration at a Kennel Club is not mandatory, but it might let other dog owners know if your French Bulldog is a good candidate for breeding. In addition, to have your dog recognized by a Kennel Club, you will need to claim his ownership.

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