Does My Rabbit Have Arthritis: How To Treat Naturally

Rabbit Have Arthritis

Osteoarthritis, which is often referred to as arthritis, is a very painful condition. Besides humans, this is also found in other mammals, rabbits included.

Arthritis is caused by wear and tear of the joints over time as the rabbit ages. The condition can make movement quite difficult due to soreness or inflammation of the joints. Many people as when they see their rabbit not moving quite well are if it has arthritis.

If you notice an uneven movement or walking style in your rabbit, it can indicate the rabbit is experiencing this condition. But it is not always possible to diagnose whether or not your rabbit has the condition.

You have to have experience or detailed information about arthritis in such cases. Read on to know more about how to know your rabbit has arthritis and how to treat it naturally.

What is arthritis in rabbit?

Arthritis in rabbits is similar to that of you and me. It is a term that defines a condition caused to the inflammation of the joints in the body. This condition can cause tears and wear in the joint with extreme pain. It can directly impact the rabbit’s movement, i.e., the way they walk and move, including hopping.

Arthritis in rabbits can develop due to poor diet, breed, obesity, and any injury to the joints. This condition is quite common in rabbits after a certain age.

With arthritis, the joints can become inflamed and very stiff. Even bacteria can be present in the rabbits’ joint capsule, causing tremendous pain. Arthritis can lead to less lubrication too.

As much as arthritis can cause pain, it can cause many discomforts. If your rabbit is suffering from this condition, you will notice that its activity has reduced a lot and slowed down.

What are the symptoms of arthritis in rabbits

Though this is condition is quite common in rabbits, it can be quite difficult to spot. To know whether or not your rabbit is suffering from arthritis, here are some of the symptoms you can look for:

Your rabbit will face difficulty moving or hopping aroundIt will also have difficulty in hopping in or out of the litter trays or the bedding
Some abnormality or unevenness in gaitCoat quality will become poor, and reduced grooming
The reluctance of the rabbit to climb onto some elevated surfaceThe buildup of the ear wax
Reluctance or aggression when handledUrine stains or mucky bottom
Does My Rabbit Have Arthritis: How To Treat Naturally 1

What natural herbs & remedies will help your rabbit?

Once arthritis is diagnosed in your rabbit, it is important to start the treatment. Though the vet will suggest some medication to ease the pain and reduce the inflammation, you have to do some natural treatment to ensure complete relief.

So, the main question is – how to treat naturally when your rabbit is diagnosed with arthritis? There are some natural herbs that you can feed your rabbit as a natural treatment for arthritis. These are:

Birch: This is one of the medicinal plants with thin leaves that can help in different ways. These leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that can help your rabbit get relief from the joint’s pain.
Echinacea: This is one of the most effective medicinal herbs for rabbits. It is considered an immune system stimulant for rabbits. It has some anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties that can help relieve pain.
Chamomile: This name is quite common as even humans consume this in the form of tea. But for the rabbits, this is nothing less than medicine as it comes with some great benefits. It can help relieve pain, calm down the nervous system, and be anti-inflammatory.
Chickweed: This is a very common herb that is found all over the world. It comes with some significant health benefits for rabbits. It helps in relieving pain and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Hence, it can reduce the inflammation of the joints.
Dandelion: This is a great medicinal herb for rabbits as it can help in different ways. Besides purifying blood, treating respiratory issues, and many more, it reduces the rabbit’s inflammation. Hence, it will reduce the swelling of joints, causing pain relief for the condition of arthritis in rabbits.

Besides these herbs, there are many more other natural remedies that you can try. Here are other natural remedies for arthritis in rabbits:

Weight loss: One of the major causes of rabbits’ arthritis is obesity. If you consult with the vet and tell you that your rabbit is overweight, you must consider some weight loss means. Weight loss is important to ensure that the body’s weight doesn’t put extra pressure or burden on your joints. Hence, a proper diet can encourage healthy weight loss in rabbits. To know more about the right diet for weight loss, you can consult with a specialized vet who can provide you with a perfect diet chart for your rabbit.
Proper diet: A properly balanced diet with the right substance is needed to treat rabbits’ arthritis. Ask your vet to suggest the best foods for rabbits. You can even buy commercially available foods for rabbits that contain glucosamine. According to a study, it has been seen that glucosamine can help in treating arthritis in rabbits. This is done by providing enough lubrication to the joint, which results in increased mobility.
Gentle massage: Not all rabbits are of the same nature. Some do like to be handled, and some don’t. If your rabbits can tolerate being handled, then a gentle massage can do the wonder. You have to massage gently over the affected areas. Make sure to gently flex the joints that can help you relieve the pain or tension stored in the joints. This method of physiotherapy can do a great job. But before you start that, it is better to consult with your vet about the same to know if you need to know anything.
Acupuncture: Just like physiotherapy in animals is getting quite popular. Acupuncture is also getting quite popular. You can look for the best acupuncturist available in your city for rabbits. This is a natural treatment that doesn’t involve any drugs or chemicals. Hence, it is completely safe if you are hiring the best animal acupuncturist to do the job. Make sure they are highly experienced and specialized in treating the animals. Acupuncture can help you in reducing the symptoms as well as it can help in relieving the pain to a great extent.

Does CBD help rabbit’s arthritis?

If your rabbit is suffering from the condition of arthritis, then CBD oil can be of great help. Arthritis is mainly triggered by chronic inflammation, and it can cause a lot of pain.

As you may know, CBD has significant anti-inflammatory effects that can help to relieve the pain caused due to arthritis. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil, it can help slow down the progression of this condition and provide instant relief to your rabbit.

When to see a vet?

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms in the rabbit, then it can be arthritis. If you suspect that your rabbit is suffering from arthritis, you must visit a holistic vet as soon as possible.

Discussing the same with the vet can be of great help. So, you must consult a holistic vet as soon as possible. The veterinarian can tell you whether your rabbit is suffering from arthritis with some general body examination and clinical history. Often the vets will suggest a radiography test for confirming the presence of arthritis.

When to euthanize a rabbit with arthritis?

This is a painful and difficult question to answer. No pet owners will want to euthanize their beloved pet for any reason. But when you see that the pain of arthritis is constantly growing and unbearable for the rabbit, you can consult with the vet to take the step.

Often when your rabbit is too old, the condition of arthritis can be irreversible. In such cases, the pain can be unbearable. Putting your beloved pet down in such a situation can be very hard but a sensible decision to make.

Does My Rabbit Have Arthritis: How To Treat Naturally 2


Arthritis in rabbits is quite common, and as you have read above, it can be due to many reasons. If you suspect that your rabbit is suffering from arthritis due to the common symptoms, then visit the vet as soon as possible. They can do the examination and provide you with the dos and don’ts that you must follow to ensure your rabbit’s better condition.

Though the vet will prescribe some of the important medicines you have to give to your rabbit, it is important to know how to treat it naturally.

Follow all the above steps mentioned and give the medicinal herbs to your rabbit to ensure a faster recovery. If you want to use CBD oil to treat arthritis, it is better to consult with the vet to ensure it is completely safe for your rabbit.

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