Can French Bulldogs Eat Cherries?: Must Learn This!

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Maybe, as a result of cyanide present in cherry pits, stems, and leaves, cherries are poisonous and potentially lethal if consumed in large amounts. Dogs can also develop intestinal blockages from cherry pits that become lodged in their digestive tracts.

How about cherries that have already been pitted, like maraschino cherries? Maraschinos might be pit-free, but that doesn’t make them good dog treats since they’re loaded with sugar.

Are Cherries Safe for French Bulldogs?

Pets and humans can both be poisoned by cyanide, which can be potentially deadly in large doses. Dogs in small quantities can eat unprocessed cherries, but they need to be carefully prepared to remove all pits, stems, and leaves.

It would also be a good idea for French Bulldog owners to avoid feeding their pets cherry-flavored supplements as they typically contain chemicals, sugar, and artificial flavors. Often even foods that naturally have cherries as a flavoring will contain a lot of added sugar.

As for potential health benefits, cherries have been linked to everything from diabetes control to weight loss and even pain relief, but unfortunately, a dog would have to consume many cherries before reaping any of these benefits–and that’s when the risks far outweigh the benefits. Before serving cherries to your dog, you should consult with your veterinarian for their approval.

The pits of cherries themselves also pose an intestinal blockage risk, as they can easily get lodged in dogs’ digestive tracts. Especially for French Bulldogs, a cherry pit can become a blockage. Taking extra precautions when offering cherries or any other human food to your French Bulldog can also prevent either blockage or cyanide poisoning.

Pitless cherries are available in some varieties, such as those in the maraschino cherry. Rather than the pits, the problem with these cherries and all canned, processed fruit is their added sugar content, which makes them taste sweet. Too much sugar can cause your French Bulldog to have short-term problems such as hyperactivity and diarrhea. At the same time, they may suffer from more serious conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and pancreatitis over time.

Can French Bulldogs eat dried cherries?

But what about other cherry varieties? What are the effects of dried cherries on dogs? Fruits that are dried usually contain much higher sugar concentrations than those that are fresh. Additionally, pitted cherries pose the same health risks as other fruits. Even though most dried cherry pits have been removed, some may remain.

What to Do if Your French Bulldog Swallows a Whole Cherry?

When you’re not looking, your French Bulldog might get his paws on a cherry. Don’t freak out. There is no danger from cyanide poisoning from a single cherry pit. If you notice vomiting, decreased appetite, constipation, or decreased fecal production, then you could be suffering from intestinal blockage.

It can take your dog up to 24 hours to show symptoms after swallowing a cherry pit—the smaller the dog, the greater the risk of an intestinal blockage. Look for symptoms of cyanide poisoning in your dog if he eats multiple cherries at once. Dilated pupils, bright red gums, and labored breathing are the signs. When you find that your pooch has eaten more than one cherry without pits, you should call your vet for precautionary measures. Depending on your veterinarian’s recommendation, you may be advised to induce vomiting to prevent cyanide toxicity.


Your dog can eat plenty of other fresh fruits and berries without any of the risks mentioned above. As well as blueberries and mangos without the core and seeds, you can also choose peeled and pitted apples.

You can always buy traditional dog treats, which will probably appeal just as much to your pup as fresh fruit. Keep your dog as healthy and happy as possible with our expert answers, safety tips, and advice.

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