Do French Bulldogs Get Arthritis? – Natural Remedies

Bulldogs Get Arthritis? - Natural Remedies

One of the most common health conditions experienced by French Bulldogs is arthritis. It’s usually caused due to the development of disorders, wear and tear with age, or certain injuries. Your French Bulldog may have to face chronic inflammation as well as abnormal changes in their joints due to this painful problem.

As a responsible Frenchie owner, you will want to search for a suitable treatment for them before it gets severe.

Though various types of treatments are available to treat arthritis in dogs you may still prefer to treat them naturally to avoid any side effects. The information provided in this article will help you to know how to treat arthritis in dogs naturally?

What is arthritis in your French Bulldog?

Many French Bulldogs usually experience inflammation and pain due to stiffness and discomfort in their joints. This problem is mainly known as arthritis in dogs. It can be due to changes in the joints’ cartilage, reducing smoothness in the damaged joints, or rubbing of joint bones together.

This painful and discomforting issue in the bones and joints can be more damaging for their cartilage. This health condition can make it difficult for your Frenchie to move due to stiffness in the joints due to new bones’ formation or increasing friction on them.

Arthritis in French Bulldogs can be caused even at an early age due to various reasons including development in joints and some problem in the bones. Arthritis mainly affects one or more joints of your Frenchie depending on the cause. Some of the main causes of arthritis in French Bulldogs may include:

Instability in joint
Abnormal development or damage in cartilage
Traumatic damage in bones

What are the symptoms of arthritis in French Bulldogs?

The main symptoms of arthritis in dogs include:

Stiffness or lameness while moving after a long restUnwillingness to exercise
Stains of saliva on joint due to licking themDeterioration in a movement when damp or cold
Aggressive behavior when liftedMoves slower than usual

To diagnose arthritis in your French Bulldog, you must visit the vet to know whether its joints are affected due to discomfort or pain by examining the extension and flexibility in the joints.

He may also suggest certain tests like blood tests etc. to investigate the problem more appropriately. By confirming the problem of arthritis, your vet can also help know the root cause of the problem.

What natural herbs and remedies help with arthritis in dogs?

Some of the natural herbs and other remedies discussed here can help you treat your French Bulldog with arthritis.

Natural Herbs and Supplements for dog Arthritis.

There are several supplements and natural herbs that can help in treating arthritis in your French Bulldog. But to find a suitable product for your Frenchie, you must consult a trained holistic vet as different types of natural herbs can help treat arthritis caused by different reasons.

Your vet must be trained in traditional Chinese herbal vet medicines. Corydalis, Hindquarter Weakness, and Ligusticum are some of the Chinese herbal medicines that can help relieve discomfort and pain and strengthen the hind legs of your French Bulldog with arthritis.

According to some experts, some of the traditional Indian herbs like Boswellia and turmeric and sardine, flaxseed oil, or krill containing omega-3 fatty acid can be the best options for treating arthritis in dogs.

The cartilage in the affected joints can also be recovered and nourished using certain supplements containing chondroitin, MSM, and glucosamine. Bone broth is also recommended as an affordable natural treatment for protecting your French Bulldog’s joints and cartilage from arthritis.

Do French Bulldogs Get Arthritis? - Natural Remedies 1

Acupuncture for arthritis in French Bulldogs

According to some experts, several acupuncture treatments can also relieve pain in your French Bulldog caused by arthritis.

Acupuncture can provide lasting relief to the dogs and help in recovering the balance in their body. It helps release the endorphins hormone and cortisol to increase blood circulation and relieve spasms in muscles.

Other natural treatments for arthritis in French Bulldogs

Along with supplements, natural herbs, and acupuncture, many holistic vets also recommend some other natural treatments for arthritis in dogs like:

Laser therapy of low level: By using the light of a certain wavelength, the pain of arthritis in French Bulldog can be relieved. Along with reducing pain it can also decrease swelling, increase circulation, and improve the time to heal wounds.
Assisi Loop: It is an FDA approved prescription treatment that works like laser therapy but can be used at home to improve the natural anti-inflammatory process of the dog’s body.
Targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy or TPEMT: It can increase nitric oxide production in its body to heal hard and soft tissues like tendons, skin organs, bones, and ligaments at a faster speed.
Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation or TENS: It is also known as extracorporeal shock wave therapy, commonly used as a complementary treatment for dogs’ arthritis.
Aquatic massage therapy: This physical therapy can also help in relieving pain caused by arthritis. The pet parents can apply this massage technique after learning from a professional massage therapist. This therapy can reduce stress, release more endorphins, reduce tiger pints, and stimulate circulation in dogs.
Lose weight: Dogs with arthritis can stay active by helping them in losing weight. Your French Bulldogs muscles can be built by encouraging them for working on an underwater treadmill or swimming.

Diet and Weight Management for Managing Arthritis in French Bulldogs

According to various vet experts, obesity can be one of the main causes of arthritis in dogs. In such a condition, a balanced and healthy diet can help manage and recover chronic inflammation in dogs caused by arthritis.

It is usually recommended by experts to always give fresh food like home-cooked or raw foods to the dogs as per their species. To treat inflammation in the body, it is recommended to give your dog probiotics for proper digestion of the food.

But before giving home-cooked or raw food to your dog, you must consult your vet as they may not have enough nutrients or can be contaminated.

The pain in arthritic dogs can also be managed by reducing your French Bulldogs weight as the body’s excessive weight can create more pressure on its joints. It will also help in keeping it active.

Playing games or walking with your dog can also help keep him active even if it is difficult for him to move.

In this way, pet parents can help their dogs relieve discomfort and pain caused by arthritis with some lifestyle changes or the diet if they want to treat them naturally.

Does CBD help dogs with arthritis?

It has been revealed through research that CBD can considerably relieve the pain of arthritis in dogs when given in the right dose twice a day.

The main reason behind this is that CBD can help control certain inflammatory conditions by working as an anti-inflammatory drug. The most common type of arthritis experienced in dogs is osteoarthritis.

According to an estimate, almost 60% of dogs with arthritis suffer from osteoarthritis at different severity levels. Inflammation caused by arthritis can be controlled to a great extent by using CBD in the right dosages.

When to see a holistic Vet about dog arthritis?

It becomes necessary to visit a holistic vet when you have decided to treat your dog with arthritis using natural treatments.

But finding a good holistic vet may not be as easy as it seems to be as very limited numbers of holistic vets have registered with AHVMA or American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. To find the best holistic vet near you to treat your dog with arthritis, it is better to visit the site of AHVMA.

When to euthanize a dog with arthritis?

When your dog is forced to live low-quality life due to serious illnesses like arthritis or injuries and growing old, then as their owner, you may be forced to decide to euthanize your dog with arthritis.

But before making a final decision, you are recommended to consult your vet as the process of euthanizing a dog is not easy. He will observe the attitude and behaviour of the dog before guiding you when to euthanize him. Your decision can be based on some of the facts listed below:

Chronic pain that cannot be controlled with medication
Diarrhea or frequent vomiting to cause significant weight loss or dehydration
You have to force your dog to eat, or he has stopped eating
Soiling themselves frequently
Lose interest in most or all of their favourite activities like playing, eating, walking, attracting others’ attention, etc.
Falls while trying to walk or cannot stand independently
A persistent problem in coughing or breathing


In this way, you can use several natural treatments to treat arthritis in dogs naturally.

But before using any of the treatments suggested in this write-up, you must consult your vet as he can guide you to use the best treatment for your dog after observing his attitude and behaviour.

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