Can French Bulldogs Eat Fried Chicken? Must Learn This!

French Bulldog Fried Chicken

No, French Bulldogs should not consume fried chicken. Because friend foods are high in fat, the AKC cautions against giving them to your French Bulldog. In fact, fried foods, such as chicken nuggets, are not good for dogs. If given too often, fried foods may lead to weight gain and heart disease in your French Bulldog. Frying foods are not recommended as healthy choices for humans, and they’re also not recommended for your Frenchie.

Why is Fried Chicken Bad For Your French Bulldog?

Dogs should not be fed fried foods because it can lead to high cholesterol levels, making them obese and even causing heart disease. The American Kennel Club even warns people against feeding them fried foods. It might be fine for your dog to eat this, but they may shorten their lifespan if they consume it in excess.  

In addition to being high in fat, many people also add other ingredients that can cause toxicity issues for their French Bulldogs. Anemia can be caused by garlic and onion powder, for example. It is considered safe as long as the garlic is not consumed too frequently (and only in small amounts). On the other hand, onions are very harmful because they cause anemia and digestive problems.

Additionally, salt can cause dogs to have high levels of cholesterol, lower water levels in the blood, and lead to heart disease over time. In addition to becoming overweight when French Bulldogs consume too much-fried chicken, they can also suffer from a wide variety of other health issues.

Fried Chicken Can Be A Choking Hazard

When it comes to fried chicken, one of the biggest concerns is that it’s often made with bones still in it and then cooked. French Bulldogs face a big problem as a result of this.  Besides the choking hazards, broken bones in your Frenchies stomach can cause cuts, scratches, punctures, or worse – an intestinal blockage that ends up cutting its way down the stomach and intestines.

Fried Chicken Can Cause Your French Bulldog To Have Stomach Issues and Obesity.

In addition to being overweight, an obese French Bulldog can have many other health problems. Dogs will face many digestive tract problems throughout their lifetimes, consuming fried foods and foods rich in oil. They are more likely to experience stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. As a result, they are more likely to become diabetic, and their health can deteriorate very quickly since they are not digesting their food properly.

Your French Bulldogs caloric intake is not the only problem. Excess fat can result in pancreatitis, which can be painful and fatal. 

Both humans and dogs are susceptible to pancreatitis, resulting from an overworked pancreas unable to effectively break down sugar and fat molecules. The fact that French Bulldogs are smaller than their owners means that a quantity of chicken that might provide a full meal to you could result in your Frenchie in need of medical attention, especially if the French Bulldog is elderly or does not live an active life. 

French Bulldog Fried Chicken

Some Good News

In most cases, one piece of chicken served at a fast-food restaurant will not harm your dog since the quantities in most meals are too small to cause serious injury. I recommend taking the dog on an extra-long walk to stimulate his digestive system, and fats used to fry the food are worked off. 

The good news for Frenchie owners is that many of these precautions only apply to fried chicken. Boiling or baking chicken without adding fat or using fewer spices can be fed to your Frenchie, provided the bones and skin are removed. They could be fed to the Frenchie safely and without further checking for harmful effects because they are made from only white meat.


French Bulldogs should not eat fried chicken. Weight gain can result from it, which contributes to various health issues. Your Frenchie should not be given cooked chicken bones because they pose a serious risk.

Your French Bulldog can have plenty of fun treats other than fried chicken, so try to find an alternative to fried chicken that is safe for your dog before your next family meal.

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