How To Get Rid Of Mites On Guinea Pigs Naturally?

Guinea Pig Mites

Mites are little insects that you may or may not notice but can reside anywhere. If you have guinea pigs at home, you must be aware of these little insects as they can cause several issues.

One of the main concerns of people regarding mite is that it can reside on guinea pigs too. These mites can cause some skin issues for your guinea pig if not treated properly. Also, some of the mites can be harmful to guinea pigs.

They can have some adverse impact on their health too. Hence, it is very important to take fast action and get rid of these mites. The main question is – how to get rid of mites on guinea pigs naturally?

Read on to know more about these mites on guinea pigs and how you can get rid of them effectively.

What type of Mites effect Guinea Pigs?

There are mainly two most common types of mites that you can find in your guinea pigs. These are – sarcoptic mites and static mites. The static mites on guinea pigs are parasites that run up or down their hair shafts.

But the sarcoptic mites are the parasites that burrow under the skin of the guinea pigs. This can cause a very painful condition in your guinea pigs, known as sarcoptic mange.

Your guinea pig can have any of these two types of mites. Whichever it is, you have to ensure that you need to treat it in the right way.

Signs of Mites On Your Guinea Pig

You may not see a mild mite invasion on your pet. But there are certain signs and symptoms that you may notice. You have to know about these signs in detail to know if your guinea pig is affected by mites or not. The most common signs are:

It will start itching, and you may notice that the guinea pig has gone hairless in some of the spots.
The affected skin around the ears, neck, and head often gets aroused due to the mite infestation.
The affected skin of the guinea pig will become thicker, and it can even get hard and yellowish.
Some more bacterial skin diseases in your guinea pig can increase
The guinea pig can become more depressed and lethargic
With that, their weight can reduce drastically
How To Get Rid Of Mites On Guinea Pigs Naturally? 1

How to diagnose mites in guinea pigs?

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms in your guinea pig, you need to make sure that you immediately visit your veterinarian. They can examine the guinea pig and tell you whether or not there is an infestation of mites.

They will look at the guinea pig’s skin and fur to identify the signs of mites. Once they diagnose, you have to start the treatment immediately. Though your vet will tell you to follow certain medications and ointment, it is always better to follow some natural remedies. This can help you eliminate the mites from the guinea pig’s skin and fur.

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Ways to treat mites on guinea pig naturally.

Here are some of the ways to get rid of mites on guinea pigs naturally. These ways are 100% natural and will be completely safe for your guinea pig.

A cleanser for static mites

If the static mites infest your guinea pig, then you will need the best cleanser for these mites. You can research to find the best cleanser, or you can even ask your vet to do that.

You will need the best cleanser with which you can cleanse the fur and skin of your guinea pig thoroughly. Your veterinarian can exactly tell you about the number of times you must use the cleanser. Follow the instruction to ensure that you can get completely rid of the mites from your guinea pig.
Some sprays are available in the market for static mites.

Static mites often look like that your guinea pig has dust on the fur. But that is not true. In such cases, you have to spray this special spray containing Ivermectin on your guinea pig. You can also ask the vet to help you and suggest the best spray to help get rid of the mites effectively.
Change the bedding

If your guinea pig has separate bedding, you need to make sure that you change the bedding at least weekly. Wash them properly and regularly to avoid the infestation of the mites. Dust can be a catalyst for increasing the chances of mites.
Proper diet and vitamin C

Another natural way to treat mites affecting your guinea pigs is by giving them Vitamin C. This vitamin helps increase the guinea pig’s immune system and help develop its resistance. It can help prevent the mites and the lice from infesting the guinea pig’s hair and skin. Also, make sure that you are feeding your guinea pig a properly balanced diet.

Other methods of treating mites on guinea pigs.

If the above natural remedies do not work, you will have to rely on your Vet’s advice. They may suggest:

Oral de-wormers

The sarcoptic mites are not that easy to get rid of, like the static mites. So, no matter how many cleansers, shampoo, or spray you use, they will not disappear easily. The sarcoptic mites live under the skin of the guinea pig. You will need the oral de-wormer to get rid of these mites and to treat the condition.
Injection for mites

Another solution for getting rid of the sarcoptic mites is using an injection. Some effective injections can help your guinea pig get complete relief from the mites living beneath their skin. You have to consult your vet to ensure that this is the proper treatment.

Tips to prevent mites from coming back.

Tip 1: Shampoo & Cleanse regularly

Cleanliness is the best possible way to keep these nasty parasites away from your guinea pig. As advised by the vets, make sure to buy the best shampoo to clean the guinea pig regularly. You must make sure that you clean your pig with it once every two weeks.
Tip 2: Visit the vet regularly

Another prevention that you can take is to take your guinea pig for a vet visit regularly. Your vet can thoroughly check your guinea pig and tell whether or not everything they are healthy. If needed, your vet can give medications to your guinea pig to help.


Make sure to keep an eye on your guinea pig and check out the possible signs and symptoms. Often these signs and symptoms can be negligible or too rare. But a thorough examination can help you to determine. In case you are not sure, then before applying the shampoo or cleanser, you can go for a visit to the vet.

They can run a complete checkup and tell you exactly what is needed. These mites are parasites and can be quite harmful to your guinea pig if they are left unattended. You have to take some measures or steps to ensure that these mites are gone.

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