Can French Bulldogs Eat Bacon?: Must Learn This!

French Bulldog Eating Bacon

Yes, they can result in small amounts! Something is pleasing about the smell, texture, and salty taste of bacon for French Bulldogs. Nevertheless, just because your Frenchie can eat bacon doesn’t mean they should. Bacon is a fatty food with high sodium (salt) content that has been shown to cause health issues in some French Bulldogs.

Bacon comes from the belly, the sides, or the back of pigs. You can fry, grill, or bake it on its own. It has an amazing, instantly recognizable flavor and aroma, making it a favorite of humans and dogs. It is estimated that Americans consume 18 pounds of bacon per year on average. Despite this, bacon consumption can result in several negative side effects for your French Bulldog.

Can Bacon Be Bad For My French Bulldog?

Yes, eating bacon regularly or in large amounts is harmful to dogs, just as humans do.
Aside from being high in fat, bacon can be even more fattening when fried in butter or oil, depending on how you cook it.

French Bulldogs need fat to maintain their energy levels but only consume “healthy” fats, such as polyunsaturated fats. Often referred to as “functional” fats, these fats play a vital role in your French Bulldog’s health, and they cannot be produced on their own, so they must be included in their diet.

Cholesterol and saturated fat do not pose the same risks to dogs as they do to people since dogs are less likely to clog their arteries, and it’s unclear whether they cause heart disease as often as people. Nonetheless, the fats and cholesterol in bacon are high. If stored in the body, the fat will cause your French Bulldog to become obese. As a result, your Frenchie may also be at greater risk for other health problems, such as diabetes and cancer.

Too much fat can also cause pancreatitis, so French Bulldogs who have suffered the condition in the past should avoid fat for the rest of their lives. A dog can develop pancreatitis if it consumes a large amount of fat at one time (acute) or if they consume fewer fats over time.

Finally, bacon contains nitrates and salt as preservatives. It is salt itself that nitrogenates are composed of, so bacon generally contains a lot of sodium. Your French Bulldog must have some salt in its diet, but too much can make it unwell, causing dehydration and even sodium poisoning. 

How much bacon can French Bulldogs eat?

Bacon should only be given to dogs occasionally as a treat. As long as you limit your dog’s intake of bacon and how often it eats, you’ll be able to keep them healthy.

A 1/4 strip of bacon is sufficient for a small French Bulldog, and a 1/2 strip is appropriate for a larger Frenchie. Several commercially available “bacon-flavored” dogs should be used for training rewards or as occasional treats but are much healthier.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Raw Bacon?

Raw bacon is not recommended for French Bulldogs. Despite being considered “safe” by some, raw bacon is more likely to cause illness in dogs. As with any raw product, there is a small chance that the meat contains parasites or bacteria that could cause your French Bulldog to become ill. Despite this, if your Frenchie manages to eat a tiny morsel off the floor, he probably won’t be harmed.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Bacon Fat?

In a technical sense, yes. However, they don’t need to. On occasion, a small amount is likely to be enough for most adult French Bulldogs in good health. However, it is important to note that this fat can cause gastrointestinal upset, especially for French Bulldogs sensitive to fat. Those with underlying conditions or running a calorie-controlled diet should avoid fat, like dogs with pancreatitis, so bacon fat is a no-no.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Bacon Grease?

It is not a good idea for your French Bulldog to consume bacon grease. Occasionally, some people like to add a little bacon grease to their dog’s food, but that is not good and should never be done. This is due to the same reasons that bacon (as discussed above) is bad for Frenchies.

Bacon Dog

Low-Fat Alternatives to Bacon For Your French Bulldog

Certain foods are safe to share with your French Bulldog without worrying about gastrointestinal problems. Consider adding a probiotic dog treat to your Frenchies diet along with safe human foods – lettuce, peanut butter, or plain boiled chicken, for example. It is difficult to tell which foods will cause an upset stomach without much trial and error because a dog’s digestive tract is sensitive. Probiotics play an important role here.

Dog treats with probiotics help with digestion, intestinal health, and overall wellbeing for your French Bulldog. By allowing your dog’s system to absorb good bacteria and digestive enzymes, probiotics can help with conditions like pancreatitis that slow digestion.


Ultimately, fatty, high-sodium foods like bacon are too much for French Bulldogs’ stomachs. Stay safe by feeding them regular dog food and treats rather than testing their limits with greasy people’s food.

Whenever you introduce a new food to your French Bulldog, make sure to consult your veterinarian and watch for any reaction they have to it.

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